I've got some good news y'all......I'm leaving for Boulder on Sunday to consult on another house!  

I am pretty darn excited with so many ideas in my head that I can't wait to share with you and them!

More on that project later cause today I have a fashion post.  What? that the holidays are over all the stores are pushing some great spring clothes!

It's no secret that I like to dress similar to my decorating style which means a good foundation sprinkled with a few trends to keep it relevant....:)

Take a look.....

Starting at Banana Republic because I think they consistently update their basics and have a reasonable price point.  Plus 40% off on a regular basis right!

Last year I bought some white flair jeans at the end of the season on sale.  These shoes have a block heal so I can wear them [3 hour window for sure though!] and I found those cute earrings at Club Monaco for 30% off right now!

Since most days I am pretty casual this outfit appeals to me!

I saw some camo sneakers at Club Monaco for over 300.00 and thought I know I can do better that that!  These are Keds and I will be ordering!

More casual wear because that is definitely 80% of my wardrobe!

Let's circle back to the white flair this top and the blue bag!

Again.....jeans because it's a no brainer.....

I love everything on this page and that Iphone cover is definitely on my list!

A few other things I liked.....
This Club Monaco black shirt cause it could definitely dress up the white flair jeans!

And there you have it!  Maybe some shopping this weekend?

I'm in the final season of Mad Men....[I think I have 5 left] and the depression is setting in.  Even though I want to slap the hell out of Don Draper saying "get it together dude".....I'm gonna miss him.




I feel like there is nothing I can post after the pictures of my house.  Everything the last 6 months has been leading up to that and now it's just blah blah week....Cami....whatevs.

But every day can't be Christmas right?  So we go back to our lives of drudgery :(  hee haw.

Since I took about a bajillion pictures at the mart I thought I would drone on today with some of the other things I saw that caught my eye.

Of course let's start with the most important and that is pillows.

From my friend Sudi

Love this Jim Thompson fabric....such an unusual color combination.

I adore a large print and these Garson Jasper pillows caught my eye!

LuRu home was a textile line that was new to me!  I am loving their boho chic patterns....

So good huh?  I am mad for this color combination above......

These Moss Studio pillows are quite full of texture.  I'll take them all.

AND.....then I rounded the corner to all of this black and white from Sugar Feather and the world stopped for a minute.  I know these people think I have a screw loose because I was jumping up and down clapping my hands like a 6 year old with a cupcake.

I mean right?  Like I need anymore pillows but you can bet I bought a few.....An addict is an addict and this is my crack for sure. 

I always get a little giddy with some Annie Selke home textiles.....

These 2 pretty decorative mirrors from Mirror Image Home

And Kate Spades new rug line from Jaipur

Plenty'o color.

And then there was this pillow that I talked Sudi into putting in her line.

I said "girl it will fly off the shelves".  Guess love at all!  AYFKM?   

Don't get it.

And.....since we are talking about pillows hop over to Classic Casual Home and read her post on "all things pillows"....




Thanks for all of your positive comments about my house!  Kisses to everyone of you:)

As promised here are the final few taken that day by Anthony-Masterson, styled by Ginny Branch and article written by Lisa Mowry.

Some of these you have already seen on Instagram.

This wall is totally new!  Sold my bookcases and had these built on site.  Chairs are Mitchell Gold, vintage acrylic coffee table, rattan stool from HomeGoods.  The mirror over the fireplace is vintage and is an old chicken feeder.

The rug is Dash and Albert, the picture of Stevie Nicks is from Four Hands, the lamp is HomeGoods and the shade is Pottery Barn.  Desk and chair are vintage from Scott's.

Chairs are Palecek [I've had them for over 15 years] Rug is Suyra and chair is Lee Industries. Basket and metal tray from Scott's.  Pillow fabric is Schumacher, lamp is West Elm, brass overhead light is Etsy. 
This one taken by me....

Shelves stained Classic Gray by Minwax.  Round metal tray with handles is from Crate and Barrel. Knobs and acrylic pulls from Restoration Hardware.  

Light over window is Currey and Co, Grohe faucet, Caesarstone countertops are honed Calcutta Neuvo, jars are Target, paint color is BM White Dove, small rug by sink is HomeGoods, barstools custom.

Taken by me...Tile is from Renaissance Tile and window paint color is SW Urbane Bronze.

Taken by me....Sink is Franke

Taken by me....sofa is Mitchell Gold, black and white pillows from Creative Threads.

Taken by me...

This wallpaper is Schumacher, light fixture is Circa Lighting and mirror is Rejuvenation.

And the best news is that my Clarks shoes came!

So comfy!!!

I am off to sweat at Orange Theory!


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