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A few of you reached out with help to get my post delivered....thank you!

I will get on it and hopefully there is a good solution.  Blogger is kind of "old school" and most people have moved on to a better platform but as usual...here I am stuck in the "past" :)

Today I am joining some of my respected blogger friends to discuss Design Trends of 2023.

Now we know that if it is trending too hard then we actually need to stay away from it :)
The thing I like to stress to people is that the reason you hire a designer.....is to get a curated look that not everyone has....that is just my opinion....ha ha.

Anyway lets get to the reason for this post!

I am not sure I would describe these as "trends" 
per se....because things/looks actually make it full circle in design.

The first trend I have noticed and I mean EVERYWHERE are fabric covered lampshades!

They were allover in the 3 showhouses I went to during the holidays.

Whitney Parkinson
Jared Hughes

I found these below on Etsy....and I saw so many different sellers!

The next thing are wall murals....
There are so many out there now including peel and stick!

Morris and Co wallpaper has been front and center.   

I have seen so many designers use their papers and I have fallen in love with quite a few!

I about died when I saw this graphic on their website.....

I know...I am known for my love of black and white and I do still love it but to make it warm you really need to mix your textures!

The last thing I am seeing is brown....as in "brown is the new black" haha

And when I say brown.....that covers a lot of territory!

You can see the variations in the colors above.  Of course my favorite is not included in the above and that would be SW URBANE BRONZE.

Take a gander at it in the walls of my sisters office.

And her bookshelves.....you can see it looks different depending on the light!

So to recap:
Fabric Lampshades
Wall Murals
Morris and Co wallpaper
The Color Brown

Now you need to grab your coffee and shuffle over to my talented friends and see what they have to say.  What is good is that we live in different parts of the country so I know we will see a range of perspectives!




Well...we made it through Christmas....I loved seeing all of the pictures of families and Christmas decorating.  

Since I lost my sister to cancer in August of 2021.....the holidays feel a little sad for me. I know sometime soon it will be better as "time is the great healer".....

We have been through 2 showhouses on the last few post and now I have the last one that my friend Michael Ladisic worked on.  

I am just going to share some of it today because I have tons of pictures:)

This started out as a renovation and quickly became so much more!  Once House Beautiful contacted Ladisic Fine Homes to become involved it did grew to a much bigger project!

One of my favorite spaces was the kitchen by designer Whitney Parkinson.  It was a blend of tradition with a classic feel.  In my opinion it will be relevant for quite a while.....

This was a small storage area right off the butlers pantry.

Circa Lighting was one of the sponsors and these kitchen pendants were stunning!  I think the barstools were from Serena and Lily.

This was the butlers pantry.....

I was really loving the 2 tone cabinet color.....

Looking straight ahead from the island was a beautiful dining area...I mean it was so inviting to me.

Right off the kitchen was this pretty bar area....

The living room off the kitchen was designer by 
Zoe Feldman

The stripe wallpaper wallpaper was Farrow and Ball.

I happen to have a before of this space....

They painted the beams and added that wallpaper.....so much better!

I have a ton more images.....that I will share....

So I have gotten some emails that many of you who have read my blog for a very long time are not getting my post updates.  I checked into that and well....Blogger no longer supports Feedburner that actually pushed it to my followers.  So we have a problem.

I need to find someone to help me figure out what to do but meanwhile if you are on Facebook...I do have a Design Indulgence FB page that you could follow and I put my post there.

There is just way too much change going on haha.


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