As much as I enjoyed expressing envious feelings about my neighbors back yard......I have something to confess.

I am sure you figured out that we really are friends :)


 Seriously....you did get it huh?  I just couldn't keep it going any longer, especially thinking that someone was going to blast me about how shallow I am for saying ugly things just because they had a prettier back yard.

Who would do that?

And admit it?

Oh come on......just kidding again.  Relax.  

To set the record straight Anne is the "bestest" neighbor and we are even on first name basis.  Another joke.

Moving on.....

I ordered 2 of these chairs for a client.
It is  Lee Industries [1304-01].  Kind of a modern wing chair.  The fabric is one of my favorites: Mystical Natural.  Hard to tell, but it is kind of a slubby looking fabric.  Good for kids.....

The rest of her furniture is on the traditional side so I thought these would be a good mix.

Here are the fabric selections for the rest of the room.

I have tweaked the pillow fabrics slightly, taking out the cream linen one with the branch's on it.  Tres expensive.  And the one to the left of it.  Just cause. Added another one that is a little more playful and modern.

The curtains are ready made linen panels that I added trim to.
Crappy picture...need to be steamed.  I will do that on install day.

Saved money by adding that stuff that makes it a little stiffer on the top.  You guys that sew will know what I am talking about.  Makes them hang better.

There you have it......We are getting there on this one.  

Anybody watch Design Star?

Off to Chicago on Friday to watch my stepdaughter race.  She is a track cyclist.  They go fast.  Bikes without breaks.

I don't know about you but I wanna be able to stop without crashing into someone if you get my drift.  

I am a stickler for things like that.

I keep thinking it is Tuesday.  These 4 day weeks really throw me off sometimes...you know?

What's for dinner......hard sourdough pretzels dipped in humus?  Could be good, but I need a vegetable.




My neighbors backyard...or as I like to refer to her as "the bitch next door".....

Let me explain.

I have lived in my house for about 19 years.  We were the first couple to renovate on our street so I was pretty smug about my home.

Then THEY move in about 5 years later.  She hires my favorite builder to renovate.  That pissed me off.

Now here is where the trouble begins..... she hired another designer to work with.  WHAT????  Does she not know the "talent" that lives next door to her????

AND she proceeds to build a nice big bad ass house.  Making mine look like Barbies play house.  Secretly I still begrudge her but that is her insecurity to need the "bigger house".   Whatever.

Don't get me wrong.  We drink wine on her front porch and all is forgiven.  Then she built a screened in porch with a fireplace.

"What" I said to her...did she rob a bank, is it her life's purpose to just keep pushing our "neighborship"?

Well...just recently I noticed a lot of activity going on in her backyard [although I can't see what is because of bushes].

I felt my blood pressure rising every time I would see her walking her dogs and she would say "you need to come see what we have done".  I would say through clenched teeth...yeah sure bitch "neighbor" [our pet name for each other].

She begged invited me to come by Friday night for a bottle glass of wine.

Here is what I saw.

Are you serious.  You did this just to see the look on my face?  It is not quite finished yet...some awesome cool thing to be done to the concrete wall...I stopped listening.

Nice organic garden on one side.  When she is out of town I will let my dogs in there to pee on it.

More beauty.
Of course..... a water feature.

I am starting to feel real hatred towards her.

Wildflowers.  Wild this bi....atch.
The porch.  
The fireplace.....my wine which I am about to toss in her face.
Did I mention the swing?
AND...this is where we sat while I told her why I resented her so damn much.

Oh we tossed our heads back and laughed. All the while I pictured her losing all of her teeth at an early age.  Or something like that.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and stumbled home to take out a frozen pizza for dinner.  I am sure she served something worthy of a spread in Martha Stewart on that f*#@**.....back porch.

I will be pouting all weekend.

Happy Memorial Day.  

Sha poo poo.



I know I have said this before but sometimes I feel like I am trying to keep marbles from rolling off a glass table.

WHY can't I get organized?

Why can't I stay on task?


OK...enough complaining.

I came home from the beach and silly me....scheduled a photo shoot for 2 days later.  So I had to clean my house....not just clean but you know....go from room to room and make sure I liked what I was seeing.

That meant a little pillow moving.....tweaking of accessories.  

Which was similar to trying to pack for a trip.  You know....rip through your clothes putting things together looking for that pair of earrings that are somewhere........next thing you know....everything you own is on your bed.

I thought I would use one of my extra bedrooms for staging "supplies" :) while I moved everything around.  It hit me when the room was so full I could hardly find what I needed.

That is it people.  No more pillows, no more cute little accessories....done.  I mean it.

