Have you guys seen the cover of AH&L this month?  As somebody who adores white interiors it was the MOTHERLOAD!

It features a beautiful home in Rosemary Beach designed by Melanie Turner.  It's a stunner y'all. 

I have always loved this gorgeous wallpaper from Schumacher.

Oh got some talent girl.

Next up is Dawne Raulet Hall who is a stockbroker turned artist.

She took a 1930's fishing cottage in Lake Burton and turned it into just plain WOW.

Starting with gallons of white paint to lighten up the wood paneling it was transformed into a place I could call home:)

Love the mix of Ikea chairs with "found objects".

I had to find out more about Dawn and her art and I was not disappointed.

When I saw this one I slapped my head in an ah ha moment remembering designer Monique Gibson's work.

Remember this?

And I created this design board.....

So now I know who my new "art crush" is!

Full circle.

I am in love with her paintings.

In fact one of these would be the perfect piece in my ORC.  Dang I wish she was my neighbor and we shared casseroles and wine together. would like me.....I would make you laugh while you painted and and we could be besties.

In Atlanta you can find Dawne's work at Huff Harrington Home

I feel a serious obsession coming on.  Maybe even some stalking.

I hate when I get like this....kind of reminds me of when I was little and my shoelaces had to be tied in perfect bows that were exactly even on both sides.

No exceptions.

Are you guys ready for Wednesday?  
The start of the ORC.

I have got to get my butt in gear because there is some serious talent on this list and I am sure they are way ahead of me with the process.

It is going to be a 10 on the Wizometer today!




Not only is my house a mess because of re-decorating a certain area for some insane reason I decided to clean out my closet.

If I would learn to prioritize my life [think finish one project before starting another] then I would be an almost perfect human being. that's my only fault.

I now have 4 bags that are marked: sister, Goodwill, consignment and what was I thinking.

Sometimes when I am shopping I get it in my head that I am either a.) a supermodel or b.) 27 years old 

For your information I am neither.

Too many drugs in the 60's causes delusional moments.  Yes.....I was alive in the 60's.

I did manage to put together a design board for a kitchen dining area.

The space is very light and bright with many windows.

I love this fresh floral fabric from Sarah Richardson's line with Kravet.  As you will see on the board the furniture is pretty masculine so this will help to soften it up.

Starting with the chairs from RH they were covered in an indoor/outdoor fabric called Fog.  It is kind of a blue gray color.

The table has a zinc top for durability.  The light fixture is from Ballard Designs.  All of these items have been purchased.

To be added is a banquette out of the stripe fabric which is from Perennials

Here is the inspiration picture
I am not exactly positive who did this but I know it came from Atlanta Magazine.  I love the back and it will be against windows also.

The idea of using the raffia wallpaper from Thibaut will help warm things up.

If floral isn't her thing then I have a backup.....OK so maybe this one has floral in it also but it's more monochromatic.

Then I got really crazy and changed the wallpaper to this Schumacher favorite!

We will see....of course even my backups have a backup.

Somebody WILL be making a decision!

Happy Friday.  

Don't forget about the giveaway.  Y'all sure do like butterflies.




Now that the cat is out of the bag about the ORC.... I can honestly say that my life is purdy damn crazy right now.

Without giving too much away [I might get a stern phone call from Linda or even worse open the door to her standing there with a badge and a billy club ] there is an area of my house that looks like a war zone....littered with accessories and furniture while trying to decide what goes and what stays.

On top of not being able to breath a word about it I have clients who are taking their sweet time about making decisions lately:)  [Love you guys.....]

Not that there is anything wrong with that but do they understand I NEED CONTENT?

I am yearning for a good before and after.

So my problem become a plus for you.

A giveaway.....small but non the less free.

Here are the details.

2 Pillow covers that I should have ironed.

22" with zippers

A pretty cotton dish know the kind you put out for a party [not the ones that have spaghetti stains on them]

4 cute cotton napkins.  You could mix them with some black and white ticking ones!

Glass tray....are you sensing a theme here?

6 metal place cards you can use with chalk and some matches.

And there you have it.

If you are following DI then I am eternally grateful.....if not then I would appreciate if you would.

Leave a nice to someone today and your in.

I will pick a winner next week.




Before we get to bar stools I have a little announcement to make.

Yup.....It's that time again.

Starting next week [April 3rd] I will be checking in with y'all  every Wednesday with updates.....whether I have something interesting or not.  Since this is my 4th time around I am getting good at winging it:)

Come back to see the list of very talented designers/bloggers that Linda gathered for you!

You can also participate in the linkup so check here for those details.

I can't give you the scoop yet because it is all top secret....think Maxwell Smart....

But soon.....

Meanwhile back at the design desk....

I have been sourcing barstools and thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

I think these are cute and urban.

Ballard Designs
This is a classic and good for kids.  Light weight.

I love the "parisian" look....

Same look from PB.

West Elm
Nice and comfy plus swivel!

These will be good for tight spaces....can be shoved in close.

Just a great deal and they come in other colors.

A classic and they are very similar to a Lee Industries model.

Nice modern look....

Again....good with kids cause they won't show dirt.

Same style. Think a room full of hard spaces [kitchen]

Similar to the Target ones with more modern lines.


These are great because you could add some color or pattern recovering the seat cushion.

Get your "palm beach" look on. Again...recover the seats in a great fabric.

So cute.

CB 2 

Of course each one of these sites have so many more selections....but these are some of my favorites.

Which reminds me that I might need some new ones:)

Gotta get cracking and do some work.




If you read the previous post then you know my frustration with trying to hang a few shelves. was ugly and I had to spend a bunch of time repairing it.  My husband said this "you are a should be able to do this stuff".

You might be saying to yourself "why didn't he help me".....that is another whole story but lets just say I am impatient and he over thinks.  Not a good mix.

I am happy to say that there is a happy ending.

Shelves are up.

Here is an image of before

It was a gallery wall with that I just threw these up in random order kind of look.

Which was great but I wanted to be able to change out the pictures occasionally.

Shocking I know.

So I had the brilliant idea that I would put up narrow shelves which would allow me to do that.

 May I present to you the after.

I've had these ferns for about 20 years hanging in my hallway.

I was going to hang 3 shelves but after I repaired the holes I had to move the top shelf higher which left room for just 2.....and now after it's all said and done I realize that 3 would have been too much.

Silver linings.

Since I know you are going to ask.....I got them at The Container store and they have 3 different lengths.  

Plant from Home Depot
Basket from Goodwill
Chair from Scott's [15 years ago]
Mud-clothe from Scott's
Antlers from Scott's
Paint Color: BM White Dove
Seagrass: Myers Carpet

And that's a wrap.


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