Thanks for all the sympathy and encouragement during my meltdown on the last post!  I knew I could turn to you for a couple of pats on the back and a thumbs up.

You really know how to make a gal feel special:)

The thing about feeling overwhelmed is that it doesn't last forever and you get a few things done and it all seems like you over-reacted....ha ha.

I do feel better except now I have a whole other problem and that is.... we are going out of town for a few days and I have to board Cami.....whaaaaa!

I wouldn't blame you if stopped reading my post cause all I do is fact I declare right now to turn over a new leaf.....positive thoughts only from now on  for the most part.

We'll see how long this last:)

A few updates on some projects....

First up the Boulder Flip.

Before kitchen

Cabinets going in.


Adding the shiplap:)


More me crazy but I still like it!

Storage off the garage...

Tiled and drywalled!

And the before of the dreaded master bath which is the size of a postage stamp!  We stole 18" from a linen closet so when you step out of the shower you don't step right into the toilet.

We had to give it a wow factor.....

That's all I got because of course I rely on them to send me updates and they suck at that job!

Next on the agenda today is an update on the Pinewood Forest Showhouse for Atlanta Magazines Home.

I took a drive down there so I could see what I am up against.....meaning I need to figure out how I am going to design my space....and pronto I might add!

This is my space....the tower

I'm still a little concerned about going up and down these stairs a million times durning the install!

But so damn excited for my floors...

And my tile in the bathroom!

With these floors
Small tiny matte black about the size of a dime.

I have a bar area right when you walk in the door

And I painted the cabinets SW Stillwater.

And the fixture will mount on the side wall....

Sneak peek of the kitchen cabinets....

And the master bathroom vanity

I found this cool low bench at HomeGoods and threw that puppy right in my cart.  Not sure where it's going yet:)
It's amazing how you get super human strength when shopping.

Look at some of the cute houses in the neighborhood!

Now I want a red house right!

Worth a drive down there to check it out!

Alrighty then....since everyone is going to be on vaca this week I might take Tuesday off from blogging unless I run into something awesome that I need to share!

Happy 4th!

Sheriky Freaky



How the heck did it get to be Tuesday already?  

I feel like I am treading water just trying to stay a float and my dang arms are getting tired.  I know....I foot in front of the other.....head down and swim and you will get to the finish line before you know it.

I might sound like a wait....I AM A CRYBABY.  Insert visual of 2 year old on the floor having a temper tantrum.

But hey....I am sure everyone feels like that at times so I can hear you under your breath saying "suck it up Sherry". it.  

Working on this House Beautiful project has it's perks though....I got to preview these new wallpapers from The Style Library! Here in Atlanta these brands are carried at Grizzel and Mann over at ADAC

Here is my favorite....Nest Egg.

Schumacher used to have a similar paper and I had it in my powder room....but they discontinued it many years ago.

Yes please anything with birds in it.....

I never met a botanical I didn't like:)

Another favorite!

I got a few request to do a "look for less" on my before and after....[the last post] and I will definitely try to do 2021 :)  Nah just kidding....I can probably get to it in 2020.

hahahahahaha....the kind of laughter that turns into crying.

Thanks for letting me vent....we're friends right?


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