A pop of color.....

I have been very busy this week getting ready to go to the beach!  We are trying to leave today, but there are huge storms over Atlanta right now, so we are waiting for it to let up a little.  I thought I would take this time to post, since I might have my hands full with sunscreen, and a margarita next week!  I hope to be sitting at Bud and Alleys watching the sunset......
I am including some pictures of rooms that are mostly monochromatic, but then there is this really cool pop of bright color that I love.  I think it takes a whole lot of restraint to resist adding more of the color, so I applaud the designers here that knew what they were doing!  Hope you enjoy, and maybe I will get inspired at the beach this week and find some neat things to post about besides me just having a fun and relaxing vacation!!!


It has been a week since I last did a post.  I am so new at this, that I have been looking at many design blogs [and believe me there are a gazillion to look at!], to figure out how to improve mine.  I might need a lesson from a "geek" on how to achieve some of the things I can add.  I love them all and time sure does fly when I am sitting at my computer, along with nothing productive getting done around me.  It is so funny to see a lot of the same pictures being passed around....coolness in design is SO appreciated.  Another thing is how very creative the design community can be.  And the DYI projects.....well some people have just amazed me with their ingenuity.....I love to re-purpose, recycle, and re use things.  I pulled these from another blog, I think it was Life in the Fast Lane.  I certainly don't want to offend anyone or not give credit where it is due!  I think you will agree, they are amazing!

The Motherload!

OK....so as I said, Thursday I was off to Scott's Antique Market.  I have been strolling the isles of Scott's and Lakewood [sigh...I still miss Lakewood SO much!] since I moved to Atlanta in 1989!  I have furnished many a room with things I have bought at Scott's over the years.  Remind me to tell you the story of when my friend Maria, when she swiped the most beautiful silver spoon away from me.  I am still "bitter" 15 years later.....I am so lucky to live here in Atlanta with all these resources.  I have been looking for some art to put over my mantel for years.  Either it was not the right size or too expensive, or just not the right color.  I knew I wanted something abstract.  I walked into the south building, and the first thing I saw was this picture that was exactly what I was looking for.  I started to taking to the artist, Rebecca A. Cabassa from Gulf Breeze, Florida.  She said it wasn't finished, but it looked perfect to me, being the art "expert" that I am.....[not].  I held my breath when I asked the cost....and I could not believe it was in my price range,whatever that is :)........!  Done...sold....load it up!  So excited!  I am posting a few pictures  of how it looks in my room.


Don't you just love people who have the talent for styling......Grouping collections together in one place ALWAYS makes a better impact, whether it's pictures, plates or architectural elements.  Sometimes all the space above the sofa or mantel is a curse, but in these pictures it shows perfection!  There are many inexpensive ways to create these looks.  Check online for books that have botanical pictures in them.  Scout Michaels for when they have frames for 50% off or IKEA!  Gather yard sale frames that are different and paint them all the same color.  Before hanging it is a good idea to lay them out on the floor first.  Another good trick is to take a picture of them on the floor, so you  can change them around before making extra holes in your wall.  When you are doing family pictures, I like to keep them all black and white or all color.  Also, try to keep the frames large enough to make the impact.  I have gathered these off many sites, and I am sorry to say that I don't have the credits for them.
It's Friday and Scott's weekend here in Atlanta!  Hopefully I can garnish a few treasures and have some good barbecue.


For some reason, I have been loving yellow lately......It compliments so many colors...brown, turquoise, green, gray are just a few that come to mind.  I love the chartreuse side of it, all the way to the soft buttery yellows.  It makes a great pop of color, or just yellow and soft white.  Here are some great yellow rooms to enjoy.
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