How the heck can I quit blogging when I get so much love from all of you?  I mean even some "diehard lurkers" wrote comments so the pressure is definitely on!

That being said my blog post may be just a little schizophrenic for a while as I have a lot of projects going on but nothing is quite finished:) 

Anyway I definitely think my slight depression is situational and it comes and goes for sure.  But hey....with the year we all have had I am sure that is the norm right?  We shall overcome!

So let's see what I have been up to since last appointment on Monday cancelled so that meant I could go look at rugs for a project!

This is the family room....

Now I have not checked stock on these so they could just be auditioning for the role....hee haw.

 I am definitely feeling a few of them and hope the stars align so I can at least say yes or no....I want that control you know!

After a few months of waiting this clients mirror finally came and will be installed on Tuesday....excited.

I got some amazing wallpapers from an artist in Tennessee Angela Simeone

Here is some of her other can find here on Instagram also.

And....the lights arrived for the chest so now I have to get going on accessories.

Yesterday I was doing just that so I visited my favorite consignment store  in Atlanta called Swoox

Man they were stocked up with good stuff!

So I have a funny for you....when I was at my neighbors the other night she asked me about fixing up a rarely used guest room.  I went upstairs while she was cooking me dinner [a job she feels privileged to have] to take a look and see where to start.   When I came back downstairs the first thing I said was...."well one boob light is bad enough but who the heck made the decision to put 2 of them in one room?"  I don't think I have ever seen so much bad taste on a ceiling....haha.

So in short...yes this situation needs to be addressed.

I have also put together a little outfit for you:)

And this baby girl likes to nap on the bed while I am getting ready in the cutie.

One more thing....apparently the blog service that sends my blog to your email will be discontinued in July.  I am going to try and figure out what the deal is but my advice is to follow Design Indulgence on Facebook as I do put my blog post on there!

So y'all have a great week....I have a small install coming up so I hope to have some design pics soon!

Sherika Freaka




I don't know how it got to be Sunday be honest I have been struggling with writing my blog lately.  It is hard to pretend that everything is always hunky dory....and sometime I feel like when I read it sounds a little forced...

I am sure y'all don't notice it.  I can tell that I have a little  "low grade" depression and it feels like I need to save all of my energy for work because I have to do that!

I am sure it will I just keep plugging along because as I have said before and as trite as it sounds TIME is the great healer. is whats up.

I started the Netflix series called The Serpent.  Now to be honest I called my sister after episode one [she had already finished it] and said should I keep going?

But she assured me that it would be good so I plowed into episode 2.  She was right.  I have finished 5 episodes now and I want to go in there and finish it but I also want something to watch tonight so I am holding off.  I will tell you that it moves back and forth through some years but you will figure that out pretty quickly.

It is based on a true story and the music and fashion was a draw for me!

Next up is this little situation I purchased from a flea market to go in a loft area for a client.  Since the wait time is so long for upholstery...I thought to go in another direction!  I can not wait to put this area together!

Just think rug and accessories....etc!

At the same house I had the runner installed and it looks so darn good!  It is by Stanton.

So classic....looks like a mans tweed suit.

I was at Kravet last week searching for fabrics and they had a new wallpaper book.  It also has matching fabrics.

They are all drawn by a little boy who has autism...I mean how cute are those giraffes anyway.

Y'all know how much I love my coffee table which is similar to this wood [not shape] and I saw this one at a flea market the other day....swoon!

I also saw this great hand painted lamp...I am assuming. Stunning.

Here is what has been keeping me up at nights....and that is putting together a lighting plan.  If y'all think this is easy I am here to say nope.

I always want a good mix of gold....dark and silver.  Plus you have to figure out which ones will all be in a site line so that it doesn't look busy.

And one more thing...I am excited to be using this wallpaper....

I know...who am I?  I mean this is every color in the book!

Oh but wait there is one more thing.  Take a seat for this one because is about cooking.  I have made this soup/stew about 10 times.  To the point where I can get the ingredients from memory.

There you have it.  Just random thoughts and events but hey it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I'm not quitting but just know that my post might be sporadic for a bit.




Well if this isn't one for the books:)  Posting on a Sunday.  Darn.....who am I?

I am all off kilter here..... all honesty I decided to wait until after I went to Scott's so I could share with you some of the cool stuff I found.

I had not been in a couple of months.  I know some of you are scratching your head thinking damn if I lived 20 minutes from that amazing antiques market I would go every month.'s kind of like living near the beach.  You know it's always there so you don't go that much.

This month it was different as I was looking for some accessories for clients so in that respect I scored!

I saw these chairs and they were amazing but just not deep enough....

I always stop for a big beautiful sunburst mirror!

I picked up 6 of these for a client for an all cream room....gonna be pretty with just that pop of green!

I also picked up these for a clients know me I gotta add that patina!

I really liked this picture and almost sent it to a client but I hit a wall at that point I think....haha

And of course I am always taking pictures of styling for inspiration!

This whole situation below had me giddy!

Rose was proud of me because I wanted to buy this blanket but I managed to walk I need another vintage blanket:)

This was one beautiful mid century chest in perfect condition!

Oh yeah....this was a little deal for a clients back foyer....just a little styling piece you know!

This pillow....yes please!

And this gorgeous beauty!

Then we ran across these original Heywood Wakefield chairs and Rose bought them for a client! We found them on 1st Dibs.....and she got them all for the price of just one!

I always say yes always to pretty pots!

I also picked up a series of these little bird prints for a client:)

And a series of the cool black and white abstracts for another client...... I told you I scored!

Just as I was leaving I saw this cool table....of course I would have to rough it up a little cause it was a little too new looking!

Some amazing rugs......

I picked up the middle rug to try for a 3 more.

Loved this over-dyed rug!  Beware though....because if you try to clean them sometimes the dye can come off!  Just FYI

This beauty.....

All in all it was a fun day.....had a "slaw hot dog" and chips for lunch also.

So now I gotta go make my bed, walk Cami, do my 4 mile walk and then organize my DR table which is full of piles of paperwork that need to be filed!

Y'all have a great Sunday!


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