I am up pretty early this morning [let's just say the birds are still asleep!] as I am heading out of town, but I wanted to show you some before and afters on how I  repurposed some furniture and rugs in my clients house.

I have mentioned before this renovation took a year...... a total gut job where the lower level which was previously unfinished.... became a gym, a sitting area, another family room, a guest room [with full bath] an office and 1/2 bath!

I right!  

We decided early on to reuse her previous family room furniture in the lower level along with a few of her traditional rugs.  I went over to her rental and took pictures of all her existing furniture so we could decide which room we would be using it in.  

Move in was last Wednesday and I have been there practically every day helping to get her unpacked and working on bookcases [which will definitely need some tweaking!].

So maybe I will shut up and show you huh?

Lower level sitting room...

After staining...

The rug we decided to use in this area.....
It has a black background and was in the old family room....
These wing chairs were used in her old living room

And this was also used in the old family room.


The old ottoman had tufting and I took that out!

The wing chairs were recovered with a black/gray nubby fabric.

This rug was used in her old living room.

Old sofa


Old kitchen table

The sofa was recovered in a Ralph Lauren performance fabric [black and white ticking]

I used the kitchen table behind it as a console

Here are the chairs recovered in another performance fabric....
Don't start hating.....I am working on this gallery wall and still have a few pieces at the framers.

We used a few dining room chairs as extra seating.

The TV wall

These people read a lot......I'm not kidding.  I had enough books to fill 3 huge bookcases with leftovers.

Still working on the accessories...just wanted to get stuff up since she was having company this weekend.

We decided to use all of the color down here and the upstairs will be mostly neutrals.  Can't wait to get it all tweaked and photo ready:)

OK.....gotta finish packing but I will hopefully have more on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Foot update:  Not worse.....which is a good thing right?  Honestly when I have the Fitflops on there is no pain at all so cute shoes are still "no bueno"





 I know y'all are holding your breath for updates on my foot right?  Well....since I have been wearing my Fitflops there seems to be about a 5% improvement!  Of course I am not sure if it is everything thing else I am doing in conjunction with....ha ha.

I am nothing if not diligent.

2 weeks ago I spent some time at Americas Mart here in Atlanta which was showing all of the new home merchandise.'s like heaven on one hand and then.....hell.  I want it all.

Starting with this wallpaper I saw at Gabby

It is a Thibaut pattern that I blogged about a while ago.

And these floors at Gabby.....

I mean.....say no more right?

I fell hard for this new chandelier.

I headed over to Codarus and saw this new art collection from Dana Gibson for Soicher Marin

 Hubba Hubba.... black and white.

I was looking for some rugs...and headed to Surya

Then to Dash and Albert....

I got this little indoor/outdoor number for my kitchen.

But I liked this one also.....

And this blue plaid one for my client's kitchen

This was my second choice.

Maybe I got this one for me.....just saying.

I love their performance rugs.....great for kids and pets.  I used this one several years ago in a kitchen keeping area.

Then I saw these new hand painted fabrics from Design Legacy....Kelly ONeal.

Dayum.....they are good.

Last week I started moving my client into her home after a year long renovation!  This is the exciting part right?

The curtains were installed and I started accessorizing THREE rooms of bookcases....note to self...."what was I thinking when I said let's do bookcases"!

These were my first go around and I have a lot of work to do:)

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

You guys have a great week.....




Alrighty then....there is a plethora of information out there from you y'all.....
UPDATE:  Ordered the FitFlops, doing the stair it a little more time before I get the SHOT!!! 

God..... I love you guys:)

Since we were talking about bath vanities I thought I would share the details of a custom one I recently did for a powder room.  I truly love how this one turned out!

Here is where we started....this gorgeous wallpaper by GP and Baker.

Mixed in with this light fixture from Circa Lighting

The vanity was made and installed...and we selected this paint color for the base.

 After it was installed we freaked a little.....there was some discussion about whether we even liked it!  This was a good lesson for me about not judging until something is finished:)

What to tell the faux finisher?  I was at a loss to get the vision from my head to some kind of explanation.

Then I found this image!

Oh mommie....this is it!  Whew:)

You can see the difference above!

The marble countertop was installed along with the Kohler faucet and sink.

With the detail on the backsplash.

Now for the good part.....  This mirror!

And the details....
See the star light fixture and the mirror?  And in the MQ Collection hardware below....

I am not sure if I planned all that or not...hee haw.
But....I am taking credit for it!

And the curve of the mirror and backsplash....

All it needs now is some pretty accessories right!

Now you have choices....order online or custom.  

If you want to know what I'll be doing this weekend.....

Accessorizing bookcases.  The sofa goes in the middle!

Good times:)


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