We will get to that question in a minute....

Finished cleaning the condo which was about as fun as a sharp stick in the eye. 

Everyday was a new list of things to do and replace.  

We had to interview a new cleaning service....which happens to be one of the biggest thorns in my side about rental property.  
I can't be there to personally inspect after and make sure my guest find a clean home.


Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so.  Every time I get there it is "pillow chaos" and I get slightly annoyed.

While I was out shopping for cleaning supplies I found myself in a thrift store.....funny how that happens :) and stumbled upon a sofa that would be perfect for the condo.

The one we have is as comfortable as a bed of nails. 

Actually I found 2 that would work.

This one was in great condition....300.00.  
It was sleeper though which I have had before.   Not a fan.  Plus used mattress....yuk. 

It was a pretty good match with my pillows.

But then I saw another one that was 250.00 and on sale for......175.00!  Are you kidding me?

For real.  So I got it.

I know what you're thinking....WHITE?  
In a rental property.  
You are a crazy girl.

Yep....people have actually used that word to describe me.    
See that orange blanket on can be used as a big throw.  

For that price I can get it cleaned every year.

OK....on to the reason of this post.

I walked into this store one afternoon.  Sounds like I was doing a lot of shopping huh?  
What can I say.

They had some of the prettiest painted furniture.  

Unusual pieces that in their original condition I might have looked at and thought...nah.

I love how they added a new top to this one.

I was very impressed with his work.
You know what I love....a modern room with one cool painted shabby piece in it.

Or maybe just bleach it and paint the hardware?

 Make a new top for a nice iron base.  
I need somebody to do stuff like this.

So the answer to the question is no.

Any ONE of those pieces could fit in a room like this......just one to stand out..."capish"?

Of course I got all inspired and wanted to paint something but then I got back and had one of these....

Which is pretty refreshing after a hard day of cleaning shopping.                                             And all gumption flew out the window.

We drove home yesterday and while I was looking at magazines, not paying attention, I heard my husband say these words...."I think I made a wrong turn because this does not look familiar".  

As my head snaped up. was true and it took us an hour longer.  So I had to drop the magazine reading and pay attention.  Another thing is that my husband gets sleepy the minute he gets behind the wheel.

He starts yawning every five minutes [big noisy ones] unless I entertain him by looking up strange things like why walrus have grizzly whiskers...

Guess what?

I am participating in the One Room Challenge again!

It starts this Wednesday and you can go here to find out how to link up! 

Linda from Calling It Home has rounded up a very talented how I included myself in that :) complete this challenge and I can't wait.

Better check in on Wednesday to see what is happening.

Sunday....Monday....yep.  You better enjoy every second of this day.




Thanks for the love on my recent project!  Hopefully it will be finished soon.....and I will have more to show.

I have posted before about my friend Jennifer Schoenberger who's blog is Vreeland Road.

Well....she had a designer/blog luncheon Friday  and her home looked it's Sunday best !

You know when you go to another designers home  you are going to see some cool and pretty stuff.  I mean they don't have to get anyone's permission to do something a little different or outside the box.

I am here to tell you that Jen's home did not disappoint!

My favorite was the dining area off the kitchen...
Va Va....voom. 

To the right of that cute little area is this awesomely styled bookcase.

To the left of the dining area is this cool linen curtain...I am so stealing this.

This little vignette was a scene stealer also:)

And how about this lamp that she scored from Goodwill?  Popped on the over scaled shade  and she is shouting "look at me now baby!"

Um...hello?  6 Ikea mirrors [I think] with the starburst over it.  Yeah...purdy cool.

A double dose of MM an ice cream sunday.

Downright huge pillow love!

I threw this on Instagram cause I wanted the world to see how dang cool this room is!

This display in a bathroom which has gorgeous dark walls..  I guess I am going to need some black in my life now......  I feel it calling me.

And....I also need a bust....asap.

How about these old shutters she found and hung on the transoms by the front door.... which by the way is painted 

Nice little deconstructed chair....I need to shop with her. hear that?

Here is a guest room that made me choke on my drool...cause I love the neutral pallet and all of the layering of textures.

I took these with my iPhone...but she will soon have some good ones to show you after it is photographed next week!   Don't forget to check her blog for those.

It was a great time and I know Jen was feeling the love from everyone.

Here is a group shot.

What a happy bunch after some champagne and good food.

I am down in Florida right now....and you might think I am having beach time and partying but you would be so wrong.

I'm going through "magic erasers" like crazy....washing every stinking piece of linen in this place and cleaning out cabinets after a full rental season.  Who stole the master duvet cover and why?

It ain't no fun:(

On the bright side I could be doing this at home without a gorgeous beach sunset!

Hope your week is off to a good start.




I hate posting images before a project is done cause people can be all  wth.....what kind of designer is she anyway.  Where are the curtains...why does this room look unfinished and then they pin an image and it is floating all over the internet and people put you in the "what not to do" category of design.

OK maybe I'm over thinking it a little but you know I am right.

So I am cropping the hell out of these and y'all will have to deal with it.

Here are a few shots.
Does zebra go with everything.  

My thought is yes.

Because the curtains aren't up yet it's really hard to get some good shots of this room....there are so many windows!

Here is the table I ended up getting....

Love this vintage basket I found

I have loved working on this project....of course the colors are so me....and the casual style.

And....I ordered this yesterday from Ballard Designs to go behind one of the sofas.  So excited!

If God had a category for "design clients"....then I hit the jackpot.  She will go down in SHD's history as one of the best....

Happy freaking weekend....

I love all of you....I'm giddy today:)




So I have a bone to pick with you guys.

Scott's was crowded and people were shopping like fools.  They were buying MY things.  Don't get me wrong.......I am all about supporting the economy [cause I feel like I have been doing it by myself for years] but now I feel like my chances of getting the perfect item has taken a big hit.

Was it a mistake to start blogging about Scott's?  


Too late now guys are on to that place.


225.00 painted and all.

150.00 painted.


Lord I was loving this piece....that hardware had me.



Look at this gorgeous inlaid table!

Hard to tell here but the outside was painted kind of a french green/gray and the inside was painted a pretty was stunning.

And here is THE perfect small table....did I say perfect?  I mean you search and search then you buy cause time is running out and she be.


This is a perfect narrow table for a bathroom or entry way.

La... huv this desk.

The patina of this old basket...

How much do you want this cool door handle?

Wish I could have this made into a light fixture for a powder room....It's nautical but not cheesy right?

These would scare the enemy away....

On the other hand....come on in!

Hello cute little love seat.  Yes times a 100.

Wild eyed kitty....


A pumpkin...some magnolia and an old urn.  Simple and beautiful.

A huge table of these!  5.00 each.  I picked up 2.

Big spender.

Holy mackerel.  Peach and lavender.  Yes.

Can you believe no pillows?  I never made it to the north building....bad time management.

In other news...

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I ordered this Dash and Albert rug for my project....

This is for the same project I am installing today but the rugs were delayed because of the flooding in Colorado.

Not complaining cause I am dry.

Speaking of install....I better get going!


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