OK...we talked about the downstairs of the tower now let's walk up the spiral staircase to the top floor.  Yes....I know....some people mentioned they don't like let me explain.

Pinewood Forest is a New Urbanist Community across from the Pinewood Movie studios.  I am not sure if you know this but Atlanta is second to LA for producing movies.  There are about 4,000 creatives who work at Pinewood and The neighborhood is geared to them.  Funky houses and also in one of the best school districts in Georgia.

The tower is a separate space from the main house...a guest house in a way.....although I looked at it like a space that you would want if you were an artist, writer or even a designer.  The bottom floor would be a place to receive clients and the upstairs could be where you worked.

The main house has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a small office space.  

So...back to the spiral staircase.  I doubt an elderly couple would by this house so I don't think it would be a problem!

Here is the floor plan for the includes a full bath.

And here was my plan...which doesn't look anything like it except it's black and white:)

Again....looks nothing like my inspiration....ha ha

One of the best things about my space were the Authentic Reclaimed Floors....laid in a herringbone pattern!

The called me and asked if I wanted them.....ummmm.....duh.  Do you know me?

Below are my inspiration photos....

Well....I strayed a know time constraints [I was involved in the House Beautiful project at the same time] and a little thing called "money".....haha.

I stayed with a round table and a fig tree.  I was going to paint the walls dark but I kind of missed the deadline....whoops.

I did find this awesome bench at HomeGoods.  What seemed huge while trying to maneuver into the cart..... 

......Looked absolutely minuscule in the space.  I'm not going to lie...I was a little nervous on install day because I had no backup.

And this area wasn't making me happy at ALL!

But I went home and regrouped for day 2!
My friend Rose who was helping me was positive we could pull it off....while I was standing there scratching my head she was singing uplifting songs about how the "sun would come out tomorrow"........hee haw

I used the Ikea Docksta table and we decided the white base was blinding so we painted it a dark gray with some chalk paint I had in my basement.

I order the 2 chairs from Wayfair 
Got the large amber bottle at Scott's Antique Market and the wood chain at Pottery Barn.

The baskets and art helped the bench wall expand....

The Joe Adams art came from Swoox....the fig tree at Home Depot and the container at World Market.

I was lucky to be able to use a favorite Circa Lighting chandelier.....

Love the doors!

Again these images emphasize how the placement of the baskets on the wall and the art helped to make the bench not appear so small....smoke and mirrors right!

Well....there you have it!  It's open on the weekends thru October 7th.  Next up are all the other spaces by my fellow designers who put in way more effort than I did and it shows!

Here is a shot of Blayne....[the artist for that wonderful piece that made my room shine] and I!
It's available at Anne Irwin Fine Art

Hope y'all are having a great week!



Well I could have saved a lot of time on my last post because hands down #3 was a pretty clear winner!  Which shocked me because #1 and #2 were my fav!  That shows what I know right....haha.

#6 came in second and of course I seriously loved that one because as you know I adore all things neutral....

I love that my "fellow TV watchers" enjoyed Jack Ryan as much as I did.  The minute they finished the last scene I turned to my husband and said....not sure I can wait a whole year for season 2!  On another thought don't you love when you discover a great show and there are like 6 seasons to's the best!

So I can finally share my Pinewood Forest showhouse with you!  The party was last night and I enjoyed laughing with everyone about the trials of the install in mid August with no AC!  It was "Guam hot"

I think you remember that I showed you the tower which was my space.....2 floors separated by a spiral staircase....

I came up with 2 different plans for the bar area and in the end we did a mashup with elements of both!

This was before styling....I had some of the wallpaper left over so we put it here and boy am I glad because it made such an impact after styling!

Oh yeah....I added one little addition.....

Vases from Homegoods.

Round wood serving tray is from Target and the coffee cups from HG.

The art is from Minted and the stripe bowl mine [vintage] 

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Ha....the plan for the rest of the nothing like my plan above.


After wallpaper was installed.....Scion: Malva

I literally cleaned out my hoarding spare bedroom as you can see here!

The weekend before the install I had nothing so I went to my go to World Market and saw this puppy!  It's a really small space so I thought I could make this work.

I also picked up this chair....

I knew I could zhush it up with pillows and texture....

FYI.... stashing pillows in your guest bedroom comes in handy! Just saying. 

The slip cover on the daybed was slightly yellow so I found this rug at HG and folded it in half.....

I got the table and floor lamp at WM also!  The juju hat from Scott's a while back.

I ordered this little table from All Modern and of course what really elevated the space was the art by Blayne Beacham!

Don't you agree?

Layer a few hides on the floor....easy peasy.

Lighting from Circa Lighting....I used my fav flush mount!

Tuesday we will take a hike up the spiral staircase....

I have looked at it so much I can't be objective anymore....but I can say this....affordable decorating for sure:)

The showhouse opens today and is open on weekends until October 7th.

Speaking of weekends....have a good one!

Sheriky Freaky

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