It's giveaway time..... made it to Friday!  I don't know about you but this week went fast.

 Thank you faithful readers for taking the time to let me know the name of my weed.....I know it's not a weed but all the sudden this year it sprung up everywhere.  So I am now the happy owner of Ageratum.  And they say with a little care....WHAT....It just showed up in my yard with out ANY care :)....which I guess is enough, it will come back.

So now you are saying...OK...OK...enough about weeds...what are you giving away.

"Alrighty" then.

Here it is.

Like I said...I am into green right now.  This is a Waverly print.  I happen to love it.  There is 3 yards, plus a yard of brown burlap and I think at least if not more 2 yards of cream cotton duck.

3 vintage bird prints.

A pretty white vase.
A vintage gin bottle....Love the color.
A black and cream box.
A closeup of the fabric.
It could be the start of a guest room...and you can get more of the fabric.  I saw it at Hancocks.
So if you want it then it could be yours!  Yes that is right...all yours.
Become a follower of Design Indulgence.  I will try to entertain you, I swear.

But...wait we have more to see this Friday afternoon.  I was scouting around my neighborhood this week and came across a small home furnishing shop called greyhouse [3208 paces ferry place  atlanta  ga.  30305].  Cindy Dunaway is a local designer and the owner.  It is located in a cute little house, so I took some shots for you guys.

Love those Arterior [I think] lamps.

Antique mirrored coffee table and wonderful rug.  I'll take both.

How much do you love these oversize lamps????

I am loving this jolt of yellow.  Last week it was green...I am so wishy washy.

And I literally wanted to hug this pillow.  She would have thought I was weird.  Can you hear the dinner conversation.
This yellow is killing me.
Simple...but not.  Gold pinecones in a wooden bowl. had me at texture.

Simple banding on neutral curtains.  Classy.  Timeless.

She had some beautiful artwork also.  If you are in the area, go by and take a look.

Well...I sat here to do this post and it started raining.  So now I can't walk my dogs [which is something I do every evening around this time].  Which means they will stare at me all night and every time I get up and go in my bedroom they will come flying in with their ears up thinking it is time.  For some reason they do not understand that it is raining.  I feel guilty.

Have the BEST weekend!


What is this?????

First of come every time I make soup and put it in the microwave I forget that it explodes.  How many times must I clean it out before I remember to put a paper towel over it??????


OK...on to the reason of this post.   Who knows what this flower/weed is???
It is growing all over the back yard.

It is purdy.....and last a long time in a vase.

A week old.....

One more thing....
Here is a dining room I am working on.  Betwixt on seats.  2 orange host and hostess chairs.  Walls are already a pale yellow with yellow silk curtains.  Seagrass.
I ordered those blue pots from Wisteria.  One came broken.  No worries, they are shipping another.

Can I keep?????

Happy Wednesday.

Remember my lately obsession about green?
Stay tuned for a green giveaway on Friday.


Starting another design plan...

Or...the second brown sectional!!!

First of all I want to say I am over at Capella's blog A Curated Lifestyle  today with 10 things I are going to want to know them..... need to check out her blog.  She is a very talented young designer here in Atlanta, who did an amazing room at the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House last year.  Plus, she does a best of Atlanta craigslist for all of you bargain hunters out there.

Now onto the project.
Brown sectional.

Here are some of the plans I put together...
This is the first one I started with.  I am all over that Imperial Trellis in green lately.  I know I might be a little late to this party....but I don't care.  

Then, I came up with this one because she told me that she really was not a green person.  She wanted more red.

I was pretty excited about it.  Love the Victoria Hagan lead fabric.
Then she said what part of "I'm not a green person" did you not understand?????  OK....OK....I get it!  She really did not say it like that :)

Brainstorm.....OK, I got and blue!

Here was the first one.....

But we tweaked it....darkened the blue quilted fabric and took out the navy.
Ding Ding Ding....we have a winner!  Whew.  
Luckily we got to keep the Kathryn Ireland lead fabric.  She loves it, I love it, life is good.

The light grasscloth wallpaper and some nice light scrim on the windows to ease the visual clutter.  Can't wait to get started.

A couple of questions answered from the last post.
Everything on this white tray is from Schumacher .  

61 days until Christmas.  AYFKM?????  I am bypassing fall decor.  Straight to Christmas.  Ha Ha Ha....who am I kidding....I did my Christmas decor last year on Dec 22.

Last issue we have here is that I would love to answer all of your questions...really I would, but I need an email.  Don't make me feel guilty about this.  Just give me what I want.  Make sure that when you leave a comment I can reply to it.

That's all.  It is Monday.  All day.  


Hello Friday!

Can you believe it...another week and now it is the weekend.  Booyah!!!

So let's get right down to business....just got another project, and another brown sectional.  My second one this year [sectional, not project!]

