Y'all I was up all really....I'm not kidding.  My sweet little Cami had diarrhea.


At 12:36, 1:15, 2:30, 3:09, 4:15, 5:30.  I know this because I looked at my watch every time.  So I think it is safe to say that this will not be a productive day.

I had big plans to get so much done but....oh well....I'm not sure my brain will be working at capacity.

I have a few very small images of the HB project. I'm not kidding....I'm afraid I may be shot or be-headed if I show more but I do want to peak your interest:)

I had originally picked a light blue for the covered porch ceiling color...but this was NOT a time to  play it safe.  I went with BM Gumdrop and I'll admit it's one of my favorite things about the house!

The master is all full of color....

My friend Blayne Beacham's art from Anne Irwin Gallery.

This pillow from sponsor Ballard Designs sitting on a Lee Industries sofa covered in Duralee's Lulu DK fabric.

This great rug we borrowed from Azar Rugs on Miami Circle.  

Circa Lighting was a sponsor and I got to pick out all the lighting which was so much fun!

This is a special room....can you guess?

Huff Harrington lent us all kinds of great art to help make the spaces feel more curated!

These spool chairs from Ballard Designs!

Some pillows.....

This Thibaut [another sponsor] wallpaper in the girls room....

Replacements is a sponsor and they sent all of this gorgeous china to set the DR table....

The Thibaut fabric that started the whole color scheme! 

OK....getting nervous.....better stop sharing:)

What's going on for the holiday weekend?  I plan on some retail therapy.....maybe try to get my fall wardrobe on.  It's #salecity out there people.

Season 2 of Ozark [on Netflix] drops today so I guess a little binging is also in order!

I am really looking forward to chilling....I think it is the first weekend where I haven't worked in 2 months.

My Pinewood Showhouse opens next weekend!




OK peeps.....I gotta knock this out so I can go to Orange Theory for the first time in 2 weeks.....

I won't's gonna hurt but as they say you just have to get back on that horse:)

Had a quick trip to Chicago for 48 hours....left my house a complete mess [which is hard to do right?] but had no choice.  I figured it would still be there when I got back and guess was.


Anyway I was doing one of a million returns yesterday at HomeGoods and ran into a friend...which is weird in itself because it's like the 5th time we have run into each other at HG's.  Hmmmmm.....[he's also a designer] and we have the same love of black, white, neutrals and texture so we gravitate towards the same merchandise.

So far we have been very civil but there might come a day when we both have the same pillow in our cart....each looking for the mate:)

Of course if that does happen I will distract him and swipe that puppy right out of his cart cause I'm nothing if not determined.

Anyway....the reason I'm telling you all this is because we got to talking about Zara Home.  And while we were enthusiastically giving discussion the employees were asking us to move out of the isles because we were blocking traffic. 

Ha Ha.

Anyway.....I have never really spent any time on their website thinking that it would take too long to get things but he assured me that they have a distribution center here in the states which got me excited.

I present to you my "Zara favs".

Surprise.... it is all about texture and neutrals for fall 2018!

I am kind of a white towel gal but if I had some cool shelves I might layer these.....

 And of course I would use every one of these vases....

He warned me that their pillows were no larger than 20" and that made me sad.
Some good boxes for those shelves.
Get your basket on....


I've seen these wood tables but this one also had wood legs which makes it more appealing to me!

Never met a black and white throw I didn't like!


Listen y'all they have all kinds of items in every color you could want so please don't be jaded by my selections...hee haw.

I'm dreading this....but off I go to workout.  Oh yeah by the way I lost another pound....18 total!




You might have noticed that I ghosted on Tuesday.....yeah I just didn't have it in me after a week of 12 hour days trying to get the House Beautiful concept house installed and photo ready.  

It was like I was run over by a bus....then scraped back together....propped  up and run over again just to make it stick...ha ha  

Believe me it took a village to get this baby photo ready and I have to say that everyone involved gave 100%!  I will be able to give you more details after it is in print which will be an exciting day for Sherika!

Meanwhile....back at the farm.....I have a few answers for your questions about the Boulder Flip!

One question was "Do they ever push back on my ideas?"
Um....heck yeah.  Even though I remind them that people pay me big bucks to tell them what to do....they are less than impressed and actually say "no" to me on a regular basis.

The nerve....

The hardwood floors.....I do not know what product they use but they were red oak with no stain just a matte sealer on them.  

So the turquoise or cobalt blue house next door!
Ha ha....apparently the wife went out of town and the husband had it painted!  Somebody overheard him wondering if his wife would like it.....

Can you even.....I mean really!

Just a little pretty for you today with some new Celerie Kemble from Schumacher!

Could you die....I love these colors so much....Oh yeah....I am totally embracing color now :)

Who am I?

Just so sweet and pretty!  See more here

I am off to Chicago for the weekend....a short 48 hours.  When I get back my goal is to get my life back on track and organized.  3 projects in a month has just about done me in.....

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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