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Yes I did not plan on taking a break but somehow it just happened.  It is kind of like not going to the gym for a few days and then you realize you haven't been in a week and your jeans are tight!!!

Most responsible bloggers advise their readers that they may be taking a few days off....I was so rude and just took it with no advance warning........like an ill-mannered teenager.  

So here I am with not much to share but a few updates on that renovation.  These were taken on move in day.  I will list all paint colors when I get home.  Can you believe that I did not bring the file with me to the BEACH?????

Here is the front of the home.
The shutters and front door [along with the stair railings inside] are painted SW Iron Ore.  Trim is white and the outside of the house is painted BM Creamy White.  The portico was added.

Here is that wonderful carpet that I showed you. 
It was a little expensive but since she really does not have a foyer....we needed a BAM when the door was opened!
I think it will be good with dirt also.  I twisted her arm and threw her down on the floor until she agreed to get it.  Don't mess with me if I get obsessed with something......:)

One final shot of the Kravet teal grasscloth.  Cute little brass chandelier too!!!

The back of the front door did get painted the same color. 
Circa Lighting Ralph Lauren fixture for over the kitchen dining table.  Yes...I know it needs new bulbs.

This is the den.  The TV will go over the mantel.

Mudroom....I wanted one of these for Christmas......no dice.  But maybe he is doing it while I am at the beach :)

Daughters vanity
Her floors....
Sons/guest bath
The kitchen hardware.  We kept everything pretty classic.

Huge pantry....good Lord...who would not was a pantry the size of Rhode Island????

Here are the bar stools we ordered for the island.  They are from Pottery Barn.

So there we have it.  The day they moved in it POURED all day.  Yup.  I was there telling the movers where to put everything.  It was crazy.  The next day.....gorgeous.  

I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Little late I know.....how about this then.....  Happy New Year!  There I am early!



A project update....

The renovation I have been working on for about 7 months is almost ready.  They are moving in on Thursday.  I have to say that the builder [Michael Ladisic Fine Homes] is incredible.  You can find more examples of his work here [he was the builder of this incredible house!]  and here [ his personal home].  He has an impressive eye for detail no matter what your budget is.  

With this house they took the whole back off and added a new kitchen/den, master bedroom, extra bedroom, laundry, screened in porch, back entrance/mudroom and office.  

Yesterday they were there touching up the paint, hanging wallpaper, and cleaning.  I only got a few shots but I will have more soon.  Just wanted you to get a feel of how it is looking.

Hanging the teal grasscloth.  Husbands office.
The new chandelier.  Walls are Ben Moore Stratton Blue HC 142.

Finished up the wallpaper in the powder room.  Need fabulous mirror.

The kitchen.  It looks like the walls are yellow but they aren't at all.  My photography skills suck.

Love the Circa Lighting Merchant Pendants over the island.

The master bath.  Still missing some hardware here.

There will be more.  They installed the carpet today.  Remember the herringbone runner!  I love it.

I am trying to be grateful  that I have a warm snuggly home but after seeing this one come together I want to torch mine.  Just kidding.....maybe.

Have you y'all seen this Christmas Tree over at An Urban Cottage?????  Holy Miracles of all trees......I am so hating  loving him right now.  I am sure his eyelashes are even talented.  That dude is a quick learner.  Now even his photography skills are amazing.  Hate.  Jealous.  I mean love and admire.  Go look at it then look at yours.  WTF.

Merry 4 days before Christmas......Raining here like like somebody up there is using a bucket instead of drops.



I almost forgot....Scotts!

I think it goes without saying that this time of year is definitely overload for most people.....do you  feel like you are trying to keep marbles from rolling off a table????

You betcha.

I think I forgot how long ago I posted.  So let me just put it out there....I am in total awe of everyday posters....even 6 day a week people.....OK well really if you get more than 3 a week then take a huge curtsy.

Enough complaining from me.

I completely forgot to share my Scott's trip from last week.  First of all.....can I just say that it was a REALLY SLOW month.  Many of the vendors confirmed that to me also.  December.....most people are not spending money on pillows and things for their home.  Except for crazy people like design bloggers :)

Anyway......here are the goods.

I love these....2 of them in a corner of a dining room?  Think a large green fern or something.  Or end tables!

Is everybody loving large lamps now?  I know I am.

Hello pretty brass chest.  Wanna come to my house and play?

Cool chair with plexiglass arms can come also.

I did not want to ask how much these vintage hanging lamps were because I was very afraid.  That I might write a bad check.  

I was thinking that I could put this over my mantel for Christmas but it was a tad too tall....
 Made out of vintage wood.

Some old crusty gardening thing.  I'll take it.  I didn't though.

I have one of these.  Never could really figure out what to do with it.  It is in my basement along with a million few other things.

Amy was back with more of these great stools.....704 578 5722.

Want a killer turquoise sofa?  I do.  Down cushion and all.

Or a green flamestitch sofa.  Love the lines on this one.

How about some Summer Hill fabric.
I feel for her...all dressed up but in need of a slight face lift.  We talked surgeons.

Crazy pretty stockings.....

Well that's all......WHAT???  No pillows????

Of course...just messing with you guys.

Lovely colors.

Awesome black and white Ralph Lauren fabric.

So gorgeous....

Navy animal.  You can make this one work anywhere.

I love these colors and the next one is a closeup of how the welt is done.

I love the small pleat at the corner.

Hand painted.
All from Sudi 404 495 9811.  Even the stockings.

So when I pulled into the south  building  I noticed the car parked in front of me.  The door was open.  I thought it was kind of weird.

Came back 3 hours later and the door was still open

You think they were SO DANG excited about getting there they just forgot to close it?  Look next to it is a Mini Cooper.  That would not work for me.  Can't fit anything in that sucker.

I am afraid my Christmas decor is at a real standstill.  I am not really bothered by it, because we leave after Christmas for Florida.  Less to take down.  I like to make life easy.

Last weekend for shopping before Christmas.  

I have the rest of the bank install on Monday and then my client with the blue island is moving in on Thursday!  That will be a crazy hectic day for sure, cause I have to be there.

Every single one of you who read my blog are special.  I sincerely appreciate that you take time to come by and listen to me mouth off :)

Sha Dazzle

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