Holy smokes....we haven't talked in 10 days....but I was roped [just these girls]  into joining some of my "blogging besties" to do a post on Design Trends! 

You know how when someone ask you to do something and it sounds like a good idea at the time.....uh huh....well here we are.  The day before it is supposed to post and I am racking my brain about things I have seen the last few months that feel like they could last a while.

I'm here for you though.....

Right off the bat.....since we are entering into our third year in a pandemic....some things have changed!  

People are home more so we need better office space and home gyms.  While those 2 things have always been popular I feel like they are amplified and more important than ever.

More importantly let's talk about some of you might know I live pretty close to the Atlanta Design Center [ADAC] so I am always over there scouting for fabrics and 2 times a year many fabric lines come out with new colors and patterns!

While the "all white room" enjoyed a pretty good ride and of course the "gray train" wore us out I feel [and have felt this for a while] the warm tones are back and will be around for a while.  I just painted a condo Ben Moore: Cloud Cover and it is so pretty!  Not yellow at all....just a very soft ivory.

Also jewel tones are making a comeback...and not the ones from the early 90's either.  They have been toned down a little!

I am hankering to use some of the fun patterns and colors......Also....Brown is the new Black!  You heard it here:)

I also read that Venetian plaster and lime wash walls are HOT! The walls below have that beautiful sheen from VP.

Opalescent Venetian plaster in a Herzig-designed L.A. home.

Photo: Laure Joliet

How are we feeling about dark furniture?  Well....guess what....I am pretty sure the dreaded armoire is making a comeback.  Now listen before you get all me.....let me explain.

Not to hide the TV.... but as a beautiful piece of furniture to be showcased in a room.

I found all of these on Charish!

There is one designer who I know uses a dark piece in a room all the time....Daryl Carter.
If you don't have this need to get it!  

Seriously it was one of the first design books I ever bought....

These pictures are all of his work.....

He is amazing.

Also...I think adding a vintage piece in every room is big now.  

This quote below by Athena Calderone say it best:

"Vintage is the protagonist of every has the power to influence the storytelling and direction"

Rooms that do double my office which is also my laundry room.  I mean of course I would rather have a tricked out space to do my laundry in.... with 2300 square feet....I gots to make do right!

Before I sign off....I looked up some warm paint colors for you.....I'm so helpful haha.

And lookey here....these are from 2017 but still so relevant now right!

Looks like the 2021 colors are still going strong!

I was really hoping I would get to the mart before this post deadline but I am going today and should see more of what is trending!

And.... here is a cheat sheet....make a copy.....fold it up and put it in your wallet.  Then before you buy something you can take a look and make sure you are allowed.....I am cracking myself up.....

Jewel Tones but warmer with a muddiness to them
Dark wood furniture
Organic finishes on walls
Bleached furniture [still going strong]
Mixing Modern with vintage
Hand blocked fabric
Black and White [still...but add color]
Wallpaper [yes....still happening]
*Old English Sheepdogs
*Old Ladies like me.....

OK...I just threw those last ones in to start a revolution....haha 

Y'all take it easy and run over to the other blogs to take a look at what the REAL experts are saying....




Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.....
I am not gonna was a tough holiday season and I have never spent more time home just being downright sad.

That's no surprise....It's been almost 6 months since my sister passed away and since I live so close to her.....I was really feeling the void.

I only went to 2 events over the was the Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Nights [such a fun thing to do if you have not gone] and the other was a Christmas party.....

I watched a lot of TV and stayed home with Cami.  I worked out and hung out at my neighbors.  They like to do those 5 million piece puzzles and I learned that I suck at those:)  The only thing I brought to the situation was a lot of complaining about how hard it was.....nobody likes a complainer....haha.

I was working on one project.....finishing out a basement of a job with Ladisic Fine Homes.  You know how it is when you have completed a year long just need to take some time off and breathe so it had been a little over a year and they decided to ramp up again....

This is how we left it after they moved in.....

We got the oak wood paneling done and the wallpaper in before Christmas!

The barstools are from Gabby Home.....very comfy!

The light fixture was from Regina Andrews.

There is a dart board in the cabinet.

I swear the Thibaut wallpaper was a game changer....I mean the paint was good [which we did before Thanksgiving because I couldn't get that paper hung until after....] but this vinyl paper is just so good!

I found these 2 vintage Bernhardt leather chairs for the room.....

You know I love to put something vintage in a space and since they have 3's perfect that I did not spend 3 times what I paid for these.....for brand new ones that of course I would probably not get for a year!

I ordered a poker table and then started looking for chairs....whoa mama.

Chairs would be up to 9 months out so I found some vintage ones on Charish and scored some beautiful mohair at Scott's to have them recovered with!

The plaid is for pillows in the chairs and to cover 2 benches with! Pretty pumped about my luck!

I'm a crafty gal:)

Anyway.....I hope y'all are all relaxed from a great Holiday season.....I appreciate all of your support over the last 2 years with what has gone on in my life....



