So where have I been...not really anywhere since my trip to Nantucket in May but I have been busy working!

I do have to say that August is not a fun time for me because some crappy things happened in that month.  In 2019 my husband of 27 years walked out on me and 2 years later my youngest sister passed away after a 5 month battle with lung cancer.

I know....both kind of sucky things to go through....

I have realized that design work has saved my life.  It keeps me busy so that when I want to crawl into bed and not get up....I really can't.

The thing about life is that it goes on and tomorrow is a new day...and the next day and so on!

So back to August and what has been happening!

I have been helping a client near Hilton Head so that gave my sister [the bunny] and I a chance for a girls trip!  I have to tear her away from her grand daughter...

My brother lives there so we stayed with him and I love walking around his community!

I went to an amazing stone place called Savannah Surfaces!  They had samples of every tile that you have ever heard of....wish we had a place like that in Atlanta!

I started a basement for some good friends of mine and we found a great color!  SW Slate Tile

And....we did a cool plaid sofa!  Think....70's style!

But....for the first time in my career I ordered some chairs with the wrong fabric on them!

I wish someone had a camera on my face when they arrived.  Not a good moment. Cue: shock...and nervous laughter.

They are now getting recovered. 

We worked on my nieces house and got her laundry room and the powder room wallpapered....

She loved the gray check I did on my last project so we used it for her!  Its Anna French.

My nieces fun backsplash in her kitchen....

Cami turned 10 and I am not happy about it.  I mean I am glad she is here to turn 10 but every day I think it's her last.  My sense of dread is over-exaggerated these days.....

Started my long times clients living room...and I think it will be a stunner....

OK....we have kind of caught up.  It has been a very busy summer and I have a few other things to share but we will leave that one for September:)

It is not quite "sweater weather" here yet but hopefully soon....

Y'all be good.....



I know...I have gotten so lazy about blogging....I think of all these things I want to talk about and then I get distracted and well...I am sure we all know how that goes down!

Anyway I posted a reel on Instagram and someone said the pictures move too quickly so I thought I would put some of them on a post!  I can be nice like that:)

This was a fun project as I was working with Ladisic Fine Homes so things get done in a timely manner.

It was a renovation and there were some things that could not change.  The kitchen had a stainless backsplash and countertop so we worked with it.  The kitchen designer was Studio Entourage and they always bring the good ideas.

Here are a few before pictures where you can see the stainless steel elements that could not be changed.

These are all from the kitchen side and the other side was a laundry room that also needed an upgrade.  

The first idea was to add a door so that you did not have to go outside the kitchen to get to the other space.  

Here it is after they cut and framed the door way.

As you can see the cabinets were just kind of a yellow color.  New doors were made and the boxes were painted!

I chose Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray and it actually went well with all of the stainless!  All of the trim was painted the same also.

I selected a neutral gray and white check wallpaper to go in both rooms and the cabinets in the laundry room were oak.

Anna French wallpaper and Raoul fabric.

Beautiful brass hardware from Matthew Quinn Collection!

I can not quit with the cafe curtains!

Below you can see that we mixed in some of the oak cabinets on the kitchen side....

There was a powder room in the laundry side so they changed the door so that you could enter from the hallway....

The before is above and what a makeover this was:)

I also wanted you to see these LVT floors that I picked...they look SO real!

And there you have it!  I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday....I took a long walk early this morning to beat the heat and now Cami and I are hanging out in the air conditioner.




I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures of the showhouse!

I just got back for my annual week in Nantucket visiting my neighbors....I am a lucky girl:)

But I do have some bad neighbors are moving.  Yup the ones who feed me 3 times a week.  It is not that far away but enough that I can't stumble home after a fun night of cooking and drinking.  Pretty bummed....they have lived next door for 25 years!

Change is so hard the older you get and this one will be really hard.

Back to my trip to Nantucket.....The weather was nice but on Sat it got really chilly and the winds were blowing 30 miles an hour....which made 50 degrees feel like 40!  Burr.....was not prepared!

