Well y'all it was a photo finish and I am NOT kidding.

The patron party started at 6:00 on Saturday night and at 4:30 the blue "port o potty" was still in the front yard.  

Living on the edge......

Larry the incredible artist was still at work on these reclaimed doors...

Which I might add were installed a few hours before.  Behind this will be a little something called a "coffee Bar".....but not just your ordinary "Mr. Coffee".  No this thing will not only dispense that lovely java but will probably wash and shine your car.....

Check out the fridge doors.....wood made to look like zinc.....

Larry was "stupid good".....I mean Michael threatened me if I even hinted at giving out his info:)  He was also my savior a couple of times when I started to have a melt down.....these were stressful times people.

This little beauty by Arteriors got hung.....

 Picked up some beautiful pillows that Sudi made.

 This Visual Comfort light fixture was hung in the foyer.

Gorgeous copper gas lanterns all over the place.....

Schumacher Wallpaper in one of the powder baths....including this great Zoffany paper on the ceiling.

Love these Currey and Co. sconces used in the kitchen.

Come to mama you little gem.....Visual Comfort.

These pretty lights were maybe my favorite.....
Also Visual Comfort.

Don't they look like flowers?

Visual Comfort in the bedroom.....

VC in the working pantry.

Two of these VC monsters over the dining room table for some added "bling".

So many details......

I will post some finished shots soon I promise :)
It was an incredibly busy week with 12 hour days but I was glad to have something else to focus on besides my loss:(

I hope your week is going well....It sure felt good to just relax a little yesterday!




I don't even know if I can find the words.  

To say thank you sounds so small compared to all you gave.  Beautiful comments....poems....sharing your personal experiences with losing your own pets.....

It warmed my heart and helped ease some of the pain.  I've had to push through this week to finish my project...... on one hand thankful for the distraction but yet wanting to just hole up in my bedroom to morn my loss. 

I will be forever grateful to all of you kind souls who took the time help a friend push through.....

Speaking of pushing through....the One Room Challenge is coming up.  No I am not participating this time around [sometimes things happen for a reason] but I am excited to find out who is!  

Just to review here are my 5 projects....

 # ONE
I worked on a clients space which I kinda neglected to inform her until after my first post!  Lucky for me she was a good sport and we pushed through to finish up the room.....not actually on time but took me a while to actually understand the concept:)

I finally completed my guest bedroom and I am happy to report [with the change of a few pillows] is still the same!  That in itself is a miracle:)

I designed the "Bunny Hutch".  My sister's family room was stuck in the 90's and we brought that baby up to date!  I was fortunate to be featured in print for that one.

My dining room got the facelift it deserved....having not really changed that much after 15 years! was time.

I went back to the "Hutch"!  I was really ambitious completing her family room, dining area and a portion of her kitchen.  Talk about a challenge....holy cow!

Things I have noticed after going back to review all of these....

1.  Where is the color!  I guess I really am a neutral gal at heart!
2.   My photography certainly got better.

I am so thankful to Linda for including me and at times actually pushing me to  join.  I know I will be sad when I start checking in every Wednesday and Thursday [the linking participates] to see the progress.

I will have lots to share next week about my recent project....we have about 55 hours to finish if we don't sleep at all......

Excited to see this beauty get hung today....

If I could hug everyone of you I would.




It was a bad weekend for Sherika.  I had to put my second Old English down. was the last thing I thought I would be doing last Monday.  Don't bad things always happen when you think life is just a little too good?

I feel a sadness that is almost unbearable.  She was the best dog ever. She didn't bark, never had an accident in the house....just the biggest lover girl ever with huge brown eyes that pierced your soul.

I rescued them together even though they weren't related.  2 different people up in Rome, Georgia bought them to breed but she would have nothing to do with that:)  My sister [the bunny] and I drove up from Atlanta to get them and it changed my life.  They were 2 years old.

To say they were wild animals was an understatement.  My first hint should have been when they asked "do you have cages?".  I looked at them all wide eyed and excited and said "gosh no"....I'm just going to put them in my car.   I then asked if they were house trained and they said...."well I don't think so cause they have never been in the house".  


That was an experience.  What they neglected to tell me was that she was in heat.  Holy crap.  I mean we are driving down the highway and he is trying to get to her and she jumps in the front my lap and he is going crazy....he took a big poop and was stomping all in it.  We had the windows down and were gaging for the 75 mile home.

