If this isn't out of the norm lately for me...then I don't know what is.....

2 post in a week......but I have to say that it has been very relaxing up here.  I even read a book which is unusual because when I am home.....sometimes I feel like I have way too much to do than read a mind races and I get anxious!

I thought I would give you some more pictures of the Southeastern Showhouse while I was thinking about it!

Starting with this pretty foyer by Kristan Moore

 The charming space below by Nina Nash Long was probably one of my favorites...The Schumacher wallpaper was amazing and I could see this room being relevant for many years to come!

It had a traditional feel but not in a stuffy way if you know what I mean.

I know this bedroom will strike a cord with many of you "classic blue lovers" definitely hit all of the right notes!

This gorgeous Anna French fabric and the rug....was an outstanding choice!

Loved the soft colors of the bathroom....and the floor just about did me in!

Stephanie Jarvis did an amazing job with both rooms.

Another guest room upstairs had a beautiful feel....

She said that she had the vintage chest painted and it was a perfect addition to the space!

Kim Regas was the designer.

Beautiful bedding.

Whitney Durham gave us a layered look right down to the tile in the bathroom....I loved the vintage feel of it!

Gordon and Dunning designed a small seating nook on the upstairs landing....

Really loved this art by Andrea Costa....she is one of my favorites!

Venture Games basement room had a great feminine feel to it which I loved!

Floralis Design was in charge of the outdoor area and the pool which was lovely.....

Murray Khouri put together this charming lower covered deck area.....

And there you have it!  Find any resources available here

Today is my last day in darn fast a week goes when you are on vacation!  I am missing Cami though so it's time to return to Atlanta and work.

Here is the was really good.....easy read and 
unexpected ending....the best kind right!

We did some walking on the beach....they have 2 dogs so at least I got some dog love while I was here:)

Yesterday we went for a 13 mile bike felt like a 100 miles with the headwinds coming back!  I think it's a good idea to have the headwinds first right??

So vacation over.....



Well it appears that I am a liar.  I did say that I would post sooner but then all kinds of stuff happened and brain got tired.

Stuff like Social Security, mortgages, medicare, Homestead exemptions.....and the list goes on.  Every phone call to handle that kind of stuff takes about 2-3 hours and's exhausting.

You need a glass of wine after each one...:)

Anyway....enough of my problems I do have some Showhouse pictures to share with you guys that don't live here in Atlanta or maybe you did not get to see it!

I am actually out of town but will link the website as there is a page to get some of the resources and paint colors....

This was the first room off the Jason Mitchell....

You can see that he likes those neutrals like I do!

It was a fun room and very eclectic.....

These pictures are of the pantry and kitchen....

I love the curves in the kitchen.....and that large window would make all things better if you had to spend a lot of time in that room....don't you agree!

Off the kitchen was the dining Kit Castaldo

It was very sophisticated and so pretty!

How about that ceiling and the chandelier......

Kit also did the rooms below....the bar area and powder room....That brass vanity was spectacular!

I loved the master bedroom.....that Zoffany wallpaper was stunning!

This space was pulled together by the talented Tish Mills.....I loved it!

The art was amazing and that rug.....hubba hubba!

One of my favorite Niermann  Weeks [Circa Lighting]

Right off the kitchen was an amazing room By Ashley Gilbreath.....

This room was so fun!

I love the Schumacher wallpaper....

That brass mantel.....

So....I have more...but just did not want to overwhelm you....:)

To find out any sources available please go here 

I hope everyone is doing well.....I just got to Nantucket again for a week.....and man it's just so pretty here!

They have 2 dogs and a cat so it makes sense to come up private! They are here for 5 months so I got to come up with them and I will leave on Delta.

That sure won't be as fun and will take all day instead of 3 hours!

Chat soon.....


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