I got nuthin but pretty for you today.....After posting so much half ready areas from the One Room Challenge.....I thought you might appreciate seeing some finished rooms:)

Last weekend I took a trip up to the Magnolia Showhouse located in Cartersville, Georgia.  Boy was I surprised....what a little gem!

It was great that the the owners of the house guided the theme so it flowed nicely from room to room!

Let's take a look.....
Outdoor space by Steve McKenzie

Master bedroom sitting area by Beverly Baribault and Julie Montgomery.  Loving that Thibaut grasscloth wallpaper that I have used twice already in different colorways!

Details.....these doors!

This hardware!

The master bedroom

Loving the KW wallpaper from Lee Jofa!

Lindsay Coral Harper

Dining Room by Yvonne McFadden

Kitchen By Studio Entourage and J. Healey Interiors



Vandi White and Julie Edwards

Formal Living Room by William Peace

You have probably already seen this all over but it was the coolest thing by artist Michael Matascik!  Over 400 hundred 6" pieces!

You can read more about it here and see more pictures of other rooms!

And..... just a few random images from my week!

This fireplace surround.....!

Cutest dog in the world...:)
Stopped off at Sudi's and she was making pillows.....wowza right!

 You guys have a smashing weekend....see you Wednesday for more updates on the ORC.




Jumping right in to week 4..... because as I have learned in life..... time keeps marching on and there is nothing you can do to slow it down.

One Week Challenge |verb| associated with stress, craziness, decisions, angst, tics, occasional tears, frustration, joy, excitement, thrill, pleasure, delight.......sigh.

I am pretty sure all the other peeps are having those same highs and lows:)

That is a bunch of talent right there and all of them have the same 6 weeks to finish a room.  50% of them are probably already finished and the rest of them are like me....lagging behind in frustration praying that everything aligns for a photo finish!

I wonder if Linda can pick the overachievers and the ones who just are posting with wet paint:)

I am happy to say it was a fairly successful week....let's recap.

The painters came and started caulking the ceiling and new Metrie trim!  Meanwhile I went to the paint store to get the paint and that's when things went wonky.  Since Farrow and Ball  is a ORC sponsor I really wanted to use their paints but there just wanted a good color......whaaaa.

I was hell bent on SW Urbane Bronze and I don't know what happened but I ended up with BM Iron Mountain.  Needless to say at the paint store I think they clapped when I finally left after asking everyone who walked in which color they liked best:)  It was between BM Dragons Breath and  Iron Mountain.


No really.....I Love It.

One of our sponsors is ATG Stores Home Furnishings.  I guess I live in a cave but I was not familiar with them!  Whoa Mama they have everything.

I ordered these 2 lamps for my room.....

This Jamie Young Steam Punk table lamp and below this Arteriors floor lamp....
Yep quite the mix right:)  You never want your room to be predictable.....ha ha no chance of that!

I took a trip down to The Mart here in Atlanta to search for a few items for a client "wink wink" and stumbled across this Lee Industries chair that I thought would be perfect for my bedroom.

I needed height and at the time I was leaving my bedroom white.

Sample sale!  I hauled that puppy home and then realized it was a very dark midnight navy.  

WHAT?  No can do boo boo.  Crikey.  

And again my friend Sudi came to the rescue like a "caped super hero".....

And gave me this pretty linen stripe fabric of which there was only 7 yards.  The chair takes 8.  I told my upholster "don't call me unless this chair is done"  I don't want to hear "can't" I want to hear "YES".   

Picking it up today:)

Also picking up these bird prints today.....

Stay tuned to see which frame I selected! 

One little problem arose when the plumber came to install the new Kohler Purist sink faucets.  I was out in the kitchen humming some Snoop Dog rap thinking "life is good"......and he came strolling out with the news......cue "horror film music"  "Miss Sherry the faucet won't fit in the holes [specifically the handles].

WTH?  No.  Get back in there and make it work. 
Sadly..... he would not do it.  So I called Michael Ladisic [the magician] like he had nothing to do but answer my questions [after I called Kohler AND]. 

Michael sent over one of his project managers to take a look.....and damn if he wasn't MacGyver.

 He taped it up because porcelain cracks very easily....which is why the plumbers wouldn't do it. 

They don't make these sinks any more!

He slowly drilled it [ 2 sinks....all 4 holes] until each one fit!  Like I said is good.

Things are moving along but I'm still waiting for everything I ordered.....kinda getting that nervous "tic" I was talking about earlier.

Until next Wednesday.....

See if anyone else had problems this week:)

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