Whew....maybe I bit off more than can chew.

Long story short.....I bought 2 huge cages....put my LR furniture in storage.....spent 5,000.00 on medical bills for mange, ear infections, eye infections, getting them both fixed.

I hired trainers....and finally sent them both to boarding school.  It was a huge undertaking.  To say my husband was not happy was an understatement.

But after a year and a half I put up the cages and they became part of the family.  I loved those rascals so so much.

They both had a lot of medical problems.  About the cost of a new car.  Which is why my car is over 10 years old.....but the love they gave was worth every cent.

She loved to be outdoors.....

On Tuesday I took Patches in for her summer shave.  When we picked her up they alerted us to a growth on her rear.  It was about the size of a tennis ball.....we couldn't see because her hair was so long....

After a trip to the vet the news was not good.  Anal Carcinoma.  Fast growing.  That tumor had probably grown to that size in less than 2 months.  Even if it has not cure and if we have it removed it will just come back that fast.

I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.  Another opinion.....yes....that is what we will do.  I called and made an appointment with the oncologist for Monday [today].

Honestly she did not seem sick at that gave me a glimmer of hope.  Even Friday everything was OK....but y'all the tumor doubled in size in 2 days.  That brings us to Sat morning.

I noticed she did not seem like herself before I went to teach my class at the gym.  I had that dreaded feeling the whole class.  In my heart I knew.

When I got home at 10:00 I could tell she was in pain.  This tumor was preventing her from going to the bathroom.  She kept looking at me with those beautiful eyes and I knew it was time.

She loved the beach....

Halloween was her favorite holiday.

When she was in a good mood she would flip over on her back:)

When I had to put Zipper down at least I had her to come home to.  I am glad that she got to be the "queen" for the last year and a half.  

Good by my sweet sweet Patches gave me so much love I will never forget you.

Thanks for listening y'all......I think this one was more for me......



Well it's certainly been a week.  Things are progressing along at #projectgetitdone.  This time next week I'm sure I will be going on adrenaline and coffee.....

Just a sidebar here but a strange thing happened to me yesterday.  I got dressed to go workout which seems simple enough right?

After doing 20 minutes on the treadmill and rower I was directed into the weight room for the next block.  Started doing pushups and felt a stinging on one of my the point where I turned over at lightening speed and ripped off my shoe.

Staring at disbelieve it was a bee.  A bee!  WTH?  Of course it had already stung me but I am so confused because I had that shoe on for at least 30 minutes.  

What was he waiting for?

Is that not crazy?  I put that shoe back on and finished my WO.  

Tough girl.

Usually when I do curtains I pretty much stick to an iron rod with a very simple finial.  If I have a lot of windows in a room I might switch to a french rod....sometimes called a return rod.

The reason being it gives you a clean look instead of just focusing on a lot of finials.....

The other day I was sitting in Kravet waiting for some fabric samples and just happened to glance at their hardware boards.  Seriously it was like I saw it for the first time in my life.

And I am in there ALL the time.

An ah ha moment as Oprah would say.....I got up and walked over like it might disappear before my eyes.  My mind just started crackling and popping like a firecracker.  Let these beauties be in stock....please.

What.....always "in stock"?  No way.  Yes.....way.


This is the collection that caught my eye first!

The bottom right rod was perfect for the family room of my project...

Let me just say again....all in stock.  The company that I order my return rods from are usually 3-4 week lead time.....:(

They arrived and I love so hard....

Excited to see it with the curtain fabric which was backordered about 3 times....but arrived this week......whew.  

But....back to Kravet Hardware.  Here are a few other collections that caught my eye.

All in stock and very reasonably priced I might add.

Either way you look at it though putting curtains in a whole house is costly.  Especially when you add in the fabric, lining, interlining, labor and hardware.  I try to stay pretty neutral so if you redecorate [duh] you are safe.

If course I did break my own rule in my DR using my beloved Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock floral.

On the other hand it is exciting to try new things and go crazy with some fun fabrics.  

If you're  watching your budget using a scrim [sheer linen] can be a great way to go since you don't need all the lining which adds to the labor cost.  I used this treatment in my LR.

OK....gotta scoot.  Furniture being delivered today!  Exciting.  We are definitely on the countdown now.


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