You know how when you are on vacation there is every intention of blogging, reading that book and looking through the 10 or so magazines you brought with you.....

All good plans.  Somehow I get rebellious and think "'s all about me this week" and dump those activities.  Of course in reality I am down here looking at what a poophole this place is after a busy rental season.  Sigh......

Blah blah blah.....anyway before I left I was working on a bedroom for a neighbor.  She wanted to lighten up the space and pull it together.  

We started with moving a rug that she had in the DR into the MBR.

It's from Safavieh 

Here are some of the fabrics I gathered....

Most of those have changed but you can see how pretty that wallpaper is.  

The rug is gray but reads just a little lavenderish.  Thankful that it was a 9 x 12 which is the perfect size for a king bed.

Here is the bed she ordered.
I like it because the foot board was short so it didn't take up any visual space.

I picked out the faux bois wallpaper from Schumacher.  It has a vertical feel which helps with the 8 ft ceilings.

 This made her a little nervous.....I wanted to do the whole room but we decided on just the wall the bed was on.

Since she already had one mirrored chest I found this one which was a little smaller but looked great with the existing.
That got ordered also.

That is as far as we have gotten so now it is time to go the distance and pull this baby together.

Since there is only one window in the room I suggested  putting mirrors over the chest.  I found the ones above on Wisteria but I also liked this one I saw at the mart in July.

I love the shape and the engraving.

Here are the lamps I found on Wayfair.

The bench is from Ballard Designs.  It is going into a nook with the TV hung above it.  You know....a place to throw your clothes:)

The fabric is Claire Gray.

OK...the best part is the art from Kerry Steele....which I found looking on Greg Irby Gallery.  

This will make the room by bringing all the colors together.

I just threw some pillows in there [what is a design board without those right?] since we are still up in the air about that aspect of the steps:)

Meanwhile back to the grind of trying to whip this sucker into shape.

Cami on the beach!




Kathysue said...

Very pretty design board, and what a lucky neighbor to have you on board. Enjoy the beach and your Cami, what a fun time, sorry you have to do any work at all Nothing like the waves and the ocean air to make one come down to earth, just breatheeeeee!If you do get a chance to look at a blog, check my post out, today, would love your opinion on which combination of lighting. I have 4 options for our new house!!
xo Kathysue

bluehydrangea said...

I have a sample of that same wallpaper hanging in my entrance hall!! Along with 3 others...trying to decide which belle gets to go to the ball. Can't wait to see the whole reveal!!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Thanks for adding my work to your design board! Nothing like a sea breeze to make you forget everything. Have fun on the beach.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Looks GREAT. Have fun!

Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

Love what you put together :) I am working on lightening up all of my spaces as well. Some how everything got too taupey on me! The lines of the mirrors in the pin board are so elegant. I would not have thought to put mirrors over the mirrored chest and it looks lovely.

michele said...

smashing, baby! love that wallpaper and the plan, mama. peace to you.

Picnic Benches said...

Love what you put together! Wonderful! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

peanut! I need to get with you and find out where that mirror is it! May want two for over my nightstands in you think they are big enough? Hmmm....might need something bigger....maybe the foxed mirrors from aide gray? xoxo

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