Dear Sister Nancy......

So many things I forgot to tell you because I thought I had so much time.

How much I loved you.

How much I loved decorating your home.  You were always so excited about it and let me do whatever I wanted....nobody loved her home more than you did.  I am so sorry I wasn't able to finish the kitchen.

How proud I was of you when you opened a restaurant.....during the recession I might add.  You were a waitress and was passed over for a promotion after working for another company for many years.  They gave it to a younger guy who had only been there a short time. You were fearless Nancy and you never let go of the dream.  While so many others wouldn't have made it or given did not take one day off for 4 years.  16 years later you are still standing.

I loved your community spirit.  You knew everyone who came into Nancy G's/Southern Bistro.....they were "your people".  You went to birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvah's, funerals and school functions....always giving.

How much I loved you.

What an amazing sister you supportive and thoughtful.  You never let a birthday go by without putting a card in my mailbox.  

How much you loved your big sisters....Maggie and I.  Nobody had more fun when we were all together than you.  A simple shopping trip to the mall brought you joy.  Whatever we bought you would buy.

How much I loved you.

You did not get the attention you deserved when we were young because you were the 3rd girl but boy you made up for it.  While you were sick there were so many flowers and 100's of cards and letters.  The Sandy Spring community has wrapped you in their hearts.  I loved reading them all to you in the brought you just a little joy.

I miss you so heart is broken.  Watching you die was gut wrenching and I could not stop crying.  You kept saying it was OK to cry....that you cried also but I only saw it once.  You were so brave.

You would say everyday that you weren't ready to die....that you did not want to leave us and Nancy that broke me.  Trying to stay positive for you broke me.

Spending the last 22 days with you was a gift to Maggie and I but we were not ready to lose you.....

How much I loved you.

Diagnosed mid April. 

Nancy Kathryn Jackson Goodrich
September 17th 1956
8:00 pm August 13, 2021


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