I'm not kidding.....I had all intentions of blogging this morning but then the trim guys showed up at 7:15 so that didn't happen.

Y'all I must have done some major brain damage in the 60's and 70's because I don't know what I was thinking.  All this work in 20 days?  I am good with paint and new pillows but when it comes to construction I admit I am way out of my league.

You know I was thinking some new cabinet doors and countertops....maybe a new faucet and bam.....done.

But Michael came over and set me straight.  When I said I wanted a whole room of shiplap he laughed and said no.  Huh?  But I....."No Sherry".

K.....then what do I want.  And he told me...and I damn well listened.

New Trim.

Kind of a mess here because the doors are so close to the wall....but "boy wonder" had the solution.

Lot's of writing on the wall....

The only upper cabinets I have came down.....

Sconces over the windows.  After 24 years new backsplash.  Finally.

Here is the mess I'm living with right now.  No worries because I am so darn excited I could spit.

Oh yeah by the way I have been selling things like crazy and I said goodbye to these pine bookshelves.  I had them custom made 24 years ago and it's time for something kinda makes me a little sad.....after looking at these pictures:(

Friday we will go over the backsplash, faucet and a few other tricks up my sleeve.

Stay tuned.....




I know you guys are curious about what I chose for my countertops.  


And not without a gazillion hours [I'm not kidding] of research either.  If you think I agonized about the sink.....well the countertops took few years off my life also.  It's a little more permanent than running up to HomeGood's and buying a pillow:)  Duh.

Here's the deal....remember the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year that Matthew Quinn designed...well little does he now how much he helped shape my decision.

After I saw them I was obsessed.  That soft honed finish was everything.

  I had to do a little research about Caesarstone quartz countertops.

1.  It comes in slabs and 2 thicknesses: 3/4" and 1 1/4". 

2.  You have the choice of polished or honed.  [Not every quartz manufacturer offers a honed product]

3.  Endorsed by the National Health and Safety Foundation to be used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more.
4.  Caesarstone surfaces are nonporous and prevent the growth of surface mold and bacteria due to the use of quartz as a key ingredient.            

How ya doing?  Falling asleep yet?  Well those things are definitely important.  Especially the honed part:)  After having shiny granite for 13 years I was all about that satin finish!

5.  How about a lifetime warranty?

Still not convinced?

6.  It's resistant to staining from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar and pretty much anything else you could throw at it.

That got your attention right!
   let's talk about the look!

Hubba Hubba.

This is from the website and below from my own kitchen!  It's called Calacatta Nuvo

If I was doing an industrial kitchen I would definitely use either of these which also
come honed...

Raw Concrete

Just in case you are keeping cabinet doors, countertops, and sink......check! 

Say goodbye to the light fixture, the backsplash and the faucet.

It goes beautifully with my cabinet color BM White Dove!  I could lick it.

Above is the layout of my kitchen.  I wish I could have reworked the whole space but that just wasn't in the budget.  

So after 13 years the granite has gone bye bye and I could not be happier.  Let me know if you have any questions about it.

What's next?  The faucet and light some killer ideas from "builder extraordinare" Michael Ladisic 

As you know I am a pretty classic girl....I picked white cabinets and white Corian  [I changed out the countertops to granite after 9 years] 22 years ago and it has served me well.  The backsplash has been there for the whole 25 years. 

So it's definitely time for some updating!

Stay tuned......




Nothing new on the kitchen "makeover" yet....but let me share a little tidbit with you.

Last fall I got the good news that Atlanta Magazine's HOME wanted to shoot my house for their winter issue.  

So people I have had about 9 months to get ready for this.  It's 30 days from the shoot and I am scrambling to finish things up.

Gah.....why do I have the curse of procrastination?  

I suck.

Let's talk about my favorite and white.  It's no secret that I am partial to neutrals and throw some B/W in the mix and I get a little faint.

I happened to be in World Market the other day [it's right beside my grocery store so it's protocol that I make a stop in there] looking for a few cute things for my new open shelves!

I saw some items which prompted me to do a little search. second WM post this month.  

Sue me.

The white desk with the black legs.....the pillow come to mama.

My shelves are not going to be white but a wood stain....I love these black coffee cups and the coasters.

What about this black and white stool huh?

What is NOT to like in this grouping?

And this cute bench....kapow.

Headed over to Target.....

Crushing on the B/W knife set.

I actually used the Nate Berkus sheet set in the top right and they are awesome.

I need a black and white kitchen rug in front of my I may order the one on the top right.

Here are my tips for making B/W work.  It's simple: add some organic elements like plants and wood.



Daryl Carter....the master.  Wood frame on the chair and the simple wood table.

Bob Brown....again wood accents.  It really helps to warm up the palette.

Patrick Mele....the fur throw and mix of art in the gallery wall.

The wood plant.

This kitchen [could not find the source] with the wood floors, countertops and shelves.

In my own house I love mixing black and white with a flax color.
Remember my stripe foyer? I kind of miss it:(

On the Boulder project we used a ton of B/W

Hopefully I will have something to share on Friday.  I can at least give you the details on how I picked the countertops!

By the way the photographers on my shoot are Anthony- Masterson.  I have worked with Owen and Christine before and I love them!  Check out their ETSY shop for some great photography to frame.

Sheriky Freaky



OK.....I dropped a hint on the last post that my kitchen was getting a little makeover.  Don't get me wrong people....I am not getting new cabinets or appliances but I am making some changes that I think will have a big impact.

No this is not my AFTER!  But I would die for it.

My style!  

Let me start by saying that I don't cook and my kitchen is only for resale purposes.....which makes my husband and friends wonder what all the fuss is about.

Whatever right?  If I have to look at it everyday then I need to see pretty.  

Let's start with 3 things that have or are being changed.  Countertops, sink, faucet, and cabinets doors.

The sink.  Which of course has to come first and  took many hours of agonizing over.  Can you deal?  I mean the internet is definitely not for people who freeze up when making decisions.  It seems like the single bowl flat bottom sinks are all the rage.

This one on Amazon and other web sites seems to be the most popular.  And believe me I googled the holy crap out of kitchen sinks.

I was all set to get it [cause the price is right] when I started hearing a few negative things about the flat bottom and in the sharp corners.  Food is kind of hard to move down the drain and might have a tendency to hang out in the corners.  

That is where the problem 2 months of angst...research and flat out hair pulling.  My friends were like "get a f#@*^%g sink already Sherry.

Crikey.  I will hardly use it except to rinse out my coffee cup right?

So I caved and did not go for the "look" and ordered this one.....damn I hate when I am so practical.

It has rounded corners and the bottom is not as flat.  It was more $$ but I can honestly say I am happy with the choice.
Next came the cabinet doors.

Before I had raised panel style.....

And that horrible dated area above the cabinets that we used to decorate with fake ivy:)

Taller boxes.......

Old and new.....I changed them out to simple shaker style. 

I know you are now wondering how I am going to cover the seams?  Yeah me too..... but I have a little help in that area and his name is Michael Ladisic.  

Yes the builder of this fabulous home which I worked on.

Am I lucky or what?  I told him he would have to come down to earth for a hot minute and stroll over to my 8 ft ceiling little cottage and help me.  I can be firm like that sometimes:)

You guys will just have to stay tuned for other decisions like countertops, faucet and how we fixed that little problem.

The story continues.....


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