I know everyone is familiar with this scenario.....someone asks you to do something and it is in the future and it's so easy to be caviler about it with a big fat "of course"....cause it's so far in that magical place called "the future" you can't imagine that it will be a problem getting it done.

Then that "magical future" is tomorrow and you are wringing your hands thinking "how in the heck will I get this done????"

Welcome to my life....all the time....everyday. we are with a fall fashion post put together by the talented Cindy Hattersley who should be running for office with her persuasive talents....

Anyway....I need to shut up and get on with it cause sitting here complaining will not get the job done!

I am joining some amazing fashion bloggers today who are posting their fashion tips.....since it is for girls over 50 if you are need to run along and find your own group.....hahahahahaha

Just Kidding.

Let's start with this vintage wool Ralph Lauren jacket that I purchased at Scott's antique Market a few months ago.

I have put together a few ways to wear it....

Here she is with an old silk bow tie blouse....a vintage brown belt.....Gap denim and some Marc Fisher cheetah heels.  
Fashion Tip: Don't forget to belt a jacket really gives it a whole new look!

Of course next up is a blue denim shirt from J Crew...a vintage belt that I got at Scott's a while back....the same Gap jeans and cheetah shoes!
Fashion Tip: You will never go wrong with a blue denim shirt!

Changed out the denim to a dark wash and added some old Frye boots that I have had for many years.  I think they were my first pair!
Fashion Tip: A good dark wash denim needs to be in your wardrobe!

Next up is this Target sweater that I got last year....You know how cheap sweaters sometimes don't last but I really hope this one does because I love it and the color is so creamy....and it is NOT itchy!
Fashion Tip: Belt or french tuck the sweater!

So the last look I pulled together with this jacket is a little more dressy!

A pretty tuxedo shirt that I got on major sale from Banana Republic and I layered my pearls on....
Fashion Tip: Pearls always work! second hand wool jacket can give you many looks..... 

I googled this jacket and found one on this site!

It says it is a medium but mine is actually a size 10 so not sure what that means....but you can look on Ebay, Poshmark and other sites like Etsy for vintage RL jackets!  They are so well made it is worth it....

Check these fashionable girls out for more styles!
Here are their Instagram links....

And The blog post!


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