I think I have done one fashion post ever.....and I don't want to look back at it because I am sure that this post will just be an updated version :)

Like my decor I have narrowed my personal style down to basics that all pretty much go together.  I know....sounds a bit boring but it makes things easier when I am looking for something to wear.  

For the most part I would go into my closet and pull out the same styles and colors all the time..... it was like a lightbulb went off......ding!

I prefer black or denim in the winter and then to spice it up I will add white jeans to the mix in the summer!  Whoa.....risk taker.

White and black t-shirts....sweaters....etc.

Mostly black shoes in different styles.

You might not want to read any further as this could get boring:)

So here are a few things I have bought this fall....

I was happy to get them on sale as Frye is rarely discounted!  I always get a half size smaller because they run big.  Pulled them out of the box and wore them all day.....no blisters....very comfy!

I caved and went shopping late Black Friday around 3:00. Lucky me I live within walking distance to Lenox Mall so I did not have to stress about parking!

I pulled into my sisters driveway and texted her to get dressed.  We were only there about 90 min and it was quick and sweet!

In Bloomingdales the more you spent in the shoe department the bigger discount!  I got all of these for 315.00.

 Michael Kors Skye Boot

Gentle Souls Haddie
These shoes are incredible!  Like walking on air.  A division of Kenneth Cole....and so well made....I was thinking January when I am at the Market walking all day!
Nice loafer....very comfy

Strolled down to BR because it was 50% off.  I have not been excited about BR this fall but who doesn't need a camel coat right?  Light weight for Atlanta.

I have these black jeans and wear them almost everyday.  They did not have my size in the store so I went home and ordered them online.....got the denim ones also.  Seriously....... 50% off.

While I was online I threw these sunglasses into my cart....BR usually excludes sunglasses from their 40% off sales!

I lose sunglasses like socks.....so I have banned myself from buying expensive ones.

My last purchase at BR was this lightweight wool plaid jacket....

I will pair it with a pretty feminine blouse....maybe some pearls and black jeans.  I could wear boots or heels.

We blew into Ann Taylor [also 50% off].

These pants....so comfy with the wide waistband.

And I love this shaw color cape 

So I got it.

Can you believe how fast I am?

OK.....last thing....from Bloomingdales

Elle Tahari silk blouse in case I need to be presentable :)

But then I got online this morning and saw that J Crew was 40% which I am not sure they ever to and got these shirts!

Check one

Now....I am officially done.

That ought to last me until spring right?

Ha Ha who am I kidding:)

I will leave you with this gorgeous picture taken by Anthony-Masterson from  Atlanta Magazine Home of my living room.

Hope you guys eased back into this week after the holiday!  It's tough huh?

27 days until Christmas......just saying.





I sure did enjoy my one day off:)  Although I did spend most of the day [when I wasn't stuffing my face] on the internet searching for light fixtures for the Madison project.

We've made some decisions on how to update this place to make it special starting with the outside....

After much thought.....

This became my inspiration!  Go dark!!

Sherwin Williams Black Alder stain.  Now to sell it to my neighbor:)

But hey she was totally up for it.  I'm starting to like her better :)

I picked this color for the window trim and front door....Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray

Get rid of these suckers.....

Replacing the dining room chandelier....

With this one from Rejuvenation

Switching out the great room sconces with the ones below from Bellacor

And the bedroom sconce [above] with the this one from Bellacor

There are 2 sconces on the FP mantel....so I picked these from Bellacor

And 2 sconces for the mudroom.....and I picked these from Bellacor

Updating the lighting is going to be a game changer for this place....yes there is yellow pine everywhere.....but we are also bringing in some dark accents to help break it up using SW Iron Ore

Painting out some doors and windows starting with this kitchen island....

In the guest room upstairs we decided to use a rug and dresser she already had, whitewash the pine walls white [enough is enough with the yellow pine people] and add this Ikea bedding.

Replace this rug in the great room which only amplifies all the brown and yellow....

With this rug she already has....

On the porch we need furniture but there was this cute vintage iron bed that we will repurpose with white paint [remember the walls will be stained dark] and some cute bedding for great napping right!

Here is the wall where it will go....

Scary huh..... stuff explosion :)

And we found this great painting at Lakewood Flea market last week to hang over the bed!

Swell huh?

Can you tell I am pretty stoked about this project? Nobody loves a good before and after like me right?

So stay tuned as we bring this place from dull and boring to a modern cabin!

One more thing....we all know that blogging has brought so many people together.  I tell everyone that it's been life changing for me and the relationships I have made here in Atlanta and all over can't be measured!  Beautiful Michele from Hello Lovely Studio wrote this blog post that touched my heart and made me cry.  I am constantly amazed at the kindness of people in a world where it seems like all we hear is bad news.

I think I will just stay in my blogging bubble:)

Happy Black Friday!  I am about to get my online shopping on.




I am sure we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving....lucky me my sister owns a restaurant so cooking is something I can cross off my list!  But....I am still working and had to ask my clients nicely if I could have Thursday off:)

Here is some exciting news though.....

A picture of my kitchen from Atlanta Magazine Home!  Out now this very minute...whoop

My friend Lisa Mowry wrote the article and she made me sound pretty cool and hip:)  The photography is by Anthony-Masterson.

First project is a total renovation from Ladisic Fine Homes.

Foyer floors...yes please!

Ceiling trim!  So pretty!

The kitchen is almost in....

This Circa Lighting fixture is on the butlers pantry.....


Club room

Clubroom plan.....


It's coming along at a swift speed scheduled to move in right before Christmas.

The next project is a second home down in Madison, Georgia for my neighbor who has the beautiful backyard.  I wrote about it here....

You can also read about it here

Anyway we strolled down to look at it the other day....because she said it needed a little bit of work.

Huh.....a little?

Hmmmmm......kidding right?

A brown sea of furniture and deer.  I have been working on a plan which includes changing out 10
sconces  that look like this...

Sprinkled all over the house.  Did I mention there are 10?

This one will take a little thought don't cha think?

Anyway....I gotta scoot for a curtain install this morning so I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever!



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