A few ideas to twirl around.....

I have to say thank you to all of your wonderful comments about my anniversary post.  18 years sounds so weak compared to my parents who were married 45 years...whoa.  But hey...one day at a time...I am 2 days into the 19th year!  9,853 days left.

This post is going to be a little "Sherry" style, all over the place.  This is how my brain works.  First up are something I saw on Cottage and Vine.  Rene ordered some business cards that I loved, so I had to "get me some"!!

I went to pixelimpress on etsy to see what was there and fell in love with these.....
Of course my signature color...blue...you love?  Pam did a wonderful job and they came so quick.

The next thing to talk about are these funny cards that I saw at the mart.
I know you have seen them but I actually laughed out loud to the amazement of a few people standing around.  They might have been happier if I had bought some :)
My personal favorite!
funny ha ha
Don't you love it!
and the last one....
I guess I will be quoting this next year.....rats.

OK...the next few pictures are from the mart.  Just random images that looked easy to do and just may give someone a small amount of inspiration!
OK...you could do this.  Get some old wood...and old sconce.  Do a rust treatment and mount it.  Send me a picture if you do!
Use a drop cloth.  Wash it and leave it wrinkled.  Make a lamp shade.
Got a sconce.....add some candles and a sea fan.  Easy peasy as they say in blogland!
Get some paint cans from Home Depot.  Spray paint shiny white.  Drizzle some color on it and use for a vase!!!

With the left over drop cloth from the lamp shade, make a pillow and stencil on the greek key.
Go to Goodwill and get old clothes.....or look in your own closet....take those jeans that you are NEVER gonna fit into again...and start cutting them up...make balls to go in a wire basket for some color!!!
Cute table scape....So go on people...get busy.

Last thing.  Many people emailed me about this fabric from a pillow on the last Scott's post.
Here it is....
Let me know if you want some.  Warning: it probably won't be cheap.

Whew...I think I stayed pretty organized seeing how much I had to say today. 
Have the best weekend ever.  I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading the next few days.  All of these great comments that I have been getting so I owe you all!!!


We interupt all this design talk for something important

I know that we all....or maybe me more :) rag on our husbands a little WHEN they think we are studying the design of our house like a quarterback learning plays for the Superbowl....just saying.

But today I am only going to say good things.....It is our wedding anniversary.  Normally there is a card and a couple of smooches....but this time we decided we needed a little romance added to it.  Totally out of character   for us we booked a night at the Ritz Carleton at Reynolds Plantation.  Oh yeah baby.....

Located about 75 miles from Atlanta on Lake Oconee.
A view from our room. 

Just to give you a little history.....we eloped.  Yep, to Ringold , Georgia.  Where you can go to the courthouse and get the blood work and paperwork done and then go across the street to get hitched.

Today I am going to share a picture of our lovely wedding....which I do not think anyone has ever seen. I do remember that we took $100.00 from the ATM that day.  It was $20.00 for all the legal documents and another $20.00 for the minister.  Great...$60.00 left for a celebratory lunch right????

Well, we walked across the street and they have to go into the back room to wake up [I really mean wrassle him out of a drunk stupor] the minister.  And here he cum......yep...stumbling out.
My thoughts...Deliverance???

He positioned us on a wall under some painted ivy....I know you want to scroll down to see right now...but seriously savor this moment....

Then....he opened his mouth and I noticed he had no teeth.  Oh boy......

But...he managed to "gum" his way through all the necessary questions...."Sherry.... do you love David"......um dude...that is why we are here today.  I don't know if you have noticed but this here ain't a shotgun wedding.

So here is the proof.....

Yep...and that picture was an extra $10.00.  We are down to $50.00.

We get outside and I am thinking....great let's celebrate.  And this answer is why I love my man so much.  David asked me earlier if he should tip him and I said that it might be a good idea.  I say "let's go back to Atlanta and have a nice lunch".  He said...well...there is no money left.  WHAT?????  I gave him the rest so he could put it towards his "get some teeth fund".   Honey...he is just going to get another couple of bottles of rum...he is way past teeth....

Seriously though...I love my husband dearly.....he is my rock.  He doesn't watch reality shows...but if you need to know how a refrigerator works or any answer to any question...he is your man.

I am so glad he loves me.  Big hair and all as you are about to see.....
I was trying to embrace the curl here.....

Holy crap...even bigger...if that is possible.  It is like it needs it's own state.

Lightened up on the makeup and decided that if I was going to live in Georgia that ponytails were going to have to work for me.
Another curly day :)
Hat's are always good for a little taming....
I think I discovered flat irons thankfully.....
Don't you love a man in a uniform????
I inherited these 2 wonderful people in the deal....I could not be more blessed.

OK...and here is the real reason....even though I am on a boat and SICK as a dog....I had just lowered myself down to pee [cause I was WAY to sick to even walk below] in fact I was too sick to even pull up my pants....he still loves me.

And...look at that hair people!

So here we are 18 years later....still in love.......

I am one lucky gal.....

Happy Anniversary honey...

Sha booyah!


Hold on to your hats....

I am talking about the mart this summer.  Sometimes you come around a corner and your jaw drops.  That is what happened when I saw Design Legacy's new line by Nancy Price.  They have been working on it for 2 years now.  It was drop dead....slap somebody....to die for.  Maybe it is because of the colors...it is no secret that I LOVE blue and white.....and pale blue and white at that!

Lets get right down to it.
This is a picture I took from her website.  Hope it doesn't end up being one of those little red question marks that happens sometimes.
Here are some pictures of the new line that I took.

I love those little blue cups with the white flowers in them...

Yes please...I would like a hunk of this on plexi.
Yes....what is NOT to love here.  White hides on the floor, plexi bar cart....blue...gold.  Please.
These were vintage...Uh Huh...you like .

I am SO in love with this style of framing.  So dang clean.
White leather....the perfect thing for kids and dogs.  But stylish....
Of course...your own wine with the perfect label.
Nothing says drama like an oversize lamp.
How about the shape of this chair?
And I will take one of these also...how about you?  The pillows?????
Look at the detail of the bench/coffee table.
Closeup.  Why didn't I think of that?
More tall chair prettiness...this time in navy.  Love the pillow.

There was so much more.  
Next up is Twitter Feefer....a Georgia company.  I love their line of painted furniture.  Very classic with just a slight edge.
Kind of a cool take of the adirondack  chair.  It was comfy also!  Why does something look cool with just a piece of rope hung over it????

Man...loved these and every dang one was sold...check out the mirror also.
The painting, the shutters, the metal hanging thingy...can't remember the name of these things right now....

I love this classic round coffee table.
Now are you ready for a few rugs that will make you start sweating???


Double amazing...
Tripple amazing...you get the picture!
I screamed when I saw each one...pure joy.  I thought if I was really excited about their product they would give me one.  You never know....
All of these could make such a statement in a room.

Yeah huh...
Gray and yellow...
Is your head spinning?  Do you need to sit down.  I know....it is a lot to take in.

I am going to give you a break and stop now.  So much more but must ease into it.

Don't get me wrong...I love my house, I am just damn glad I have a house....but sometimes I come home from these shows, look around and say "what was I thinking".....
But then I look at my white floors and pinch myself.  Do I REALLY have these....yes...yes I do.  And, so many other things to be thankful for!

Sha Lucky.....

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