My trip to Boulder was short and sweet!  I really love that little city and would move there but dang housing is so expensive!  

This little number was a million dollars and trust me...... it needs at lot of work. 

I have lot's of ideas for this small bi-level or as I like to call them....the dreaded split foyer.   This house style was very popular in the early 70's with a small entrance where you go up to the kitchen, living room and bedrooms and down to laundry room and family room.  

In this house the master bath and bedroom is tiny....tiny....tiny!  Short of lining the bathroom with diamonds....I am scratching my head to figure out what to do!

As you can see when you step out of the shower you are smack dab on the toilet.....

Needless to say I've got some research to do :)

It's no secret that I am a fan of American made furniture company Lee Industries.  I wanted to share this sectional style with you because I am so in love with it!

My friend bought a new house about a year ago....every room was painted a different color....

Here is what it looked like when she bought it.....

Just painting it white [ BM White Dove] made a huge difference!  But her furniture never looked right in the space [the couch was slightly too big] so it was time to update this room a little more!

Here was the furniture in her old house....fit so much better......

So we got to work.....

That shelf space where the "technology" lives is getting a paneled door to blend in..... 

You can see we added some shiplap, sconces, and painted the windows dark!  

This is my favorite sectional style from Lee.

We opted not to do the chaise..... but 2 sofa's and I also used a Crypton Fabric because she has a rotten little dog Tipper [who just happens to be Cami's BFF!]

The fabric we used was Duke Pumice

Since we did not have a place for lighting...especially when it backs up to a wall....the Circa Lighting sconces were the best alternative.

Also note the top stitching....another reason to love this modern feature.

We picked up that boat painting at a flea market and I love how simple it is.....

One of my favorite aspects of this sofa style is the low profile arm.  It means so much more seating space is available!

I will be sure to share with you when it's finished  and loaded with pillows and accessories!

And that's it....except for this.  I've mentioned before that when I walk Cami I listen to Podcast and Ted talks.....just finished this one and I highly recommend it!  Thanks Maria.

I listened to it twice.

Yeah.....it's that good.




Ok guys here I am in Boulder looking at the latest project.....Lawd.....it is going to be quite the challenge!

More on that later because on Sunday I went on the Junior League tour of Kitchens.  I only made it to 3 houses....and I didn't get a ton of pictures....but I was definitely smitten with one of them.

You know I love a white kitchen....well really because it's classic and doesn't get dated as quickly....but this space was pretty awesome:)

The backsplash was perfection....

Loved the simple sconces.

The counter tops were marble and the cabinets were painted a taupeish/gray.

The hardware looked like a hammered antique pewter.

Loved the beams and these light fixtures.

This was on both sides as you walked from the family room into the kitchen....gah!

This curved cabinet detail....I remember I did read that the barstools came from Wayfair!

I found these pictures online from a newspaper article.  Designed by Rothman+Rothman

The next home was built by my friend Michael Ladisic....I don't have any pictures of the kitchen because I was too busy taking pictures of the whole house....especially the backyard!

Love the detail on the entrance.

When you walk up the stairs....you see this cute little window!

This is the foyer....note the fireplace....

This was on the other side.

Loved the powder room off the foyer.

Circa Lighting sconces.

This was the family room.....

The dining room was round

The best part was the back yard!

The guest house.

I mean right?  It was so beautiful....I died.

Yesterday when I boarded the plane [30 min before takeoff] I sat next to a woman who decided to eat a salad.  So while I was gagging with the smell [UHG]  she had a little routine going that almost sent me over the edge.

Three bites of the salad and then grab the water bottle....freaking twist the top off [which took like 3 long fast turns].....and chug it. 

Then repeat at least 10 times.  Swear.

Y'all the thought of a mouth full of lettuce and water.....TOGETHER  caused me to almost vomit right there.





So the last few times I have been to the beach it has been cold....cold and rainy.....or rainy.  You might want to check with me before you head down there because if I'm going.....expect the worst:)

Still it was a nice change of scenery.... only now I am scrambling to get everything done before I head off to Boulder for 36 hours.....


Talking about mirrors today and how they can brighten up a space.  I think it's safe to say that when decorating a room we have choices of hanging art.....a mirror or something architectural on walls.

I've put together a few of my favorites from vendors starting with Bungalow 5

Next up is Worlds Away

I love a pretty gold mirror shown here in my house  [from a flea market] and below [Bernhardt Interiors] when I helped with the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year.

Another favorite source is Mirror Image Home.

I used this beautiful Mirror Image Home selection  below.

I always find some great selections on the Wisteria site.

I used the Moroccan in this bathroom below.  It is a great mirror for the price!

This is similar to the Halo
I love wood against dark walls....

One day I will use that white faux bois mirror!

I think it's safe to say that sometimes a mirror will change the look of a space....

My foyer.....many years ago

I still love my chicken feeder with the mirror in the middle!

Bathrooms are a great place to add a bold statement with a mirror.

A few years ago I added this Target mirror over a chest in a bedroom makeover.  Similar here

This Currey and Company beveled antique mirror is a current favorite.

Probably the best use of a mirror is to mimic a window when there isn't one...which I did in a family room below with this Ballard beauty!

Whats going on this weekend?  

Well in Atlanta we have the Junior League Kitchen Tour and one of my favorite art galleries Gregg Irby Gallery is having a group show Friday night called Sacred Places....landscape paintings through the lens of 7 different artist!

I hope spring is just around the corner for everyone....


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