It might shock some of you to know that I have never been to Costco.  I hear my friends talking about it all the time but there's just 2 of us living in this house so in my mind it just didn't make sense to buy in bulk.

Fast forward to the other day when I was leaving my last appointment and I was faint from hunger.  It was about 4:00 and I was passing Costco.  I swerved into the parking lot on 2 wheels because I had also heard stories of snacks at every corner.

I practically ran up to the counter to join......  grabbed my cart and headed to the food area.  Good Lord people it was nirvana.  Cute people with hair nets and blue smocks pushing food like there was a contest.  I tasted everything and even had to circle the cheesecake with strawberries and whip cream 3 times until the line went down.

What really amazed me was that after I gorged, paid for my items I came across this.

Food you have to pay for.  That was weird to me cause there is free food all over the place.

 I  bounced out of there like I had just discovered gold.  Plus I was full:) right?  Although when you think about it I just paid 55.00 for snacks.  I never said I was a math whiz.

As promised I have a few other vendors to share with you from the New York show.  I spent more time here than any other booth!

Holy smokes y'all.  The Guildery was founded by Shane Reilly [founder of Decorati] and Kelly Berger [co founder of Tiny Prints acquired by Shutterfly].


Bottom line.....any pattern in any color on  Belgian  linen, sailcloth, cotton twill and others.

It is mind boggling and of course my ADD set in so I was frozen and could not make a decision.

Some of their designers include Lindsay Coral Harper.

Becki Owens

Are you dying yet?  Well hold on to your hats.  There are 3 pages of collections....


Here are three I put together.

I mean it's ridiculous.  The possibilities are infinity.

And....if your mind isn't already spinning you can design your own fabric.  Yep.  They pretty much covered everything.

Don't ever say I didn't hook you up.




OK....again with this and that.  

Yesterday I got a rejection letter.  Well really it was an email because who writes letters anymore right?  "My media presence is just not large enough to be selected".......  

You know the expression "legend in your own mind"?  That little rejection brought me right on down to street level:)

No worries though because about 5 hours later I got a "you have been selected" email that made me really happy.....more about that later!

One of Atlanta's top photographers and my good  friend Emily Followill has a book coming out!

I have been lucky to work with Emily on a few projects and she is as nice as she is talented.


I pulled a few images from her website.

I love this room designed by my good friend Judy Long of Tillman Long Interiors.  

This shot is from a past Show House and designed by Melanie Turner.

I am not sure who the designer is but love the shot!

Congratulations Emily!

Last week I made a trip over to the Matthew Quinn Collection showroom which is loaded with gorgeous hardware.

These are some selections for a master bath.

These are for a custom armoire in a bedroom.

Looks at all the goodness they have!

There were literally so many selections it was mind boggling.  Like pillows.

And here is the last thing.  I would be rich if I had a nickel for every request I get for the info on this runner I used on a project years ago. 

Unfortunately I can't respond to ANONYMOUS!

So here it is. 

Now stop it.





I have quite a few new vendors to shout about since my trip to NYC.  Let's just say I roamed that building like I was getting paid for it.

Did I mention there were nine miles to get through?  On Sunday I put 20,000 steps on my Fitbit.  Yep.  

I have to say there were about 10 vendors that basically stopped me in my tracks.  One of those was the Austin, Texas based design studio Bunglo Co by Shay Spaniola.  

Boho chic.  So pretty.  

There is bedding, shower curtains and pillows.  

I'm crushing on these gorgeous colors!

You can see where she gets her inspiration....

And who might be one of the queens of Boho Chic?

Emily Henderson right?

I could definitely see some of Shay's pillows in her designs.
I adore this room so hard.

Of course there is a fine line between Boho and "hot mess" :)  Just saying.

I have to tell you guys that I am a skeptic.  Hard core people.

My first inclination when someone starts trying to sell me something is to say NO.  So when my sister Maggie [the ex bunny and the reciprocate of 2 One Room Challenges] started selling Rodan + Fields I had to block her calls for a while.  

I could not take the pressure.  

Maggie knows me and gave me a few products to use. I did not even open the packages for a month.  She kept asking me how I liked them and I was lying with a big yes!  love!

But one day I did open the box and started using.  Just what I was afraid of.....I liked how my skin was looking and now I was hooked.  The biggest difference was the texture..... especially around my eyes.  She said that I wouldn't need to get Botox any more......and I said I am not giving that up.

You know us boomers.....we are trying to hang on to our youth.  I'm all 63 and sporting ripped jeans.

Whatever.....60 is the new 40.

Happy weekend!



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