OK....I can tell that we all like the fact that your existing furniture can find a place in your home mixed in with a few new items!


News Flash.....that has always been the case but so many designers come in a say "Dahling....this has all got to go".  

Now there might be a few exceptions.  If you are a baby boomer and you still have your college dorm furniture.......we might have a problem......:)

But I am going to show you how to turn....what you might think would be a negative..... into a positive!

Starting with this small powder room.  Here is the before.

What you really can't see is that the floors are a dark green marble.  No easy task to rip  out right?

This is a perfectly acceptable powder room....we have all seen so much worse right. can we make it better?????

Rose had the brilliant idea to just paint the walls the same color as the floors [BM Salamander].  Then we brainstormed and came up with the idea to do a gallery wall a la "how many small dark gallery walled bathrooms" can you find on Pinterest! 

And then.....we had to get it approved by the client because there was a lot of art to buy!

We started with flea markets.....

Found all of these great pieces so here we laid  them out for the installer....which took a few different attempts.

There is no window in this space so unfortunately I had to take all the pictures with the lights on....but you can actually see the cool modern fixture that Rose picked out.

Here is the original....

And after......

Another before

Same mirror....


A little styling.

A vintage rug for some texture on the floor.

One more time.....before


Fun huh?  

That is how to turn a negative into a positive! 
Rose and I were standing around clapping our hands like we just invented the cure for's the little things right:)

Ugh I was at the emergency vet last night until 1:00 with Cami.  She had a UTI.  I finally turned off the light at 2:30 so I have a long tired day ahead of me.....Zzzzzzz.

I still love her though:)



So much going on in my small little world right now.  First off and this is TV is pixelating so bad it's giving me a tick.  I know....shallow but it's the little things right?  I had to actually call the cable company which as we all know like having a stick poked in your eye.

And....then you get that window of time they they are between 12 on Wednesday to 3 on Friday right?  And if they call and you don't answer the phone they cancel.  I don't know about you but I don't answer my phone unless I know who it is..... so there's that.

Anyway first world problems.  I need to get over it.

I helped my friend Rose with her install on Wednesday.  It was so fun!  This home was built in the mid 70's and it had a great vibe to me.  I could have moved right in!

She had some really pretty things but like everyone....just needed the touch of 2 designers for a little styling and such....haha!  

This post will show you what you can do with what you already have.

Here is some of the stuff we arrived with!

And look....this is the spread she left out for us!  Clients take note :)

Let's start with this incredible sunroom which I would kill for....all those windows!

It had a good start.  Not changing the furniture but just styling it up a little with new pillows and a few accessories.

First off Rose neutralized the space with a new rug.  

She had this beautiful zebra skin [I almost put in my car!] in another room which we brought it in to layer on top.  Boom....better already!

A few pillows.....

To lighten up the dark brown leather chairs some textural neutral pillows and a throw were added.

It really came together!


Across from the sofa is the TV cabinet.

Took down some of the jars and added some baskets....again more texture.

Small changes people!

Empty table....

Added a lamp that was in another room....

Abracadabra....presto chango.

And a bathroom that was spruced are the before shots.

Sorry you have to look into a toilet but well....we all have em so don't be offended:)

A little wallpaper and some art she already had!

What a difference huh?  I love this Thibaut paper....I have used it before.

Rosy Rose you did a great job!!

One of my favorite things is repurposing what clients have.  We live in a world where we feel like we have to get rid of everything and start over but I think it gives a home a more collected look to mix it up.

And.... there is your tip of the day!

Hope y'all have a great weekend.  I'm working on Saturday but I'm planning to check out on Sunday and not do anything design related....yeah....right.



So today I am helping Rose with an install....should be fun!  We will be doing instastories and then hopefully have a few good before and afters for you!

I have slowly been coming out of my fog of shock.  When I think of my situation compared to something I saw on Ellen of a newly married couple.....with the husband being diagnosed with ALS....I consider myself blessed.  I have my health and family so I will keep navigating through what life has to offer these days.....

Todays post is all about fashion!  I bought a pair of wide leg jeans the other day and have had fun putting some outfits together.

These jeans are very flattering and the perfect length for me [5' 8"]  I have paired them here with some cute boots that are very well priced.

Here is another way to wear these jeans....denim on denim.'s a thing now!  

I don't know if you remember when I blogged about this Lafayette 148 skirt.  It was a definite splurge for me.  I have worn it twice and plan on wearing it to an event next Thursday night.

I have paired it with a sweater and boots for a more casual look....and added that cute camo clutch just for fun!

Here is one more look.....I don't know about you but I wear black pants or jeans a lot when I want a little dressier look!  Although we are supposed to get a cold spell the next few days.... in general [until January and February] a sweater or cape will work at night.

It's the perfect time to go shopping because everything is already on sale:)  

Off to walk Cami and then head to the excited to see everything come together!



Well..... we made it to Friday.  I don't know about you but I hardly had a moment of down time.

I mean I did not have a chance to wash my hair one night when I was going out so I tried using a curling iron on it.  

News flash....dirty hair will not curl.  I love that I am still  learning at my age:)

On Monday I was at a  clients for the delivery of furniture that had been in storage for 2 years.  Uh huh.  They started a renovation after we ordered everything.  It is just now ready....well.....close.

Let's may remember this project. 

This is the real estate listing picture from 3-4 years ago

It's a really cool house from the 70's but it needed some TLC.

After they moved in we just threw some left over furniture in there that eventually got re-upholstered for the master bedroom.

They added a porch off the back and some pretty iron windows and doors. 

And by the way....that ceiling light is not staying...hahaha

Here is the original floor plan....

This is the sofa from Charles Stewart in a deep teal green.

The rug is from Lee Jofa.

The end tables from Charles Stewart.

This beautiful fabric....
On this Charles Stewart chair!

The coffee table is from Serena and Lily.

This chair from Bungalow 5.

Pretty trim on the bottom of the ottomans....

This art was the inspiration for all the fabric selections.  This Lee Industries bench with Duralee fabric.

The granite wall on this side was also replaced with french limestone and a new mantel.

The foyer before

The granite walls were replaced with french limestone as were the dark slate floors.....

So much landscaping and we had this beautiful concrete bench from Currey and Co delivered that day also.....

This is the side of the house now.....with a new entrance.

We still have a long way to go with all the things that make a room look special....pillows, lamps, curtains, accessories....etc.

I will keep you updated!

Bless her heart because she lived in the house through the renovation.

Whats up for your weekend?  I am helping Rose next week with an install so we may be doing a little shopping to prepare.  And of course giving my Cami girl some well deserved love.


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