Y'all.....we need to do something about how fast a week flies by.  Seriously.....something like Wednesday might last for 2 days just to have a little more time to get things done.  We would have Wednesday 1 and 2.....then get on to the weekend.

Some of you might disagree with me because you can't wait to get to the weekend....but for me it just means I have to work on Sat or Sun.

Just a thought glad I am not the one in charge of things....haha

It was quite the week but I did manage to get in some good workouts which was tough last week while installing our table design!

So look....I have 2 big jobs going on at the same time.  One is a total renovation and the other a new build but both need to be finished at the same time and it's a hustle y'all.  I was over at one project in Brookhaven and the kitchen was getting installed.

This is the exciting part when all of your selections start coming to life!

Here is the kitchen....

So glad about the 2 towers that went in....the microwave will go in the one below.  

The island is painted BM Wrought Iron and the cabinets are painted SW Pure White.  It was the closest I could find to White Dove and I might like it better:)

This is the pantry that has a pocket door to close off in case of "mess".  It was supposed to be all shelves but I am not one for small appliances sitting out so we made a counter top in there for a coffee station and other things like the mixer and toaster.

You can see there will be 2 sconces in-between the towers.

These are actually the same Currey and Co ones that I have!  I just love the detail on the backplate!

Can't wait to see the hood....we found a picture on pinterest....

And hold on to your hats people.....I finally found a client who is just as gaga over these fixtures as I am....for over the island.  These are from Currey and Co also.

I am so PUMPED!!!!  
Since the ceilings are only 9 feet almost all of the others she wanted would not fit....I took a chance and showed her these and it was "winner winner chicken dinner"

The countertops are a white marble.....

If all island legs were shaker I would not be mad.  I'm just a simple girl at heart....

The family room is all white of course:)

With this Serena and Lily fixture!

And in the bedroom....

My favorite Saxon chandelier also from Currey and Co.

How pretty will this look in this white room.....

Here is the master bath....

These classically pretty sconces from Circa Lighting and the Kohler Margaux faucet below along with marble countertops.

With this pretty chandelier in the barrel ceiling...

And last...the gray tile was installed on the screened in porch!  Ceiling painted BM Whythe Blue.

Now.....drum roll many of you asked about that Home Depot vanity!

The white Home Depot vanity can be found here....

Sorry this one was so long....but I just wanted to give you a feel for this project....Jamie and I are definitely on the same design page and I am pretty pumped about doing the interiors!

Might be getting some rain in Atlanta this weekend.....and stay tune for Tuesday because I am headed to the scene of the crime on Monday.  Yup....Madison.  It's time to install some more furniture and rugs!

Hang in there peeps.....



THIS AND THAT's another week already.  Where the holy heck did summer go?  And....who knew that Covid would still be here when we first heard about it in March?  I can remember being out to dinner with Rose on March 7 and there was one case.....


Today I am answering questions and showing you a few of the other tables from To Live and Dine at ADAC.

Leslie....I ordered the napkin rings on Etsy and they were vintage.  There were only 5 but I can tell you I think they are a pottery.  Or maybe do a google search with a picture of them!

I went on Etsy and looked for some other nice ones that would have worked on our table....

The amber I said I got mine at Scott's a few years ago but I found one on Etsy for you....

And I found plenty [much smaller] at places like Target, Crate and Barrel and a few on Amazon!

So I thought you might want to look at some of the other tables....

Hope Austin Interiors

Love the red white and blue!

Forbes and Masters

Amazing that they finished...the wallpaper arrived late the night before we were supposed to be finished!  Love the organic feel of this space.

Regas Interiors

Hard to photograph this one but there were plenty of beautiful moments....I also think it was before the flowers were placed.....

CDK Interior Design

Poor Christy....she threw her back out placing the heavy bust!  Love the gallery wall!

Atelier Davis

So creative!  The wall was hand painted on paper then installed!

Bossard Design

The gorgeous Schumacher wallpaper was a great backdrop for this table.  And those flowers were real and amazing!

Davenport Designs LTD
My friend Lauren brought her grandmothers china and her sister did the floral arrangement.  Hard to photograph but it was stunning!

Balance Design
This one was hard to photograph also but it was extremely creative with the black rocks and flowers.

Every one had such creative centerpieces and there we were with a silver pitcher and a 7.99  maidenhair fern:)
Isn't it amazing how different they all were!

I went on a site check and saw 2 of the vanities I ordered online....was pretty impressed with them!

This one came from Home Depot

And this one was from Wayfair.  Of course the tile is the star here right!

Met with the floor guy who worked a miracle for me:)  Client wanted light floors.  Wasn't sure it would work with the old and the new mixed in but he gave us a great option!

Let me see if I can remember....1 part weathered part classic gray and I think special walnut...

And that was my week....well there was a lot more but these were the highlights for sure...haha

As I am sitting here writing this post Cami is staring at me for her walk and it is raining....don't know how to break it to her....

This was her last night looking all cute...

Hope you guys have a remarkable day....

Sherika Freaka

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