I am beyond humbled by the support in your comments.  You can't imagine how much they all meant to me.  I will share soon but right now it is just too raw to put out there and I don't trust myself not to over share.

There is comfort knowing that people care....especially in a world where there is bullying and meanness all over the internet.

As promised here are some before and afters of the Boulder flip.  This project took 6 months to complete as some rooms were reconfigured.

Today it's all about the laundry room which is pretty epic if you have a small space like I do in my home.

As per blogger regulations....we start with  before:)

You can see it was already a nice large space!

Some of these were taken from the listing as I had to leave and I only had my iPhone with me anyway!

We decided to add the utility station where you can was a dog, or kid :).....or bike shoes.....

I think the floor tile came from Floor and Decor and the overhead lights came from Rejuvenation.  The rugs is old from Target outdoor collection and after extensive searches everywhere we found the folding table at Ikea.  It was a pub table but we cut the legs down!  A deal at 149.00 [or something like that].

When they renovate a house they always put in new W&D and appliances.  The shelving brackets are custom and the shelves are butcher block from Ikea.

Here is a close up of that folding table!!  It already had that black detail on the braces.

I believe that bench came from Overstock a few flips ago.  Of course the accessories on the shelves came from Homegoods.

Just a progress pic....

We also found that shelf unit at Homegoods....

Here is the before of the other direction.  The room on the right had been staged as a bedroom but there was no closet so we staged it as an office.

This Schumacher wallpaper added so much to the space....again we just put it on the one wall.

The Currey and Co rope sconces just looked so cute.  Giddy up.

Just for context....the whole wall opposite the W&D.

And real estate pic of the room set up as a bedroom.

These are the listing pictures as I just could not get good shots of this room!
Desk, rug, and art from Overstock.  Office chair from World Market

I covered this cheap little sofa with a skin and picked up the spice colored pillow at Target.

Got the small table at Pier One and the floor lamp at Ikea.  The 3 architectural ladders over the sofa came from At Home.

So there you have it.  Working with what we already had....adding a few new items....but trying to show people without vision.... how cute a house could look right?

There is more....but right now my brain is working at 50% sister has been staying with me and I just can't imagine not having family at difficult times.  Thanks Mom for having 4 kids.....

Love you guys....



Y'all..... you are going to know this is not my usual post.  Unfortunately I have some heavy stuff going on in my life at the moment so this is the best I can do right now....I know you will understand.....after all some of you have known me 10 years!  We are friends right?

I promise more pics of my time in Boulder next week.  As usual it wasn't quite finished when I left so I have them taking a few pics for me to use in the post revealing all that we did.

What I do have today are some before and after of the outside.

We all know that paint can be one of the biggest game changers there is!

And....once again here is proof! All new windows iron railing on the Juliette balcony.

On the side of the house was this cute little "she shed"

Paint and a new light fixture.....

Landscaping made a big difference....

Along with the driveway style...

You can see the garage door was finally painted balance out the dark window on the opposite side.

New railing and the deck was sanded and stained.

I believe the colors are BM China White and BM Iron Mountain.

So look....I hope you can bear with me on some not so "sherry style" post for a minute....

I'm doing the best that I can right now holding on to normalcy but as in life.... this too shall pass....



If you watch my stories then you saw I went to a fashion show and saw the Lafayette148 Collection.  I went with a friend of mine and at first she said....she thought that their clothes were matronly to her.

But.....after the show she was shocked at how the stylist put things together....yes they were classic styles but she put a fresh spin on them.  Then we started talking about that movie The Thomas Crown Affair....because she had watched it recently and in actuality the fashion show reminded her of Rene Russo's style in the movie.

In fact there are numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to her outfits!

I mentioned to my friend that it reminded me of a "capsule collection" where you have a few different pieces and they can all be mixed and matched.

I decided to put a few outfits together that could maybe fit that bill.....couldn't we all save $$$ if we followed that reasoning?  Myself included!

The first one I used pretty much all black but adding a camel jacket.

necklace, purse, jacket, top, leggings, shoes

Here is an all black outfit similar to one she wore in the movie!

Below I paired some of the items with jeans for a more casual look.  In the movie she had on camel pants and a jacket....but seriously I could not find a camel suit!

I saw a skirt similar on the Layfette148 website but it wasn't in the fashion show.   I found the one below which was similar at BP.

Here is an image of the Layfette148 outfit!

Here is how to take a LBD and make it more casual.....but still look "hot" :)

And last.....dress up the leggings with some pearls....

I've got one more day in Boulder so hopefully I will have some pictures to share with you on Friday!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend....



I was working on another post but thought I would give you a mini update of the next Boulder flip because I am leaving on Friday to go out and help stage....which I am very excited about because it might be one of my fav things to do!

If you remember I  went out there on Memorial Weekend and toured the I can only rely on what pictures they send me during the process....:)

Let's start with the outside....

Changed out that bay window and a nice coat of paint with dark trim....

There were some walls moved on this one and when I get out there I can get some pictures to compare for you.

Love the Serena and Lily light fixture right in the foyer.....

The before of the LR right off the foyer....

After with a feature wall of Schumacher wallpaper!

Inspiration for the LR

Right around the corner is the kitchen....

Before of the small bathroom off the kitchen



Coming in from the garage to the laundry room

After....more pretty Schumacher wallpaper!

Opposite....a place to wash the dogs:)

Right off the laundry room was a bedroom but will now be staged as an office [especially since there is not a full bath until the 3rd floor actually].


Inspiration for the office

The basement



During with new windows installed.

Before of the master bathroom


So I am excited to see it all in person!

Made it through the night without any bathroom breaks with Cami so there's that.  

I still have this darn cold which does not make me happy.  My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic which I don't know why because it hasn't done shit.  It's going on 3 weeks......but with daytime cold medicine I can get through the day...haha


I'm nothing if not resilient.


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