I am tickled pink about all of the wonderful comments on my bedroom makeover.  Ya'll sure know how to make a girl feel good.  

I think it shows that you don't have to break the bank to get a pretty room.  Using Overstock, Home Decorators, and other online stores is a great way to  help with the budget....but of course you need me to pull those things together :)

Well not just me but many of the talented designers out there!

I believe it has been a while since my last giveaway.  Actually I have had this one in the wings for some time but was just too lazy to take the pictures.  Sigh...

Yesterday there was some great light so I forced my ADD self to focus and get it done.

They don't call me the pillow girl for nothing.....

There are [2] 24" pillows [not the inserts] out of Thom Filicia's  Fabric for Kravet.  2 other accent pillows, 3 Readers Digest books and 2 butterfly prints.

All for you!

Simple cordless welt and zippers at the bottom.

These came from Scott's and would look great framed out with large mats.


Now...besides becoming a follower of Design Indulgence or liking my FB is the other small requirement.....It's the holidays....just do a small random act of kindness.

Open a door for someone, get it.

I will pick the winner next week.

In other news around here......On Black Friday I fell into the hole and ordered a new lens for my camera.  NOT that I have even mastered the one that came with it.

I guess I can't resist a deal.  

Here is a picture I took with.

I am always saying it is not the camera.....but dang....maybe it is!
I read that it will let in more light.....light....yes that is what I need....gimme one of those.

27 days until Christmas.
Better get on it.




How hard is it to get back in reality after a holiday weekend.

Like getting in a bath tup filled with ice cubes.


Last week I finished  one of my 2 installs to be completed before the end of the year.

A cute young couple who contacted me last February,  they wanted to have a "grown up bedroom".....because as parents of 2 young children their room was the last one to be done.

When I first went to see them......there were a few things that needed to be addressed before we could really start like paint and some small construction over the FP mantel.

I put together kind of an e design to show them what furniture they needed to order.  Then I would come in with all things pretty and pull the room together.  The fun part :)

They ordered everything and then summer went home and know the drill.

Finally the room was painted and ready to go.

Here is what we started with.

Right off the bat I felt that the placement of the bed was not working.  Notice the bathroom door on the left could not open.  I suggested that they swing it all around to go on the wall to the right.

They were hesitant but the husband and I arm wrestled and I won :).  I asked them to live with it for a while.

Here is the before picture of the mantel.  In my mind there was no question that this would NOT work.  I couldn't get the words "cover this up" out of my opinionated mouth fast enough.  Builders...what are you thinking?

Here is the after.
So much better.....right?

We painted the walls Elmira White [BM]

Which is a great neutral color with no yellow.

And the ceiling Alaskan Husky [BM]
It is the softest of gray blues.  The day of my install it was a very cloudy day and I could not get a good shot of it :(

After the bed was moved, I asked them to flip flop these dressers.  That meant that the wall directly across the bed would be the longer one.  As it turned out they really did not need both for storage so I asked them to look for a smaller dresser to go on the wall to the left.

To keep the cost down.....they ordered the headboard, the chair, lamps, and a bench at the food of the bed.  The dresser was a craigslist find which was painted along with the nightstands.  This is a what it looked like on install day.

After some accessorizing.
I re-used the mirror that had been over the long dresser.

A few vintage books, small pot and silver bowl all purchased at a flea market.  Gotta add some patina right?

After the bed was moved we had a huge blank wall to fill up.

Again....I told her what frames to buy [Target] and she had all the pictures ready for me to hang when I got there.

I love how this turned out.....

Nice way to fill up a space.

Here is the headboard ordered from Home Decorators, along with the lamps from Ballard's.  Notice the dark nightstands were also painted.

Custom pillows, new shades on the lamps....ready made bedding. I used a round mirror over the bed.  After a wall of pictures I needed something simple.  It follows the curve of the headboard but I also like a round mirror over a straight headboard.  It just seems to work. You will probably see me do this again...#onetrickpony.

A little vintage blue pot, some old books......

The bench at the foot of the bed opens up for storage.

The drop on the bedskirt was only 12.5".  It was a simple white one that I had hemmed and added a little grosgrain ribbon.

And there she be....all purdy and grown up.  They were SO easy to work with.

  I really kept the budget as tight as I could but of course the custom pillows were the most expensive items in the room.  In my opinion they added much impact.

