Taps on the microphone....hopefully some of you are still out there:)  

I know....I often wonder why I can't get my post written in a timely manner anymore.  I hesitate to say this because my family and friends will be all crazy and start calling.....but....I do think it is mild depression.  In fact I think I have mentioned it before but it really does affect my work and just day to day living. 

Take procrastination and multiply it by 10....everything seems to take so much effort and I can easily ignore things which is not good when people have hired you to get it done!

Ever since my sister died last summer [it is coming up on a year] I have felt this way.  I can say it comes and goes and I know time can help but as I say...."one day at a time"....

The exciting news is that I did get a small install done!  Yay....alert the press!

It is my "modern glam" client and I have to say I am proud of how this one is coming along!

On my last post I showed you a few updates....and this one will reflect the bookcases and pillows along with a few other accessories!

Here is the before....when she bought the place.  This was the previous owners things.  She wanted to rip down the shelves but I talked her into painting them because I knew she would like them better....and guess what....I was right:)  

Pats self on the back!

Here is what the sectional and bookcases looked like before we started!

I did have a little "chat" with her before I started buying things.  She wanted a lot of picture frames of her family and equestrian objects.  I persuaded her to let me do a gallery wall of family pictures in the hallway and I said yes....I would mix in some "horsey stuff".  BUT....I was not going to make it a "theme"!

We came to a good place and Rose and I got started shopping.  [Rose is the best].

We are still waiting for a fixture to replace the fan.... but I am so happy with how they turned out!

Really most was thrifted except for the white jar at the top!

Man I love doing shelves!  And the pillows really came together on the sectional.  Waiting for the curtains to arrive which should happen in the next 2 weeks!

There is also a chair coming in the above empty space which has been shipped!  Hallelujah....

The bedroom is coming along but still working on a few things!

How I made myself sit down and do this is a small miracle...but baby steps right!  

Oh yeah I had so much fun hanging out with Mary Ann from 
Classic Casual Home and Kim from Northern California Style Thursday and Friday night.  They were in town for a DIY conference and we went to dinner!

You should read both of their blogs....so much good stuff!

You guys have a great Sunday and hopefully I can get everything I need to get done next week....finished!




I am not sure how July 1st arrived so fast....but here we are!  Who has big celebrations for the 4th?  I have none.....maybe binge something or just hang out with my bestie....Cami:)

I've been getting things done lately with some jobs.  I thought I might catch you up on a few updates.

I am working on a condo in a high rise building....which is a change for me but here is the kicker!  The vibe is "modern glam".....yes I know.  When you think of my esthetic I am sure that is the first thing that comes to mind right:)

But hey....nothing says stretch you design wings like the complete opposite of what you are used to doing right?  So of course I was up to the challenge.

Above is the guest room but it has the best image of what the design was like when she bought the place!  Those floors HAD to go.  They were....I don't know...beachy or lake house or really anything other than modern glam right!

Above is the living area BEFORE.....

New floors were installed and the whole place painted [the walls were very white...think an almost blue white]...so we softened them up!

Sorry for the mess...but this was after the furniture was delivered and we had a pretty chandelier installed.  I also had this art reframed....

And this was right before I had the wallpaper installed.....

Let's just skip to the good part!
Wallpaper and art hung

Rug installed also!

So curtains are next and I am kind of excited for that part because nothing says luxury like custom curtains!

Of course it needs some accessorizing which is in the works.

Next Wednesday Rose is helping me to install the bookcases and I have been shopping like a mad women.  I love doing that part....actually we both so so it will be a fun time!

Stay tune for the before and after....

I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday with family, fun and  food!

I am out the door to look for more accessories for the bookcases.....

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