I don't want to think about moving crap around anymore.  It takes way too much energy and could be why my brain feels like someone with 10 personalities.  I want it to be like the 70's when people decorated their home and it stayed that way for 25 years.  Like when your Mom vacuumed and the nap of the carpet all went one way....and she could tell if you walked on it.

But....OK....for the last time......whatever.

Here are some of the changes.

I rearranged my bookshelves a little.  Moved my gallery wall picture.

Can I put fake hydrangea in there when these die?  Ok...I was just asking....never mind.

Collection of old bottles....under my TV.  I will be so sad when my TV dies....it is white and they don't make it anymore.

Ikea rug.  My white floors are doing great....after a year!

Corner in my bedroom....

Purdy pink peonies.....

OK...2 new pillows.  BUT that is it.  Do not let me skate on this.....be tough.  Please.

Now for a little story.

The other day I had to go to a fancy law office to sign some papers.  I was all dressed but then I thought before I put my shoes on I would walk my dogs.

Then I got distracted....yeah....there's a news flash for you.....and didn't have time.

As I was waiting in the lobby admiring the view of the skyline of Atlanta from the 26th floor I made the mistake of looking down at my feet.


I forgot to change into my shoes.  I still had on my flip flops.
AYFKM?????  I am such a loser.  Is this what getting old is about?  Will I be leaving my house in my slippers next...then maybe I will forget to get dressed and show up somewhere in my pajamas.

This is NOT working for me people.  I can handle that stray chin hair.....but please let me be dressed like a normal person.

Sha Freak Show....



I am now home from the beach.  Even though I am older and wiser....I still can not figure out why vacations go so fast.

Must be one of the great unanswered questions in life.

But.....as I always say, if you were on vacation every day then maybe you would not appreciate them so much.

Insert "big sigh".......

So maybe for a little pick me up we will finish up the goodies that I saw at Scott's.

Here is a retro ice bucket!  Cute huh?
And a fun little hanging light fixture.

I thought these frames were interesting.  DIY anybody?  Send me a picture if you do!
Nice little vignette.  Love the lamps and doesn't this picture remind you of something David Bromstad [Color Splash] might paint.  He usually paints a big eye or nose.  Not a huge fan.  I actually liked his work better when he first started out.

This chair covered in burlap was only 250.00.  Yes!  She was talking to some people while I was checking them out and I waited forever for her to SHUTUP so I could get the info and talk to her about them.  Then I left.

More bleached wood.  What did I tell you.....trend.
Close up.  I am liking this look.

These pictures are from a friend who lives in Palm Beach.  There is crazy good picking down there......I was totally loving those chairs [250.00 for both] and the suzani pillows.  She sold them...bad for me....good for her!
These were Leslie's also.  $50.00!

Liking some brown and white chinoiserie.  Those mirrors are from Ballards....
Digging the shape of this coffee table.  And the yellow vases...and the white bird.....
Sometimes you really need something green in a room.  If you can't keep plants alive...go for something like this.
Here is another option.  
Andrea had some pretty stuff this month.

More Lisa....love this ottoman.

OK...I have to wrap my head around my week coming up.  Projects to work on......crap to get done.

It's Sunday...what chu doin????

I am going out to get a bite with the husband.




You have waited long enough.....since I am at the beach.....it took me 4 days to actually open my computer :)

That was mean I know.

Especially since I saw so many goodies this month.  
Although.....it was Brimfield so many dealers were not there.  

I think the ones that chose to come and set up decided to really "bring it"!

Of course I have to start with my favorite.
And yes...green has been getting a lot of attention lately.....

But....I can't ignore my favorite.....blues.
I especially love the houndstooth with the velvet ribbon.
Rounded out with a little Schumacher!
I have 2 of these shutters in my garage....the only thing is that they are red.  Why don't I get them out, paint em up and grab some mirror.  Yea.....why don't I.

Check this out....there were 18 panels...this was only half of them.  Since I did not have any space for them...I decided to pass....hee haw!
I did love these 2 chairs though....

Trend alert....I saw a lot of pieces of furniture that looked bleached.  A lot.

Here is another one...especially love the nailheads.

One of my favorite Osborne and Little fabrics.
I am using this Lee Jofa pattern in another colorway.  Aren't these colors purdy????

This fabric is new to me????  Anybody?
Me likey......
Just a glass container full of oyster shells.  Simple and pretty.
I know these turtle shells are popular...but check this out...
Ewwwwww....yuk.  Can't do it.
Restoration hardware.....here is the naked chair.....not for me....but maybe for some people I guess.....

OK....I have more.  
But the beach is calling......

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  
Just came in from running.....and sat down to write this post.

Let's see if I can get up without groaning....:)

Sha sore....

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