Thanks for all of your comments on Annie's place!  I love putting together rooms and working with what people have.....maybe it takes the pressure off starting from scratch and then wondering if you made the right decisions:)

I am also wondering if I will ever have a finished project again!  With everything being delayed half done rooms are kind of the norm around here.....

UGH.....kind of takes the fun out of it when I go to order something and it's quoted as coming in late 2022....

But I am sure all of this is considered 1st world problems!

I posted some books on Instagram and somebody asked me to suggest a few of my favorites.  I thought I would give you selections of some I have and some I plan on ordering.

They can all be found on Amazon.

I plan on ordering the first 2 [Ray Booth and Brian Paquette]

I have Marie Flanigan's and The White book but the other 2 look like some I might enjoy!

I also have James Michael Howards book [Phoebe Howards husband] and Andrew Howards [their son] 
book.....both of which I love!

I need to order Melanie Turners book because I am a huge fan of her work as well as Ashley Whittaker's book.

AND....if you are renovating a kitchen this year you will love Matthew Quinn's new book on beautiful kitchens!
That one is NOT sold on Amazon but you can purchase it here

Your welcome!

So I went to a party last Saturday night and I was trying to figure out what to wear.  Last spring my neighbor gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to a great store here in Buckhead called the London Trading Co.  Anne and I went together because she thought she could control what I bought....she should know me better than that:) soon as we went in I saw this tulle skirt in the window.  Unfortunately it was the only one and a size 6 which is clearly NOT my size but I made them take it down anyway so I could try it on:)

I can be stubborn like that.  Anne was busy throwing things in the dressing room for me to try on but I wasn't having it.  I have always wanted a tulle skirt and I was picturing myself looking like SJP in SATC walking down the street looking so very cute....haha

Guess must have been mis-marked because it fit.  Anne scowled and said....
"Are you really getting that?"  
Me: "Yup."  
Anne: "Where will you wear it?"
Me: "To your house for dinner.....every night."

Well it has been hanging in my closet and when I realized I might have someplace to wear it I started trying on things that might go with!

This try on session was early that morning so I had not even washed my face yet:)

I just threw on my glasses and some red lipstick!

It's always cold at this party because they have all the doors open so in the end I just wore the white shirt and kept the scarf over my arm!

It just goes to show you that a tulle or just a black skirt can be so versatile!  Plus here is another small tip....the crystal button was in the back but I just wore the skirt backwards....hahaha

Anyway it was fun and I did feel like a party girl. 

I am on the LTK app now [sherryhdesigns] and I try to link everything from my OOTD's that I post on Instagram stories!

If I could figure out how to link it I would....but I am sure you guys can figure it out :)

So there you have it....Christmas gifts and party outfits!



I am so glad you enjoyed the showhouse pictures....
Even if some of the rooms are not your style you can always find a bit of inspiration!

A few months ago my friend Michael Ladisic asked me to help with his daughters new condo that he was renovating....must be nice to have a Dad that is a contractor:)

Y'all remember when I helped another daughter with her place.....he has 4 so I figure I have 2 more to go!

Anyway she is a Midwife and works long hours at a time....but another thing about Annie is she is big on recycling and using "found" items!  Which of course thrills me as I do not feel like everything needs to be new.  In fact when we were renovating my sisters kitchen we gave her the fridge as it was not that old!

So let's start the story....

Here are some pictures from the first time I went over there.....

The chairs came from her Mom and they had already collected a few pieces of furniture....

Also Rose and I decided that since it was such a long room that some shelves behind the sofa [which she bought from the Goodwill for 100.00] would help cozy up the place since there needed to be easy access to the patio doors....

The floors were stained cement and it was decided to get a huge piece of sisal and layer on a smaller rug to define the seating area....


When we got there....she had put some things up on the shelves....but we did have creative liberty and Rose and I had visited some small flea markets to grab a few things we thought would look good in the room.....


There was a lot of stuff we had to weed through to decide what would work and what wouldn't.  It is a small place so we had to be very thoughtful with the accessories and furniture.

Here are a few before and afters.....







The only things that are new on the shelves were a few faux plants....

Here are a few detail shots.....

The floral pillow was from Homegoods....

The rug was also from Homegoods....

Now let's go to the other side of the room.....

We removed one of the lamps as the console was too small for both.....then we organized some of her art grabbing the black and white ones.....

Threw a faux olive tree from Target in the planter to help that corner.....

Rose and I found that vase at the flea market and at first we thought it might be too colorful but it was good with all the art work being neutral and helped to bring a little of the colors from the other side of the room!

Even thought the small bench was gray and was a little pale for the space....layering the darker throw on it really helped!

See below before the bar cabinet was installed....and I am not sure why it looks so green in the picture above!

We found the vintage bird pictures and I had the bench that I did not use in another project.  We actually did not have much left to work with when we accessorized the bar and they were also kicking around the idea of what to do on the back of the bar.....

We spent a little time zhushing the kitchen.....


I am sure you can tell this is my favorite thing to do!  Rose and I LOVE shopping for vintage/used accessories to help a room look more curated and "used".....

Tonight I am going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with some's rare that I go out really but I need to make that effort.

Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season....

Thanks for reading....


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