One more install coming up.  Another bedroom and more blue......I know....but it is the #1 color choice for bedrooms.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Less than a month until is going to fly by!




Things I saw this week.

The hazards of being a designer....... I am always shopping.  For someone.  Here are the facts.  Just because I come in and in one day put the pizazz on your room.....don't think it was easy.  I have to be out there looking for all of those perfect things.....trying not to be repetitive, keeping budget constraints in mind AND be creative.

Store after store.

The good side is that I know what is out there.

Yes...yes I do.

The bad side is I see things I want all of the time.  Which is really not a good thing to say right before Thanksgiving.
***I am very grateful with what I have.***

Back to the goods.

I was looking for some wallpaper and happened upon a few new books from Thibaut.

Hot damn....From their Geometric Collection.

Sometimes just a simple backdrop is perfect.  Geometric Collection

The Menswear Collection....

This could go country but I love how they played it with modern.  More Menswear.

When you keep it will not tire of it as quickly.  Artisan Collection.

If I was just looking through a book...I might not even notice this one.   Avalon Collection.

AND...we all love this one!  Tanzania.

It comes in a few color ways....but I am liking this one.  From the Anniversary Collection

Then I stumbled into Waterworks.  I am not even doing a bath reno right now but note to flipping self.....if I was.

The R. W. Atlas Collection.

Towel Bar


Toilet Paper.

Disclaimer.....I doubt you will find any of these items in the sale bin on BLACK FRIDAY!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my Shelter Project.  I hope the 5 boys who were chosen to live in the spaces will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....

And.....I hope all of you Design Indulgence readers enjoy your time with family.

Good news.....they have discovered that the average calories for a Thanksgiving meal is only about 2500 instead of the previously stated 5000.

So have seconds.

Shazam Baby.



Well OK...maybe not the last.....but I never did post the whole room.  You can read about the UMCH  here.  The talented Christina Wedge took some awesome professional shots but I don't have access to them yet.  Erika is working on the E-Zine which will have all the pictures, paint colors, and the designers inspiration.


Here are a few more before and afters of my space.

If you remember I was thinking about taking this long cabinet out but there was no flooring underneath.....So I replaced the countertop.

Remember those stools I got a Scott's?  The lamp was from Target [not the shade]  The EXPLORE letters came from World Market, along with the 2 baskets.  Clock is from Ikea.

If you can see, I found some old maps and license plates.  I also had that oil painting I had bought at a flea market.

Before of the TV wall.

I found the dresser at Olivia Morgan Flea Market.  You know the vases are from the Nate Berkus collection.  I had the chair in my basement 10 years.
The prints came from the 10.00 table at Scott's and the frames from Michaels [during a 50% off sale].  I also had the pillow.  Duh....

 The sunburst mirror was a find at Homegoods.  Best Buy really came through on the TV....46" LED for 250.00 and they threw in the mount.  It was an open box and did have a few scratches on it.

Here is a closeup of the Expedit shelving from Ikea in the new glossy gray.   Those encyclopedias  were already there so I used them.  All of the other old books came from a flea market.  Most of the small artifacts I had around the house.  I did buy that one little ram head from Target.

More books that were already there.

One last shot of the whole room before...

And after.

Now...I don't know if you remember or not but there was a bathroom.

It was pretty much used as a storage room.  Yuk.  I put on my hazmat suit [sorry about the open seat] and cleaned that sucker.

Yes I did.

Sad to say that I had to go really cheap and cheerful with this space....and pretty much did the whole thing on Thursday [the rooms had to be done on Friday].

I slapped up a few stripes.

Added a few rugs from Target. A mirror from Ikea.....there was NO overhead light in this room,  so I just got a plug in one from Ikea and added the little thingy from Home Depot where you can turn it off and on with a switch.  Genius.

Also painted an accent wall and had this piece of slate in my stash from Scott's.

Oh more thing.

This is the bathroom and shower area.  My friend Jan stepped up and dressed it up a little.

Just a few little touches.....

I could not have done it with out all the help from many of you who donated....over the internet even! 
Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams [sofa and 2 chairs], Castle Painting, Oak Street Electrical, Myers Carpet , Private Bank of Decatur and all the time and energy Jan and Patty gave me.

I have a bedroom install excited.  Hope they will let me post some pictures :)

Chill's Sunday people!


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