OK....again with this and that.  

Yesterday I got a rejection letter.  Well really it was an email because who writes letters anymore right?  "My media presence is just not large enough to be selected".......  

You know the expression "legend in your own mind"?  That little rejection brought me right on down to street level:)

No worries though because about 5 hours later I got a "you have been selected" email that made me really happy.....more about that later!

One of Atlanta's top photographers and my good  friend Emily Followill has a book coming out!

I have been lucky to work with Emily on a few projects and she is as nice as she is talented.


I pulled a few images from her website.

I love this room designed by my good friend Judy Long of Tillman Long Interiors.  

This shot is from a past Show House and designed by Melanie Turner.

I am not sure who the designer is but love the shot!

Congratulations Emily!

Last week I made a trip over to the Matthew Quinn Collection showroom which is loaded with gorgeous hardware.

These are some selections for a master bath.

These are for a custom armoire in a bedroom.

Looks at all the goodness they have!

There were literally so many selections it was mind boggling.  Like pillows.

And here is the last thing.  I would be rich if I had a nickel for every request I get for the info on this runner I used on a project years ago. 

Unfortunately I can't respond to ANONYMOUS!

So here it is. 

Now stop it.




Kathysue said...

I gasped when I saw the big circle polished nickel hardware, be still my heart!!Thank you for the comment on my blog post today! So you like the star pendant? I know I go back and forth on that one!! Hmmmm?? We shall see, thanks for chiming in!! Can't wait to hear what you have been selected for!! BEST, Most Talented Designer around!!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Well, whoever it was, they're crazy for not wanting to work with you! "Media presence" is over-rated! ;)

stephanie kraus designs said...

Love your this and that. That hardware is to die for and congrats on being selected!! xoxo your the best!

Unknown said...

Thank yo so much for stopping by the showroom. It was a pleasure working with you and Lisa.
We are thrilled about the combinations of hardware you selected for your project and are excited to see what you pull together for future projects.

Danielle said...

A lesson to always keep trying and asking. Thanks for sharing your story.

Matthew Quinn said...

THIS makes me smile THAT you had so much fun making selection in our cabinet jewelry store. Thanks for visting and posting. Love your style Sherry Hart!

Cindy said...

Your media presence isn't strong enough?!! Well, they lose, because you are a famous person waiting to happen! You're amazing and funny, and brilliantly talented! Anyway, thanks for sharing the hardware... pretty cool new options out there! Any idea where to get some mini pendant lights for over a kitchen counter. Everything out there is so freakin ugly or expensive! Sorry for asking for free advice... but you know a lot of stuff, and i don't know jack


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Who in hell would send you a ding letter? Fools!

Unknown said...

Screw that! You're a legend in our minds! And whoever sent you that is a dummy. :)

Calypso In The Country said...

The fools...they don't know what they are missing!

Linda Pakravan said...

Wow! The Matthew Quinn hardware is drop dead beautiful. Congratulations! Whoever said yes is right!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Major talent here! You and Emily!!

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