I hope everyone was blessed with being able to spend time with family yesterday!  We had Thanksgiving at my sister's and she was so proud to show off her new "digs" which I decorated for the ORC!

I had company on Wednesday night and somewhere around midnight I got the great idea that we needed to do some shots of Tequila.  You know how it have that great little buzz going and it felt "right".

Unfortunately all we had around was this....mostly used for margaritas but dang after a few glasses of wine it went down just fine.  

So maybe Thanksgiving day was a little low key if you know what I'm saying.

On Tuesday I ran over to ADAC..... looking for fabrics for a project.

Took a few quick shots of some new ones from Kravet!

Brunschwig & Fils

I finally ordered some new slipcovers from my MGBW furniture....

Glad to have an alternative to my white ones...since living with this big girl can dirty up a white slipcover pretty quickly....
 This is where she watches me leave the house:)

I ordered these chairs for a dining room project and I am going to have them slipcovered.

Like this.....

Since my client was having company for Thanksgiving I improvised with drop cloths from Lowe's to help with privacy in the bedroom of the guest house.

I was shocked to see how great they looked.  We used the 9 x 12 medium weight and they were perfect....straight out of the time to iron.

The kitchen is almost installed.

And after shopping his garage I found this fabulous rug which looked great against the dark gray floors!

How about this old brass door that he scored at Scott's!

And some landscaping was getting finished.

And maybe I did a little of this yesterday....cause I had a slight "boo boo head".....

Hanging out on the sofa with Cami!

Have a great at all the sales!  I have a few things in my bag around the internet:)

Keep it real.....




Before we get going about design I had some criticism about using the word "ghetto" in my last post.  While it is never my intention to offend anyone.... I now realize that I actually misspoke, not using the term accurately.  Ghettoghetto is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.[1] The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted and segregated.

It is actually where someone lives......what I meant to say was this: "My office looks like a Messa dirty or untidy state of things or of a place.

"she made a mess of the kitchen"

synonyms:untidiness, disorderdisarraycluttershamblesjumblemuddlechaos
"please clear up the mess"

I have learned so much since I started blogging, that sometimes I am unintentionally insensitive  and,  that learning the definition of certain words is definitely a plus.  Please forgive.....

I have blabbed on and on about this project but seriously people I still drop my jaw every time I am over there and see more updates.

While the main house is pretty much done there is still work to do on the pool house.  And the "pigeonniere's".  Yeah....that is what I said?  Huh?

I had to look that one up.  Actually it is french for Dovecote which is essentially a house for pigeons.  Gah....I have been letting  my pigeons just hang out in the backyard. I am so apathetic about things right?


 Evergreen Plantation/Louisiana


Although this one is going to be a garden shed....
Wait until this beauty is finished....[there are 2 of them!]

Pool/guest house.'s just the perfect size for me:)

Complete with a garage door.

Starting with kitchen....

The Hicks Pendants

And these brass strips in the subway tile....




All white except for this.....
The floors.....

Gonna have fun decorating this space.  "There is too much white" said Sherry..... never.

This is a shot of the back of the house....the master bedroom.

Are you ready to burn your house down.....hahaha.  I know.

Yet..... I am just happy to have a house.

Thanksgiving week.....enjoy yourself my friends! 
Be thankful.
I sure am.




I might have to declare this One Room Challenge month!  I have been busy plowing through all of the linking reveals and I found a few to share with you.

There is so much talent out there so I encourage you to browse through them and look for your favorite.  It might take me a month to get through all 154 of them:)

I am in love with this warm eclectic office makeover by Lindsey.  It makes my office look like the ghetto.
Takeaway:  That gorgeous color on the walls!

This dining room took a turn for the better with this overhaul from RAD  Trust me when I say you  need to see the before!
Takeaway: Paint out the trim!

I think Kevin made my list last year....he is still in high school....yeah I know!
Takeaway: Mixing styles to get an eclectic look.

Oh Sarah....this makeover is beautiful....I love everything about it!  There is plenty of black and white for me to drool over!
Takeaway: Edit a space to get a clean and sophisticated look.

Hollie did a great job with her Jack and Jill bath.  More black and white goodness:)
Takeaway: Keep it simple!

Claire stole my heart with her vintage inspired guest bedroom.....that headboard made me all giddy:)
Takeaway: Start with a focal point like this great headboard!

Go see Melaine's basement won't believe how cool this space is!
Takeaway: Create interest with vintage pieces!

Along with a office makeover I need to get in my laundry room and do something awesome like what Iris did in her's.
Takeaway: Small space...keep the colors neutral.

Around The Watts House

I can't wait to get through more of these great makeovers!

Have a great weekend!




Before we get to design I have some tech news to share with you....I learned something yesterday!  If you remember my rampage that ever since I upgraded my Mac it has been running like poop.  I blame it on the "cloud" and it looks like I was kinda right.

I had about 6 GB of storage left on my computer.  It was full of fact so full that the cloud couldn't download which is why I was so frustrated!  Where are my pictures could be heard on a regular basis around here!

I kept deleting to make space and the cloud kept bringing them back.....grrrrrrr.  So my friend Tina helped me and we took every every picture up to the cloud.  Yep...scary as that sounds it enabled me to go from 6 GB to 82 GB of available storage.  And..... I found images I had been looking for:)  Plus I can download them when ever I need!  Winning.

So there is your PSA for the day!

As promised here are the last of the details from my ORC.

 All of the furniture is Lee Industries.  The chair style is C-1211-01.  The fabric Is Petry Sand grade I.  They are swivel/glider and slipcovered.

 The Sofa style is 3063-32.  The fabric is Pinafore Black grade I.  Top Stitching, with a cloud nine cushion.  Black Walnut on the legs.
The other question a few of you asked was about the fabric for the wing chair slipcover.  I don't know the name and I bought what was left on the bolt.....sorry:(   Remember people I was in a hurry!

I think I gave you most of the information for the foyer.  I got the gold frame at Michaels. I knew the minute I decided on the wallpaper I wanted one of Jana's brushstroke lamps.  Between all of the traditional vibes in this space I needed something to help change the direction a little!

I could have gone with the blue one....
or the black one....

They both would have worked but in my opinion a little more predictable.

The antique mirror was something I purchased at Scott's probably 15 years ago.  It is hand carved wood and adds my favorite element to a space.....patina.

And the design books give the space it's color which was so needed!

I couldn't be happier with this flush mount light fixture from really gave the space a little bling:)

Let's discuss this situation a little.....the "woofer and tweeter" from another era....with the doors always open because of outdated equipment.

With the help of my audio guy we now have this cleaned up version....

You know that I painted the bookcases to help the TV blend in!

And last.....I picked up this little number from HomeGoods a few days ago....
A perfect addition to the space.  

 There you have it.....nothing left to say. It's Christmas and all of the presents are opened.  #sad


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