I can't believe I am even blogging cause I know everyone is in a Christmas coma right?  

I spent yesterday with 2 sisters [my brother lives in Hilton Head] niece and nephew, and a friend of 42 years!  We were flight attendants together and met when I was 24 and she was 28.

This had to be in the 70's!

Of course I made it in black and white because old people look better....ha ha

My niece and her man.  They are hip and live in NYC

You have heard me talk about my nephew who lives in Chicago and got married 2 years coming!

Wasn't he the cutest kid?

Can you believe it?  I got my wreath hung around 11:00 am on December 24th!  

Some lights also.  It wasn't a Christmas explosion or anything but hey......effort was made.

And guess what?

After 2 years of talking about it I bought a car on Thursday.

Now we have a black and a white car parked in front of my house....all is right with the world.

My car was 14 years old.....Lord the technology is overwhelming.

My house was all clean for company and this happened.....

In the middle of the can imagine how scary that was when it fell off the wall.  Wonder how long it will take me to get it fixed?


What a surprise to get this gorgeous book in the mail from Hearst!  The cover alone is spectacular.....

I met Sean Sullivan when I worked on the Kitchen Of The Year.....

When your house is clean do you stand back in amazement?  I do.....and think why can't it stay like that?  Why does everything get dumped on the island.....why does Cami get every toy out of her basket EVERY 5 minutes?

Pretty darn excited about a project I completed about a year ago that is featured in Southern Home out the end of December.


Well if this wasn't the most incredible post ever.....I mean......planning alone took forever.


Headed to Florida to see the kitchen reno.....this will be interesting for sure since the whole thing was done long distance.....


Sheriky Freaky



Lord it has been a while since I have had a good before and after!  

But before we get all "designy" thanks for all of your suggestions about my nasty rotten cold.  After a week and a half I think I've turned the corner.  It's weird because I feel like such a complainer...... and I think it was because I forgot what a cold feels like!

I better save that for something serious like cancer.  

Lesson learned.

OK....down to business.  We had not gotten to my clients guest room yet but they were having family for Christmas and he asked if there was a way I could turn it around quickly.

You guys know I am always up for a challenge [even sick] so I accepted.

Luckily there was furniture so it was mostly the fun stuff.

They were waiting for the mattress which came on Tuesday.


I wasn't going to reinvent the wheel since I only had about a day and 1/2 to shop.

I stuck with white bedding.....sheets from PB Duvet from BBB and the coverlet from Target.  I happen to have the black and white pillows that I bought from the July Market so that was my starting point!

I scored this throw from HomeGoods which was perfect!  I actually went to three other HG's looking for another one.  My sister who helped me with the install could not believe I was letting it go:)

At the last minute I threw these baskets in my car [that I already had] just in case I needed them and it turned out to be the perfect thing!

I looked everywhere for lamps.  Since the end tables were small I ended up useing these from Target.  The good thing is that using some less inexpensive things allowed me spend more on art.



It was the 11th hour when I stumbled upon these cute stools from Target.



I scored this art at HG's....

There are a few stores I always pop into for some good accessories and one is Noah & Co.  I scored this pillow which again...the stars were definitely aligned!

Found some good black and white books from HG's [so glad they are stocking these now!]


Here is where I had a slight fail.....

I could not find the perfect mirror for over the chest:(

Another piece of great art from Noah & Co.

I did find a black and white  phone cord and that made me happy!

And this boxed water from World Market right!



Last install of the year.  Boom.

Love y'all....thanks for all of your support!




Well.....I am still sick and it doesn't seem like it is waning at all.  In fact I can't remember what it is like to feel good.

I'm just trudging through the days in a complete haze zoned out on over the counter for day and blue for night.

Bah Humbug right.....

I don't have much today but I thought I would share some images from a cute store I visited down in Palm Beach.

I wanted everything in organic! 

Love the colors in this rug!

It's part vintage....mixed in with pillows and such.

My first thought when I entered was it had a very California vibe....and come to find out the owners are from Cali.....The husband was there and said his wife had worked for Peter Dunham.

I am seriously in love with her curated styling!

I am smitten with the vintage pottery thrown in and of course nothing says "vintage California vibe" like throwing in some old baskets and blankets.

You can follow all of this goodness on Instagram here

One more bit of excellence to share with you....after all it is the season of giving!

This Instagram account totally appeals to my love of classic black and white design!

Kenson Bates Interior Design

One of the worst thing about colds are coughing fits.....and the thing about coughing is every time I do it.... I pee a little.....I know TMI but it sucks.

My coo coo crazy Cami:)

There is always this bit of information to be thankful for.....that every time I cough I don't poop in my pants.

Silver linings.


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