So after being picked up at the airport....they wanted to go for a walk with the dogs on a "tick infested trail".

Now if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know about my tick bite...getting sick and now my PTSD when I even hear the word "tick"

I sprayed myself silly with Off....covered myself up the best I could and reminded them of the last time they pressured me into going for a hike down in Madison Georgia where I got the bite.

After we came back I was removing my gear and found a tick crawling on the carpet so fast it was like he had 20 legs.  Major freakout occurred and I went screaming into the kitchen!  I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and went at the carpet and got it!  After that... every little tickle freaked me out.

I had so many good meals while there....this one was a standout!

Watched this movie one night....I am a sucker for documentaries and this one did not disappoint!

Her peonies were blooming so I foraged her yard and came up with little arrangement.

Had a wonderful meal at Ships Inn.  They made me a basil martini...which is my new favorite!

Her husband has taken up a new sport....and it does not look easy but I imagine it is pretty damn good for your core!

This little girl definitely rules the house....I mean there a countless areas set up around the house for her pleasure.

This house was being built last year and is now finished....I love the 2 benches on the front porch....
as you can see clearly in the below picture.

It is almost mandatory to post a picture of this home.  I believe it was formerly Tommy Hilfiger's home...maybe it still is...not really sure but it is pretty amazing.  All of the houses have to be cedar shakes [unless grandfathered in with clapboard]
And...there are only approved colors for shutters and front doors!

This new fountain is not finished yet...[the base gets buried ] but it will be a nice addition to an already beautiful landscape!

And you might wonder about why I am posting this picture.  Normally when I go the last leg of my trip from Boston to Nantucket it is on Cape Air which is one of those very small planes...with a prop....and one pilot....and only 8 seats.


So on my way back to small plane but this big beautiful jet and I felt blessed.

Now home to work and finish up some projects!  Such a bummer that my blog post are not sent out any more....I feel like Blogger should figure something out for us holdouts still on their platform!

Hope you guys are having a nice Sunday....




Y'all....I have some really pretty pictures to show you today of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse 

Nobody loves a showhouse more than me....where the designers get a chance to step outside of the box and use creative ways to design a room!

Now we all know that as a designer we are sometimes bound to client desires....and let's face it people that is our job!  But it is pretty fun to be able to build a perfect room that has maybe been in your mind for a while.....

This home was built by Benecki Homes in a nice neighborhood in Atlanta.  I loved the floor plan with the primary suite on the main which is always my favorite!  8500 square feet.  The architect was William T Baker.  There were 15 amazing designers who worked so hard to bring this showhouse to life.

It had a modern sophisticated kitchen and lovely back yard.

Are you ready for the pictures?   I will post a link at the end of all the pictures where you can see who designed what?  Unless I remember:)

The front entrance....

The dining room by Whitney Rey....loved the gallery wall!

The living room/sitting room by Kelly Wolf Anthony
Very serene!

They call this the salon but I suppose it's really the family room right?  Michael Habachy  Very organic and I was there for it!

Kitchen dining area...

The butlers pantry/bar area  Natalia Makarova, Karpaty


Back powder room and hallway by Katie Kirby
Loved the wallpaper in the back hallway....

Primary Bedroom by Melanie Turner

Primary bath by Source

Bedroom by Sande Beck

Bedroom by Sara Hillery

Bedroom by Andre personal favorite:) So much texture....

Bedroom by Woody Yeomans, Mrs Howard

The laundry room by Evan and white pictures of his Frenchie!

Cute art gallery also by Evan Millard

Lower level lounge by Jessica Kain Barton

Theatre room by Marie Cloud

Lizz McKay game room.  Loved the pink felt on the pool table!

Wine Bar room by Source

Downstairs patio by Kit Castaldo

Whew!  So if you are local this weekend coming up is the last for viewing..... go see it.  Let me know your favorite room!

Read about all of the talented designers here

Find resources here

I am up in Nantucket and will keep you up to date on my shenanigans on Instagram!



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