Good morning y'all!  Spring is here and all of the home decor catalogs are arriving faster than gray hairs on my head.

The cover of Pier One caught my eye with all of it's blue and white plus it was thin and I could flip through it in a matter of minutes.  My attention span being that of a gnat  lately.

So of course I sat down and went to the website cause that's what we do right?  I mean I don't have time to do my taxes but I have all of the time in the world to troll the internet.....

Here is what I found.

Pillows....yes I go there first.

Lot's of goodness....and remember many have zippers so it's easy to change out the forms to down.  Which by the way 20" down forms can be found at Ikea for about $8.00 and also Hancock's carries down forms for pennies.

Next up are barstools.

I am on the hunt for new ones.  Just one problem...I can not for the life of me decide what style I want.....sigh.  I love the yellow ones....

 Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens

They have some great selections for dining chairs!  Here were my favorites.

The blue strip one was used by Janet Korff [her blog is The Gardener's Cottage] for her office.....
See her home in Country Living this month!

If you have a small narrow space the console below would work nicely.  

These are all great pieces that would work in any space....

Headboards...the lattice one is on sale and could be painted a bright color!  Putting some antique mirror behind it might look good also.  The other one has a gold/silver finish. 
Get your blue rug on too!

Get to shopping people:)  I know you really don't need any encouragement.....

I guess that's all I have to say today:)

Hope you guys are having a great week.




Before I left on vacation I spent about 48 hours getting the guest house of my project ready for Matthew Quinns book signing!

The plan.....don't spend any money.  Ha Ha.....that seems to be everyones request right!

All kidding aside though there was already some furniture so it was basically a styling challenge.  I did have to raid my stash to polish it off :)

If you follow me on Instagram then you might remember I used drop clothes from Lowes for the window treatments right before Thanksgiving.  I washed them to soften up.

The floors were painted SW Peppercorn.  The Circa Hicks pendants were hung.....

I found this rug in his garage which had been used in their old house.  Love it against the dark floors!

This was purchased at a Mitchell Gold warehouse sale along with 2 white sofas.

I rummaged through the kitchen and came up some blue and white dishes and other things.

The Rejuvenation hardware was installed....love these long pulls.

They mimic the brass schluter strips applied in-between the subway tiles.

Before....The vintage island was moved in front of the sink and I suggested that it be painted black.

Ikea shelves were hung.

Totally accessorized with what I found in boxes down in the basement....

There is more but I'll share next week!  

I am having the hardest time making some decisions about my house....changing up a few things and it's like I'm paralyzed.  I keep thinking what if I see something I like better.....which keeps me stuck in that spot where "nuthin" gets done.

I am sure you have all felt that way....overwhelmed by what you see on Pinterest and blogs..... changing your mind every 5 minutes.   

It is a very dark place to be :)

I need to rise like a Phoenix.

Happy Easter my friends.




10 Days of vacation is a long time.  Maybe not if you are in Napa but try it in a "third world" country.  Whew.....

Here is the deal....when somebody asks me about going somewhere and it is a year away....I'm all like "yea....that sounds fun"!  Then I start getting all the emails about plans.....itinerary....blah blah and the anxiety sets in.

Seriously people I had a full on panic attack the day before we left.  I get like that when I don't know what kind of situation I'm getting into.

The other 2 couples we traveled with are very adventurous....hiker....camping type people.  The complete opposite of me.  

I am a spa girl.

Antiqua is about an hour drive from Guatemala.  It is the wedding capital of the world or something like that....I mean it's beautiful....cobblestone streets [forget cute shoes] old....ruins....colorful....

The food is awesome....no humidity because of the altitude but.....you can not put toilet paper in the toilet.    Yuk.

My friend Cindy who is a flight attendant planned the whole trip....she is amazing.

She had a file that looked like War and Peace. A great place to stay....all the best restaurants and highlights of the area....drivers to and from.

But she left off one important detail.....

A spa day.  Just saying....if we are going on a 6 1/2 mile hike to the top of a volcano then you have to throw in a day of relaxation right?  Cindy???

Here was our condo about 4 blocks from the city center.  4 bedrooms and 4 baths.

Fountains at every corner....


Plenty of color.....

Some of this.....

Best breakfast!

We took a 3 hour ride and a 15 minute boat trip to this incredible hotel built in the side of a mountain....

I read in the room that if you don't like spiders or scorpions [not poisonous] pull your bed away from the wall.  Crikey WHAT?  I pulled that sucker into the middle of the room....

While my friends went zip lining....[ NFW] I entertained myself with birds and butterflies.

We were there during a huge religious ceremony...and everyone was busy doing these "sawdust and flower" street scenes....

 I entertained myself by taking pictures....

My nephew who lived with me for 3 years is opening a brewery down there....so we got a tour.

And don't even ask me about riding in this truck.

No words.....

And that's it for vacation 2016.

Look who was so happy to see her mamma!!!

Sheiky freaky

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