How is everyone doing this Holiday Weekend?  Or should I say WHAT is everyone doing?  

Me.....not much.  Preparing for my vacation up to Nantucket on Friday.  You know who I am going to miss?  Yup.....if you guessed Cami then you're the winner.

I am trying to get all my clients in a good place before I leave because I just want to enjoy myself and take in all the beauty of Nantucket!  My neighbor said she is looking forward to it because she gets some kind of thrill when she bosses me around.....:)

Back to design....I ordered this settee for my client.  

I wasn't there when it was delivered but she sent me pictures.  Let me back up....this was going to be in her kitchen dining area where they would eat casually.  After I saw the picture....I made the comment that it looked too small.  Well.....when will I learn to shut my mouth before I see something in person.  

Probably never.

It was actually the angle of her pics and after I went over to see it.....I was very relieved.  BUT.....before that I figured out another place it could go so I did a  board for her. 


She has a junior master upstairs....yeah I had never heard that term before but that is what the architect had called it!  

Anyway it is quite a large room with amazing light.  We already ordered the bed which just arrived and my suggestion was to put the settee across the bed.  We could create a little moment with a small side table and some cute pillows.....always some cute pillows:)

But as I said after I got there it was fine where it was and well her husband liked it so there is that!  It just looked funny because it wasn't styled up!  Duh.....everything needs some styling right!

So we started thinking about chairs and I came up with a few suggestions!

#1 was a grey wishbone chair....pretty basic but classic.  I think she was leaning towards that one but I pushed against it.  They just don't look comfy to me!

#2 a little more modern with arms

#3 more modern with out arms

#4 is a softer look and not as harsh as the 2 modern ones....which was.....drum roll please....the winner!  Hard to tell but the fabric is nice on them.....

 She already has the table and light fixture.  We are actually putting everything back against the window in the room for a more casual look. 

And I just spent 10 min looking for a picture of the you will have to use your imagination:)

I also did a board for her husbands office....

Well everything is ordered and should arrive sometime in 2022....haha.


As you can both have the same taste...leaning towards neutrals so it all works for me.  

Also I wanted to share the link to my friend Mary Ann's blog Classic Casual Home.  She did a post featuring my house and I am so honored!

I hope everyone enjoys a 3 day weekend!  I appreciate you guys SO much for always hanging with me:)




Well how the heck are ya?  

Yup it's been a while and I feel shame that I am neglecting you guys but I am not giving up and I'm determined to get back on schedule! 

Friday I had an install in a home office space.  I worked on this renovation all last winter and we have slowly been working our way through designing the rooms!  They are dream trusting what I do and the process.

Here is where we left off after the renovation was done and before they moved in.....

This is the before....after they moved in.  I had some work to do.....but I knew I could bring this space to life as it had good bones!  So.....I got to shopping which is the fun part.

Well kind of....I mean after 2 or three days I can hardly remember what I've bought and my living room looks like a retail store:)

These are some of the things I bought so we set it up like a store!!

I have said this before but it is all about the layering.  Plus I needed to work with what was there.  Now I am not a fan of "semi-attached" back cushions for the very reason you see above.  You can't flip them or have them re-stuffed.  But....I had an idea on how to help that situation out!

One of the things I wanted to do was layer a rug over the  bottom rug to add coziness.  

I lucked out and found this vintage Oushak which happened to be a perfect match! In my opinion it was a game changer for the room.....



We used his law books to fill many of the shelves.....we left the stickers on for their kids to take off!

And you can see I tucked in a throw to cover the back cushion!  

I lucked out finding the console that fit perfectly in the space between the bookshelves!
I found the floor lamp at Pottery Barn.

We worked around the existing art of the Atlanta skyline.


I love the vintage notary stamp I found while scouting around for some patina.....

Another trick is to use some baskets to add texture.  Too many books or accessories can look messy!

All in all it was a hit and nothing makes me happier than to see my clients happy!

I am so happy to be able to share some design with y'all.....believe it or not I have been busy but sometimes it takes a while to get to this point in a project!

13 days until I take off for Nantucket!  I am pretty pumped to take a little break.  My neighbor likes it because she will get to boss me a round and nothing makes her happier:)

Camilita is lying beside me with the death stare as she is ready for her walk so let me run!

Be back soon!




I am trying to get this post out on the details of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse but I took 250 pictures and trying to edit them all is giving me the know they were taken in a hurry and so they are all crooked and need to be lightened.  UGH.....

I know not earth shattering or life and death but still I don't want to just throw out a bunch of out of focus..... crooked....dark pics on here.  

I do have some dignity.

Another thing is I am leaving in 17 days to go on a vacation up to Nantucket.  And.....get this.

My neighbors who have a home up there have 2 dogs and a cat to transport.  So.....they are going in with another couple who also go up for the summer and doing a private jet.....PJ for short.  HaHa.

Anyway here is the kicker.  She has to go up early for an art show so her husband and I are going on the jet together with the farm animals.

Crazy huh!  Of course I will be documenting this whole gig.

But hey enough about me.....let me try and show you a few detail shots of this amazing home.

We will start in my favorite space...the dining room by Mrs Howard.

I mean....come on.  The grasscloth wallpaper....the painted table...the chandelier.  It all works beautifully together do you agree.  

The botanicals about killed

It was the perfect mix of antique and modern.  Brilliant.

Check out the ceiling trim....and of course as many people noted there is no molding on the bottom.

I am down for that but what about if you mop the floors or something.....will that wallpaper get messed up over time?  Asking for a friend.

The table was covered in a textured paper and then painted I think.  

If we cross the hall we arrive in this room which was magnificent on it's own!

The room was so warm and cozy.  The paneling on the wall was crazy good....and the way she wrapped the curtains in the corner.....brilliant!

Wallpaper on the ceiling and this stunning chandelier.....

I loved the vibe of this sophisticated......Whitney Ray killed it!

I think we have to quit here and continue this later.  I have to walk princess Cami and go to work.....cause I have a little thing called a mortgage to pay :)

This is the last week to see this amazing home so if you are local just GO!  Or if you aren't.....well just gas up the jet and get here....hahaha. That might be my new saying and I guarantee you will be sick of hearing it.





I hope everyone felt as much love on Mothers Day as they could gather.....I know I sure do miss my Mom and all of her wisdom......

Well.....the install is over and the art arrived the day before the party so that was a huge relief!

Even though I had a plan B....borrow art from somewhere....I was happy not to have that stress in my life.  I hate to disappoint my clients.

Here are a few crappy iPhone pictures.....

Foyer Before

It's amazing how furniture brings a project to life!

I love this chest from Woodbridge Furniture....
I used faux branches so she does not have to worry about what to put there....I like to make it easy:)

On the other side of the foyer is a bench that I ordered but had recovered!

Below after the vertical paneling went in and it was painted.

I kept it symmetrical and  ordered 2 chest, lamps and similar art.

I am real happy with the results!

2 of my favorite Charles Stewart swivel chairs!

Kitchen before

I added a performance rug in the kitchen and back hall.....

This is the view out the back yard!

I did a little styling on the scullery shelves.....

And a little love for the main level laundry room.....

It got some cute puppy wallpaper.....

That is all I got.....but it's been a long time coming for sure.

It's always fun to have neighbors with a sense of humor....when I find "sperm balloons" on my mailbox....haha

Have a good week....I know its Wednesday already so there's that!


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