Well lets see if I can keep this up....2 post in November and now it's early December so there is still a chance of getting a few more post together:)

So the finger.....I can tell you that the other 4 fingers are mad at having to do all of the work.  It is still very swollen but they said to go see a specialist to get the stitches taken out and if they won't do it...then come back to the ER.

OK...first of all I am not going back to the ER and taking a chance of another 3-4 hour wait.  Nope.  And when she said go see a specialist but if they won't take them out...I am like HUH????

So basically it's like I sold you a couch but you have to figure out how to get it to your house.  Bad business model I think.

Anyway long story short I watched a YOU TUBE video and I feel like I am certified now.  

Last night I roped my friend into helping me...which was shocking since her sister and best friend are both doctors so I feel like she should know better.

Apparently she doesn't and after 15 minutes they were all out.  Except for one that I found this morning which I plucked out myself.

OK...lets move on to the Atlanta Holiday Home Showhouse.

Usually I get to preview it but I had an appointment that I could not change so that didn't happen....

I wrangled Rose into going with me on Sunday [ it was a million people] but it is only open until the 10th so time was running out.

Let me give you the quick scoop.....Architect was Castro Design Studio [who I have worked with before and he is amazing!]

The builder was Pradera Group and my friend Kit Castaldo was responsible for tile selections, kitchen design etc. 

 Above was a space my friend Erika Ward Interiors did using art from Wendell Dobson [another friend!]

More from Erika!  
Photo by Lauren Chambers Interiors

Kit did this space off the kitchen area....

The talented Barbara Westbrook was responsible for the family room which I loved!

How about this trim....

It was hard to get a picture of the kitchen cause there always seemed to be somebody in the way!

This was the bar area.....

Gracie Studio wallpaper in the dining room designed by Brittany Carson Johnson

The gurst room by Jessica Bradley.  Love this fixture by Madegoods!

Upstairs sitting area by Christy Dillard Kratzer

This bedroom By Michele Gratch

Loved the styling on these hallway bookshelves....Whitney Durham

Moving on to the Primary bedroom....

By Chris Holt

Primary bathroom

Primary his and her closets by Bailey Ward

Basement lounge by Potts Mason Interiors.
Love this huge light fixture!

Laundry Room by Bellwether Designs
Photo by Lauren Chambers Interiors

Upstairs office by Justin Williams
Photo by Lauren Chambers Interiors

And there you have it!  Stitches and a Showhouse in one post....where will I go




OK...look at me blogging again so soon.  There is a reason for that and we will get to it at the end of this post:)

But back to came and went so fast... do you agree?  
Now we speed through 29 days and Christmas will be over also....If I was 6 years old it would drag but being a spry 71 years old everything happens very fast for me!

We all celebrated at my niece's new house and it was a jolly time!  Of course I did not get any pictures but I do have pictures of my neighbors table which she gave me creative liberty to do what I wanted.

I decided to use the colors in her DR instead of  autumn colors:)

I went to Target and found the cutest set of "bottle washers" in her colors!

Then I just used eucalyptus and random flowers in her colors. I got the ribbon at World Market but I can't find it online right now.....

Anyway she loved it and I had fun:)

My outfit for Thanksgiving kind of matched it!

So now turn away if you are squeamish...I know I am....

Sunday night I was headed over to my neighbors house with some soup I made and were were going to eat, drink and be merry.....

I do not know how this happened but the next thing I know my fingers were slammed in the door and I was down on the front porch!

Cast of characters were: Cami....a leash....a key to lock the door..... a tupperware filled with soup and some parsley.  

I did manage to put the soup on the porch railing for my neighbor, wrapped my hand in a towel [bleeding like crazy]  and then I headed to an Urgent care which after 2 hours they said I need to go to the ER.


So I headed to Piedmont Hospital and just knew I would be there forever. 

And I was.

After XRAY's it was not broken but I needed stitches.

6.... to be exact.

I will tell you that the shot of lidocaine into the injury just about did me in.  But she said I was brave that most people would be crying...and I thought to myself....yeah...mostly kids. 

Then a tetanus shot and I was on my way after 4 hours.....this is where you need to turn away....

It happened at 5:30 and I was home at 11:30.  I will tell you that it was a lesson in patience all of that waiting around....I kept saying I was gonna leave but then my neighbor reminded me that I would just have to go back in the morning.

And there you have it.....just another exciting holiday!


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