BEFORE AND AFTER I have a small before and after for you today.  You might have seen on Instagram but I can give you a few details....and lets face like a pretty picture but in the end you want to know the why and I right?

A long time client wanted some things zhushed before having company.  Oh...and one other small detail....I had about 6 weeks to get it done!

I already posted one bedroom a few months ago so there was one more room and some shelves to do.  I am always up for the task of styling shelves!

Let's start with the before.  I did not change out the bed, lamps, nightstands or the rug!

Here is the after.  I ordered the bench.  It is by Uttermost but I changed out the fabric.  That is an easy fix for sure. It added some nice pattern at the foot of the bed.

New pillows [custom] and a bedspread from HomeGoods that warmed it up!

I had her take most of the things off the shelves.....and was happy that they  were adjustable!

We [ Rose] took one out completely to give some breathing room!  Propped up some books he had and added the baskets at the bottom for texture.

A few HG's items completed the look....

The chest did not have anything on it so we found a few photographs that were already there and hung them.  Then a faux fern and some books.....

In the other room I had already had this small entrance wallpapered but had not done anything to the shelves!  I had her take most of it out and it got a little makeover!

So much better don't cha think?

Small changes and big impact.  I am always up for that challenge:)

Stay tuned for the reveal of the family room and guest room.  

Also I have a really fun project coming up and I am excited to say that we painted the walls green!



This is the wallpaper that is going on the unpainted part over the cabinets....

This one might take a while since we are ordering furniture but I will keep you posted on the progress!

Alrighty then...Rose and I are leaving for Highpoint tomorrow so stay tuned for lots of stories and my fav design trends!


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