I have quite a few new vendors to shout about since my trip to NYC.  Let's just say I roamed that building like I was getting paid for it.

Did I mention there were nine miles to get through?  On Sunday I put 20,000 steps on my Fitbit.  Yep.  

I have to say there were about 10 vendors that basically stopped me in my tracks.  One of those was the Austin, Texas based design studio Bunglo Co by Shay Spaniola.  

Boho chic.  So pretty.  

There is bedding, shower curtains and pillows.  

I'm crushing on these gorgeous colors!

You can see where she gets her inspiration....

And who might be one of the queens of Boho Chic?

Emily Henderson right?

I could definitely see some of Shay's pillows in her designs.
I adore this room so hard.

Of course there is a fine line between Boho and "hot mess" :)  Just saying.

I have to tell you guys that I am a skeptic.  Hard core people.

My first inclination when someone starts trying to sell me something is to say NO.  So when my sister Maggie [the ex bunny and the reciprocate of 2 One Room Challenges] started selling Rodan + Fields I had to block her calls for a while.  

I could not take the pressure.  

Maggie knows me and gave me a few products to use. I did not even open the packages for a month.  She kept asking me how I liked them and I was lying with a big yes!  love!

But one day I did open the box and started using.  Just what I was afraid of.....I liked how my skin was looking and now I was hooked.  The biggest difference was the texture..... especially around my eyes.  She said that I wouldn't need to get Botox any more......and I said I am not giving that up.

You know us boomers.....we are trying to hang on to our youth.  I'm all 63 and sporting ripped jeans.

Whatever.....60 is the new 40.

Happy weekend!




Nancy said...

I didn't think I was a fan of boho until I saw this post. hubba hubba! those colors and patterns convinced me otherwise. good to know about the rodan and fields...i'm a beauty product junkie...never met a brand I wouldn't try especially if it promises to lift, tuck, or reduce...tell your sister i'm requesting a full body product that does all that pretty please :)

Kathysue said...

The colors of all the pillows are just YUMMY!! Love the patterns and color mix. I can see why it caught your eye. Like a tray of pretty Easter eggs!!! YOU my dear friend look good at any age, but to think you look this good in your 60s in amazing!! Glad you found products that make a difference for you!! We 60 somethings, (I am soon to be 65 and a card carrying gal to prove it, medicare, YIKES) need to keep on trying and caring. Aging is inevitable, but getting old is all a matter of attitude and YOU have a great attitude!!
Happy Weekend,

J Murphy said...

Hey Sherry......Just take a chance and check out my artist facebook page, Jeannie Murphy Art. On the left in oh so tiny letters will link you to my new web site. I've done several commissioned pieces. I know colors are bold but not all. If I have the guidelines, I can paint anything in any color pallet.
Love the colors in BOHO Chic. Later

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love the whole watercolor softness of those fabrics, so beautiful!

Scribbler said...

Boho has come full circle for me. I jut turned 70, and I am using Latisse because I refuse to give up long gorgeous lashes.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Beautiful fabrics, for sure! Probably not in my home or shop, but certainly pretty! (I have attempted to stop buying pillows for the shop, because they are just a tough sell for me.). I love being 60. It's really the first time I've had the freedom to "take chances" and the time to do it. As far as against is concerned...I think it's a choice how we want to age. Use it or lose it, is the motto of the decade! Keep going strong!

Crazy Wonderful said...

Those fabrics are amazing! They have my neutral loving soul wanting to add color to my home. I hear you about the Rodan and Fields. My friend was harassing me about it and I bought some just to quiet her. I was hoping to prove her wrong, but ended up loving the stuff. Damn it!

Sustainable Furniture UK said...

The colors of all the pillows are very lovely! Love the patterns and color mix. It really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing!

Pink Camellias said...

The pillows are great. I'm pretty traditional, but I like having at least one modern element in the room. Pillows are an easy way to change things up - I love for them to be my modern touch.

Cindy said...

Haha, now you have me curious about your sister the former bunny and recipient of two room makeovers skin care stuff. I want to get botox, but am allergic to cow stuff, and it has cow stuff in the shots. I might risk anaphylaxis soon though, things are getting pretty rough. ... And what's not to love about soft ripped up jeans.
So, is it all about boho chic now?


therelishedroost said...

Love these pillows!! Yep not giving up the Botox to rid me of the ANgry Bird lines either! xo

Robingaf said...

I adore your posts times a million!!

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