I have a little secret to tell you.....I have taken off right in the middle of the ORC and gone to Florida.  Big deal you say?  Well ..... you are right but I left my camera at home which has a gob of pictures in it for this weeks update.  Yikes.

Never fear I do have a few that I took from my cell phone so all is not lost.

 Week 4 we left off with the table delivery so the next thing to address was the light fixture.  Sounds simple but dang it you guys I have 8 ft ceilings and that is very limited.

Let me show you some of the contenders.

I really loved this Circa Lighting one because it offered both black and brass.  Too bad Sherry because it is too big.  And....backordered forever. about this Made Goods beauty.  One little problem.....too big AND way over my budget.

I liked this Circa Lighting number....especially the star canopy but was underwhelmed by the light in general.

This Circa Lighting baby was gorgeous but again....expensive.....backordered and.... way too BIG.

Can you feel my pain here?

Now this Crystorama one peaked my interest.  It was a favorite with the straight lines of the marble table and base.  I thought it might add some whimsey [right at my budget] but I wondered if it was too trendy.  

I went to the Circa Lighting showroom to see this one because it was becoming the #1 choice.  The size was good [remember how small the room is] it had some curves, and the hats had a thin black trim.

Done right?  Nah.....

I rounded the corner to another little number.  A lantern.  Whoa mamasita........but isn't that too trendy?  

Trendy but classic.  

Which is OK.  Classic comes and goes.  Pearls, navy and white, jewel tones, tuxedo sofa and grasscloth wallpaper are all things that have recycled over the years.

So....I ordered [thankful it was in stock] and guess what?  It was the same one I saw in the kitchen at the Showhouse!


And here she hangs proud in my tiny DR....just barely fitting....

No glass to dust, gilded iron, kind of the star of the room.....but maybe soon not to be [just hinting at other good things to come].

One more week.  Everything is looking good to be done except for one tiny thing.  The flipping door knobs.  I ordered them the beginning of April and they said "in stock ready to ship".  


Now the new ship date is May 5th. 

I haven't made a decision on the chairs yet.  Waiting to the bitter end which will then leave me about 2 days to make changes.

That will be fun.

How are all of my talented buddies getting along?
Here is your chance to find out.

Glad I picked this week to come to Florida because it has been raining for 24 hours:(




Did you go?  To the Showhouse? better!  I promise you will not be disappointed.  I had a lot of questions and wish I had answers for you.  

Unfortunately the only info I have on that sweet kitchen is this:

Countertops: Marmi Natural Stone
Plumbing: Rohl
Lighting: Circa
Tile Backsplash: Crossville Tile and Stone

In the spirit of loving all things design.....I do have a few more pictures for you today:)

This bedroom was designed by Tish Mills.  The headboard, end tables, settee, chair and small occasional table are from Ballard Designs.  

Here we have Jimmy Stanton's room.  Love the color which is BM Briarwood.

The talented Robert Brown.....All fabric is from Jim Thompson.  I can't give you the wall color because it was custom :(

Here is the other side of the room....You need to see this it in person because the details are stunning.

I fell in love with these gold leaf botanicals from Boxwoods Garden and Gifts.....

Designer Timothy Corrigan showcased his new line of fabric from Schumacher  It was hard to photograph this room but it was so beautiful....the ceiling was wallpapered in gold [Donghia] and Lord it was stunning.

This bedroom was designed by Traci Rhoads.  This incredible lighting is by Allan Knight.

The Loggia area was designed by Habachy Designs.  I need some new words to describe beautiful.....I am feeling repetitive!  

I might say this every year but dang all of the designers brought their A-game.  Of course the house is pretty special on it's own and there is so much more to see......I will leave you with your appetite sufficiently dampened.

Hope you are excited about Wednesday and week 5 of the ORC.  

OK.....gotta sign off here and go for a run.




It's Show House time in Atlanta and yesterday I was lucky enough to preview the home.

Maybe I say this every year but hot damn it was almost more eye candy than I could bear.  Of course the fact that it was an epic day on the weather front could have helped:)

This year the historic Palazzo Rosa [one of the most recognized historic family homes in Atlanta] was chosen to showcase the talented designers.

The Italian style home was designed by architects Neel Reid and Philip Schutze in the 1920's and has been called the "Pink Palace" because of the previous stucco color and the pink dogwoods lining the driveway.

There are 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms with 16,000 sq feet of complete fabulousness.

This is a before shot of the house from the press package.

I took this off Instagram [#asoshowhouse]

I am going to start with the Grand Salon designed by Barbara Westbrook.

The hand painted linen walls are original to the home and they were jaw dropping...

I mean these walls are almost 100 years old!

Another favorite room was Lance and David's [Parker-Kennedy] Master Terrace.


For real.  They built this in the shop and then took it apart and had to re-install it.  
It. Was. Fabulous.

They were sponsored by Scalmandre Fabrics.

Almost everything in the space was vintage.

I loved the mirrors....they were going to actually put in openings but ran out of time.  Sometimes the second choice becomes the best choice right?

These guys are the whole, friendly and extremely talented.  You can find them at Scott's sometimes and they are also competing in the ORC with a MBR makeover.

The kitchen and baths were renovated by Design Galleria.  

Checkout the countertops

This room by McLaurin Interiors was stunning.  I was all over the yellow with the beautiful wall color [BM Pearl River].

Clay McLaurin has a fabric line now and I feel like it could become an obsession...
Pretty huh?

There is much more.
I will save for Monday.

You must go.  April 26 through May 18.  Get your info here




Hola we are with another week of the One Room Challenge!  Is it going fast enough for you?  

If for some unexplained reason this is your first time here we are a crazy group of 20 designers/bloggers who volunteered to makeover one room in 6 short weeks.

I know.....we are drinking the "kool aid" filled with a drug that makes you think you can fly and leap over tall buildings.

Naive....maybe.....but Linda now has us standing in line begging to do it:)

The first thing that happened this week was to fire my decorator.  She could not make a decision and I really got tired of her wishy washy attitude.  Isn't she supposed to be a professional?
 Then things came to a major stand still so I begged her to come back and she held me ransom with some crazy notion of taking the word budget out of the equation.  

I caved and did something completely out of character  which you will find out about next week.

Deadlines will do that to you.

We did have some progress though despite all the employee problems.

The rug was delivered.

And....these acrylic 1970's bases.  I know it's kind of ca... ra.... zy.  If you remember when I started I said "I am not going to reinvent the wheel here"....but I think reinvention has occurred.

I blame it on my cohorts Ally, Kathy and Angela during some flea market shopping.   We came around the corner and boom there they were.  I stared at all of them and said "back off  little girls....they're mine:)

The upside is I think it made it easier to sell my DR table!

If you remember I wanted a new top because it was just too big for the space.  Here is how I figured out what size I needed.

I made a templet out of core board taped together. This really helped and I actually added 6" to the length.

They delivered the table polished the first time.

Back it went to be honed.

Here is where we are today.
It was after this I had the fight with my designer....something just wasn't falling into place.  

I was not feeling the chairs.  I know....crap.  They felt heavy with the table.  I thought about using another set I had....the ones I had let my nephew use for a while.

They were cream and I painted them black.

If you look closely they have rush seats.  My thought is to paint them white and maybe add just a little gold edging.

Then I had another thought which is where the budget.  fell.  apart.  but you will have to wait until next week or possibly the reveal to find out. I second guess my decisions at times?  Yes.  Even with clients I have been known to change things up.....I think it is just the nature of the beast.  Don't sweat it though.  

It's just design.....we are not curing cancer here:)

Grab a cup of coffee and make the rounds for all of the other updates!  You won't be sorry.


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