I did one this summer [leather] and I pretty much raided Pottery Barn for pillows.  We had to recover chairs and the ottoman, along with a new rug, so that did not leave much for custom pillows.

Here is the before, we kind of went with a little "Americana", white, and blue to wake up all the brown!

The majority of the budget went to recover the 2 chairs and ottoman.  I think it was worth it though.  She has 4 kids so it HAS to be durable!
They turned out pretty good.
Ottoman before:

And after

Another view

Changed out the end table by the sofa, added a new bigger lamp....and one of the biggest changes was the seagrass rug.
Lot's of pillows on the sofa to soften it up a bit. 

Here is the kitchen dining area....before 
A sea of brown.....

Changed out the light fixture.

New cushion out of sunbrella fabric, new rug and more PB pillows....Thank God it was the end of the season and all the pillows were on sale!

So...not much money...a little accessorizing....NO new furniture [except for the small end table] and a much more cohesive look.  

Now I am putting together some looks for the next is not leather but a micro ultra suede.  

I'll show you the different plans next week.  I'm getting pretty good with brown :)

I was ADAC [design center] the other day and Schumacher has an awesome new wallpaper book out.  I snapped a few of my favs....
Can I tell you how glad I am that blue is back in a big way?????

I could so do a room with this...


Loving these patterns so much.

Can I get a high five that wallpaper is BACK?????

I am looking at this for another project I am working on.

This would be a pretty bedroom or LR huh????  I love that fabric so much it makes me sick.  For real.

OK my little brussel must rock this weekend for all it is worth....let the air out of it....toss it up.....kick it around!

Crack open the wine.....



Scott's part 2 and why I love Atlanta!

This might be a busy post!  I have the rest of my Scott's pictures [what would I post about if I didn't have Scott's???] and some events happening in Atlanta this week.  

First I want you to know it was an "all about me week".....I was really feeling old and I went and pretended I was a "Real Housewife" some botox and a little filler [they were having a promotion] so I can lie about my age....yeah like I can get away with that.  Then I got an email from my hair salon that today was "reccessionista" day...all services were 20% off....I'm on the phone for cut and color!  Whoop...Whoop.  I am feeling quite glamorous.

OK..TMI....I know...back to pictures.

Sometimes, I like to show y'all little cute.  Kind of looks like little cotton balls....

Yeah...we could do this....
What is it about rust and industrial....

I took this and that women came running over to me saying "NO PICTURES PLEASE".....come on, I could have snuck it with my iphone.  She thinks maybe this is the cure for cancer?????

I love an old sign...I love an old blue sign.  Check out the blue chair also.

This was a beautiful mid century piece, check out the brass legs.

Acrylic and gold.....whoa.

Whoops...snuck a pillow in there :)

Another sneak..... more.  I can't help had me at "blue".

I love the large mat......and what is it about birds.  

Another large mat.  It gives the picture so much more presence.

Love how he painted the outside white.  Seeing a lot of this lately are you????

Need some grain sacks???  They used to be $15, I have not bought them in a while...probably $25 or $30 now.
If you have a teenager...this would be good for interrogation.

Queen Anne and chevron....hello.

Uh huh.

More uh huh....I love this...but I am afraid if my dog chewed up the corner...well it could get ugly living the rest of his life in a cage.
Blue and White.....classic.

Shells in concrete.  I'm all over it.

Moss in wood....all over that also.

Moss and things that grow on trees......purdy.

Shabbiness.....or frenchness.....still like it.

That is all I got.  For Scott's anyway.

Now a little promotion for some local folks.

A friend of mine just opened a shop that sells casseroles. is what's for dinner!  
Called Half Baked.  I don't know about you, I can muster up the salad, but the entree is where I fall apart.
I helped her with the design, so here are some pictures.

Of course a chalkboard. Check.
Of course a barn door....check.

AND...of course white floors with painted stripes. CHECK!

I will probably be a regular customer!

Next are two events this week for other local businesses.

Peridot is a local gift shop that has been on the corner of West paces Ferry Rd and Maple Ave forever!  They are having their 23rd birthday....this Friday 6-8 pm.  Everything is 23% off.  Yep, you read that right.  You have to have some pretty good loot to stay in business for that long right???
There will be a band: The Dappled Grays
Firefly Vodka; [does that mean it lights up?
A photo that I look younger...we'll see.
The amazing Ginny Branch is styling the party....from the blog "My Favorite Color is Shiny"
Good Food Truck serving dinner.

Is that enough????

One last thing....I am like the town cryer!
Stop by Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings Thursday this week [Oct 20th] for their annual Pink Party.  You KNOW it is for a good cause.  Door prizes and 20% off everything in the store!  Come on....the hit's just keep on coming.  So many deals this week.

You guys are the absolute best.  I love reading your comments.  I love going to your blogs......and getting so much inspiration.

Keep up the good work.

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