Let's just pretend that it has not been awhile and leave it at that:)

Not much going on besides trying to stay focused on work and waiting for something bad to see I think I might have PTSD.

You know the last 3 years have been a little shaky around here so I am not too hopeful that it is over.  In my mind I think it will be something to do with she is 9 now.

Aren't you glad you clicked on this's all doom and gloom over here:)

Let's just move on shall we?  To the great equalizer as I always say.  I matter what political fence you are on or any other things to argue about in the world can always bring a smile right!  Or a puppy....either is good in my book.

So let's see what I can entertain you with.

My friend Michael Ladisic [the builder] is doing a local show house here for House Beautiful.  It was an older home in Buckhead that he bought to renovate but then they reached out to him and there you go.

Yes it's pretty the way it is but just like designers....he wanted to make it different....
And then there is progress....

About a week ago he called me to help with the outside paint colors...I said if he gives me a glass of wine and feeds me dinner....I was all in.

He obliged.  

Since Farrow and Ball are the paint sponsors....that is what we were using.  These 3 colors were already up when I got there.

Taking into consideration the stone which you can see to the left and the color of the windows to the right I picked the top one which is Purbeck Stone and the darker color would be the trim which is Moles Breath.

I think it was a good choice....

I do love the detail below on the gable....

This is the back.....

And Lord...this screened in porch is pretty darn epic!

To see a list of designers I think they are listed here

I will enjoy getting a ring side seat to this one:)
Which of course means you will too....bonus.




Hola there my friends......

We are almost finished with summer and it has been a hot one here in Atlanta!  Very humid so my hair has been in a permanent ponytail!

I have been staying busy trying to get things done.....which is always a struggle for me.  I don't remember being such a procrastinator in my early years.....but I guess I was:)

I started this boys room about a year ago!  It's pretty much finished and of course he is off to college now.

Let's start from the beginning.  It was already painted a blue but I wanted to go darker so I chose the old staple BM Hale Navy.  It is such a rich color....

We decided to keep the rug because it was fairly new and there was nothing wrong with it!

So now it is painted and has been measured for new curtains!

I had a bed custom made and though it was a little bit more expensive we did not have to wait a darn year to get it!

The curtains finally arrived and they were so pretty!

And the Charles Stewart chair made its way to Atlanta....

Got some pillows and bedding....

Love the trim on the curtains!

It is taking shape.
And then the end tables arrived....seriously y'all it is like Drip...drip...drip....:)

I ordered the lamps from Pottery Barn!

But the best part came last week and I feel like they really pulled the room together!

The blinds were installed!

I think they really made a big different adding some texture.

This little nugget loved everything:)

And there you have it!  Would you believe he makes his bed everyday?  At least all the times I was there!
Not the dog but the son...hahaha

Whats up with y'all?  Kids back to school?  Vacations over?  Ready for fall....

Have y'all watched The Bear on Hulu?  So good.

Alrighty then....


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