Hi there.....yeah I missed Tuesday....oops.... and I am sitting around the Denver airport because of a 2 hour delay so thought I would catch you up! A rare Thursday mid morning post;)

See how flexible I can be.

I left Atlanta on Sunday afternoon to help with another staging project in Boulder.  I have not edited all of my pictures yet so I will give you a little This and That today:)

On Saturday before I left I went to a few site visits to make some last minute decisions....

Check out this amazing outdoor fireplace!

Excited to be working with Ladisic Fine Homes on this project!

The pool bath tile has me all giddy:)  It's from Cement Tile Shop.

And the dining room is getting a little update with this wallpaper from Lee Jofa.....Oh boy!

At another project the whole downstairs is getting painted but this pretty Circa Lighting got installed and I love it!

Got into Boulder Sunday night and awoke to this scene Monday pretty!

Updates to their personal home...

These Lee Industries chairs had arrived!  

And I think I showed you this light fixture but here it is again....

So table yet but soon!

A few quick shots of their latest project.  It's a small house but oh so cute:)

I did some shopping in the garage where they store all of the staging accessories.

So wish I had an area like this.....imagine how organized I could be!  Instead of having everything in my guest room.....

But of course I always have to do a little shopping and I am LOVING everything World Market has to off right now!

My shopping partner.....Mande

We had fun looking for cool stuff....hee hee

I mean did they make this just for me...ha ha

This is the other side of the kitchen....showcasing this great Home Depot tile.

Laundry room right off the kitchen.  The blue paint color is BM Hudson Bay

Thankfully there were some open shelves because that is my fav part!  Love accessorizing them.

We set up the upstairs den as a game room and got clever with the scrabble board!

My last sunset this morning.

And I am so pumped to see this face when I get home....

I will definitely be editing all of my pictures this weekend to show you the before and afters!  Just painting the place was an instant game'll see!

Super Bowl Sunday....who's gonna win?

I'm going out on a limb....cause I know nuthin 'bout it and say the Rams.




I'm not sure if anyone is reading blogs anymore....but they sure as heck are addicted to Instagram....because it's where all the beautiful people live....hahaha

Look....I'm guilty also.  Trying to put my best foot forward lest someone thinks my house is dirty or that I leave the house NOT dressed in my #OOTD [outfit of the day] right?

BUT.....I do like Insta for the pretty pictures and today I will share a couple of people that I follow to gather inspiration....could it be better than Pinterest? Maybe.....

Let's start with Lisa and Wayne Woods.  Found on Instagram here

I saw this image and about choked on my coffee.

This tile!  Well....I love the whole bathroom!

They rehab houses in Phoenix....this little gem is an Air bnb and I want to go out there just to stay here!

In love with this kitchen.....

This bathroom.....yes please

And...they are moving to Ohio so I expect to see some great renovations happening there.... is Emily Vanderputten [on Instagram] who is a One Room Challenge pal!

She has started hand blocking fabrics and that is a weakness of mine:)  I pulled these images from Instagram.

I mean these patterns.....

Are you smitten?

And last is another One Room Challenge pal....
Stephanie Kraus.  I love her aesthetic....girl can do color or neutrals.

So I saw this recent project on Instagram and fell hard!

And this kitchen

All black and white goodness.

Then there is this project that had me dribbling wine down my chin....

Do we love her?  Find her whole portfolio here

This is just three out of over 1600 that I follow and I can tell you I find so much inspiration out there.

What are your thoughts?  Do you find more on Pinterest or Instagram?

In other news we have booked our trip to Morocco for the end of February and I'm scared.  Mama does not like to break her routine and a long plane ride over the pond isn't really my cup of tea so look forward to lot's of complaining in the coming weeks....




Well it was bound to happen.  Some friends called to see if they could spend the night as we were all going to a party down the street from me and they live about 30 minutes away.

Can you guess?  Let me help you out.....I had to not only clean my house but I had to get the stuff that had spilled out of my "collection room" and into my only other guest room OUT!

Yes after doing 2 showhouses I had a surplus of stuff that I just didn't know what to do with.  Bags of pillows.....lamps....and left over fabrics in colors that I will not use.  You know like jewel tones:)

Lord....I worked for 2 days to get it together......taking stuff to the thrift store and a consignment shop.  Then spent Saturday cleaning which really made me mad because my cleaning girls are coming this week.

After it was done and the candles were burning....pillows all fluffed....the snacks set out it was totally worth it.  I asked my girlfriend if she could come once a month....haha.  You know to keep me in "check".

I have had kitchens on the brain lately and then Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles  published their kitchens of the year so I thought I would force what is on my brain onto yours....hee haw.

This gorgeous kitchen was designed by Jessica Bradley and Laurie Lehrich. I still love those amazing Hicks Pendants by Circa Lighting.

As you can see wood cabinets are making a comeback.  These are not those orangy yellow oak that at one time defined "wood cabinets".

And.....when you think that white kitchens are out....feast below!

This gorgeous kitchen was designed by Melanie Davis Bracey.

It just proves that white can still be right!

And more beautiful wood cabinets....designed by Mark Williams.

I love the black tiles floors with the stain rich!

Another gorgeous white kitchen designed by Mallory Mathison Glenn.

Nice to see the Circa Lighting Goodman pendants still strong....I love them.

Mallory used warmer tones with her space [as opposed to the all white more modern space above]
And of course in the butlers pantry I did not miss that she used my beloved Pyne Hollyhock!

4 awesome kitchens....all different but beautiful right?

Your fav?  Please share.


P.S.  I used the word kitchens 7 times:)

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