It appears that I am not alone in my quest for the perfect pillow.  I am thinking epidemic.

No worries....I believe there are enough to go around for everyone.....with possible leftovers:)

Today we have some updates on the new Boulder project #fieldcourt.  This is happening at a rapid pace......

When I was out there we discussed the kitchen for hours.  There is a fine line between what you would do if it was your kitchen.....and what you think everyone else will want.

I'll start with some before images just to catch you up....

Here are the listing pictures

Walls came down to open it up.

After much discussion about placement of the appliances there was a last minute change.

As you can see the sink was under the window and the stove top was opposite.  That seems to be the trend in kitchen.....a very symmetrical floor plan.

Similar to this look.

 Denton Development

Susan Ferrier

The problem is that this kitchen is pretty narrow and the space between the sink and stove would be a little tight.

So we came up with a new plan....

The island will not have any appliances in it.  The sink stays under the window and the range/hood to the left.  

Here are the professional architectural drawings:)

Let's get to the good stuff....

Duh...white....that's a shocker.

BUT.....there is more.

This gorgeous tile from Cement Tile Shop will be the backsplash.  Y'all I worked hard for this decision.  It was like a full out campaign with billboards and air time.

This place has all kinds of goodness....IN STOCK!

These are a couple of my favorites!

Because I love my K7 Grohe faucet we are using the same one....

And these Rejuvenation lights are ordered!'s looking something like this....

And I am dancing around like a I'm on Soul Train

Over in the butlers pantry we have a microwave and wine fridge in the lower cabinets and open shelves above [with shiplap]....if you scroll back up it is where the fridge is now.

This one should be a stunner.

So as the formula goes....we need some wood in this bad boy to warm things up.

The front of the island will be natural wood.


I'm no kitchen designer but dang I hope this is as good in real life as it is in my head:)

You can see our first thoughts about the kitchen here

So what do you think?  

Yawn.....or join me on Soul Train:)





This post is like my life only in pillow updates:)  I can't really explain how this happens but it seems like pillows are always on my mind.  

I assume this is my drug.

My back alley is HomeGoods and pillows are the crack.

Sometimes I have the budget to do custom and other times I dive right into cheap thrills.

In this project that I have been working on for a while we we able to do some pretty custom fabricated by my girl Sudi.

Some nice neutral going on here [surprise] with these sectional pillows.

It all started with this Zak and Fox windowpane fabric.  Next I added the Peter Dunham paisley and threw in a little texture from Kravet. 

Of course we need some art on that wall desperately!

I found this marble bowl at HG's and added some beads in it for the coffee table.
In my opinion there is nothing some beads in a bowl won't answer:)

Over in the bedroom we have some pretty Schumacher Ikat and Kravet linen stripe.

And I found this pretty cotton towel for the bathroom....

Now we take it down a notch.....when I am in Target I kind of takeover.

I will gather up all the goodies...find an isle and go to town.  These are for a staging project which I will go into more about later.

I also saw this cutie at Target

2 girls rooms.....these from HG's

Headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Right?  I totally forget about them for pillows but their game is a lot better!  These all had down inserts.

Speaking of BB&B I picked up this pretty wood bowl to go with these black Ikat napkins and iron serving pieces [from Crate and Barrel]!

For me:)

Changing things around at my house by adding some indigo!

And Sudi [who makes pillows for the stars] but had almost NO PILLOWS in her house....well we changed that with some new bedroom pillows.

Pretty huh?

And having absolutely nothing to do with pillows.....everyday I look at my kitchen and these brackets I fall in love all over again:)

Oh yeah one more thing.  

There is a war going on over at my house.  

It has to do with the thermostat.  I'm living here in "motel hot".  The other day I came was 75 outside and my husband had the heat on at 71.  To make a point that he is cold he will put on his sweatshirt....pull the hood up while sitting in his office or watching TV.

Go ahead and put on gloves.....I'm not moved.




Well it's official.....I am overbooked.  Yup...I know when I wake up in the middle of the night visualizing finished rooms and thinking of what I need to order..... things might be out of control.

Whew.  Get it together Sherika.

I am so glad that y'all weighed in on the DR light situation.  I knew all along that one was my fav but it helped to do some persuading to my people in Boulder :)


On to other happenings.

My neighbor is having a party this weekend and she wanted her bookshelves "zhushed".  You know how you get to that point when you just start shoving crap on them....hoping that is the one thing that will solve the problem?

Not happening.

2 rooms and 6 bookshelves later.

Small tweaks....taking out the color.

Lucky for me she collects black and white art. Otherwise I might have said no.

Heading into the family room....

Just a little re-arranging.

I had very little left over which is a good thing cause you know how clients say this...."what do I do with the leftovers"?  How the hell do I know?


It's no secret that I am a minimalist when it comes to you can see with mine.....

My best advise.  Take EVERYTHING off. 
Perk: wipe them down:)

Then group in like items in an area....books, frames, "tchotzkies" etc.

I always start with the middle shelves first [eye level] and use your best stuff....then work up...and down.  Books....are your best friend. 

There you case you are bored this weekend.




I got home from Boulder Friday night and hit the ground running.....I had a client who was having a party on Saturday so I had to do some accessorizing for her!

Sunday I just chilled cause Mama needed some down time you know:)

I have some new pictures of the demo over at #fieldcourt and it's coming along.  When you are working on a budget you have to weigh every decision.....deciding where to spend and where to save.  What is going to create the biggest impact!

We are slowing putting plans together for many of the areas.

First up is the foyer....

The iron railing went in!
Nice huh!

Master bath before

It's certainly not very special.....


Opening it up and just leaving a pony wall for the shower.  Nice thing about the space is there is so much light.

Since we aren't adding any square footage we have to give a lot of thought to the other elements of this bathroom like tile, vanity and lighting.

The floors will be black hex and actually go up the back wall by the shower. The subway wall tile will be hung vertically.  Adding the wood vanity helps to warm up the space.

Heading into the dining room.....

Here is the real estate shot.  What's good:  Love the sloped ceiling and it's a large room.  That being said with so much space we decided to break it up, remove the bookshelves and move the dining room into the area.


OK here is where it gets crazy.  Deciding on a light fixture and the style of the space.

Now that the walls are all down you will be able to see 4 light they have to look good together.

Since the middle closet has been removed....

There are 3 places for fixtures but we aren't doing anything in the middle.

We picked this Arteriors metal pendant
Then above the staircase.....

From All Modern
Which is why the DR fixture is so important.  I have put together 3 boards using different elements.

# 1
Using the Rejuvenation Pendant I used on the Madison Project.

# 2

Using a new pendant Brian Patrick Flynn designed for Crystorama

# 3

Last using this Nelson Bubble from DWR.

These are all large light fixtures to help fill the space but are simple in style.

So there you have it....would love to know your thoughts if you have a moment:)

My eyes are crossed from looking at so many fixtures and trying to narrow it down.


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