Yesterday I was over at ADAC because I was dying to see Mary McDonald's new collection for Schumacher.  In person so I could touch everything and groan just a little.

Mary....Mary...Mary....why you gotta be so good.  I am in love with this collection and it is safe to say that my girl crush with MM is full on.

I love her on MDD....she is my kind of girl.....funny as hell.

And dang pretty.  Some people have it all.

Looking up her bio to see what I could find out about this talent  I discovered that she got her start in the design field as a milliner  crafting elegant hats displayed in Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair.  

Who knew?  Hats.  Boom.

But back to her collection.  It is stunning....hold on to your seats.
  These appliqué's are gorgeous!  And guess what....Mary wanted to make it easy for us so they are iron on! 

 Look at these gorgeous colors....the soft blush is killing me.

 I took these at the showroom.  Run these puppies down the leading edge of your drapes. Yes sir.  Do it.

 Um....hello pretty fabric.

 I took this in the showroom also....

 This is the prettiest pale pink....

  How perfectly stunning are the appliqué's  on these pillows....and yes....they are sitting on her rug collection! these are panels.  You can frame them...upholster a wall with them....or use as curtains.  OR....just ball one up at night and sleep with it.

 Here are the styles of the appliqué's.  Kill me now.

 I literally had to touch this looks so real.

 Navy and white.  No one likes this right?

 How about you cut that puppy in half and gussy up the corner of your chair?

 Mary your killing and taupe.  I. Could. Die.

I am not sure you can feel my enthusiasm for this collection....what do I need to do to prove it to you???


 Here is a widdle piddow I drooled all over.

Go Mary with your bad self....give us some black and white geometric.  No one will buy this.

 Now for some of the rugs....

I wonder how long I would have this in my house before one of my dogs christened it.
 I love how graphic they are....


Help me....

Annnnnddddd  there you have it.  Ms. Mary's fearless, feminine, eclectic style all tied up in a bow for your pinning pleasure.


Are you feeling it?

Tornado's in the south today.  
Take cover.




After Lori and I decided to add more white to our room we started discussing the rug.  In our rendering we had gone darker with browns and some beige.  Our first stop was West Elm. It was getting down to the wire for selecting something so we decided on their Souk rug.  We called...they had one so off we went.

Then....we started thinking maybe we needed something a little know step up your game and all that :)

That was when we went to Sullivan Fine Rugs and they pulled out this little beauty.

It is a 6 x 10 vintage from the 1940's and comes in at 6900.00.  But it is gorgeous.  Seriously.  

Done....West Elm rug goes back.

Then I started thinking about "cheap and chic" versions and did a little research.

Here is what I came up with if you don't have almost 7,000.00 laying around :)

World Market 5x8  299.00  I saw this one and liked that the nap wasn't so things would not get lost in there [small children and pets]

Rugs USA 5x7  429.00

Rugs USA 5x7  429.00

West Elm 5x8 499.00  This is the one we purchased...and it's a "shedder"  for real.  Wool rugs just do this for a while.

West Elm 5x8 499.00  This is a new style that West Elm just came out with.

Pottery Barn 5x8  529.00

Target 5x7  129.00  Not wool of course.

I am sure there are other ones out there.  Is it trendy...yeah probably but I like it so that is all that is important.  I personally don't have one but I can feel a little part of my brain wanting to acquire it....hate when that happens.

TGIF right????
Here in the south we are experiencing a little bit of winter....brrrrrr.

Stay warm friends.




I finished this project last summer but am just now getting around to posting some images I had taken by the talented Tina Rowden.

This was a renovation where they took off the whole back of a 2 story home and added 2 bedrooms and a laundry room upstairs and new kitchen, mudroom, family room and screened in porch downstairs.

During the buildout I posted about the paint colors, kitchen, lighting and wallpaper.  You can find some of the before post here and here.

There are windows flanking the fireplace with storage cabinets underneath.
I used a simple valance which allows plenty of sunshine!  A great place to keep a fern alive!

Some accessories on the other side.

Now you are going to are pictures of the before sofa and chair.  Since she still had young children she wanted to keep her furniture so we had the sofa and 2 chairs overhauled!

And here is the after....
Pretty amazing huh!

Here is a shot of the kitchen/dining area after the buildout but before the move in.

The after shot. Her original table and chairs.  We did have the 2 parsons recovered.

Before shot of the kitchen

Pretty?  The Pottery Barn barstools add some nice texture and are great with kids.
Dang it...never under estimate the power of a bowl of fruit!

I wasn't sure where I was going to put this old wooden corbel but the minute I placed it in this corner.... it added so much warmth to all of the white.

I have so much work to catch up today is going to be spent in the office.  Many thanks for all of the positive comments on our Show Room.  We had some pictures taken yesterday....can't wait to share.  I really can't look at it fact I told Lori that I have obsessed over it so much I almost hate it.  Crazy huh? 

Stay warm....




Stick a fork in me.....because we finished the Show House room yesterday.  Was it hard work....?  You bet your ass.  Am I proud of how it came together......damn straight.  Were their moments of insecurity and betcha.

That being said I am so glad I left my comfort zone to venture into uncharted territory.

Giddy up.

Here is a picture taken from my iPhone yesterday....

Can you believe we put a Target vase in our room :)

It rained every day all day starting on Monday through Thursday. Can I get a "poor me".  Delivery of the furniture....50 zillion trips from my car to the room, wet....wet....wet.  Everyday was a bad hair day of epic proportion.  

It just wouldn't quit.  But then it did.  On Friday the sun came your bottom dollar it did.  Oh glorious sun.  Hot damn.

So many things went right and a few wrong.  After the room was painted we felt like we had to make a few changes.  It was in "waking up in a hotel room in the middle of the night dark".  

Again...before of the white ceiling.

  The Circa Basil light.

Our one window.  One.  

The changes were that we wanted more creams in the room especially starting with the rug.  We found this beauty.

From the 1940's.  Sullivan Fine Rugs [located at ADAC] graciously provided this beauty.  Mommie....I so love.

We changed our fabric to this from Schumacher [Pyne Hollyhock Print in charcoal] .  A little bit of a feminine touch to offset the harshness of the stone.
A cream sofa from Nicholson Gallery who were really supportive with other items including some great art work, small table and desk.
These gorgeous chairs from The Gables on Miami Circle.  Another  great Atlanta business.

These antique doors [The Gables] really helped to add warmth to the space.  Lori came up with a great way to hang them since they were too short and we could not just start nailing on them.....of course.

And then cue the sounding of a record scratching.  The curtains were hung.  OMG....NO.

I went against my usual [cream curtains always work] and thought some dark flax looking linen would work with the worst shinny puny ugly trim in the history of trims.

NFW......hate hate hate. This is Thursday.  THURSDAY people.
Call Sudi....beg....cry....threaten to throw myself off a tall building....please make me new ones.  This is a Show first one.

She does and has them ready on Sat at noon.  

The moral of the story....go with what you know works.  It's like having company and trying a new dish.  Bad bad idea.

Many changes happened over 5 days of putting the room together.
I will share all of the down and dirty with you.

Meanwhile feast on these floors in the men's bathroom.....
Could you die.

For now.....I have so much to catch up on in my life.

Enjoy Sunday


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