Well...hello there friends!  

Yes.....December came and went and I have to tell you that it was a hard month.  Something about the holidays make me sad.  I think it could be many things but probably missing my sister.

But hey....everyone struggles at some time or another so we have to just keep moving forward!

I made a trip out to Boulder to visit family!  I had not been anywhere since last May when I went to Nantucket.  

Always anxious to leave Cami and sure enough she got sick while I was gone but my dog sitter [who lives in my neighborhood] took her to the emergency vet and all was well.  Of course they never get sick during the daytime......right.

I was starting to think Boulder was cursed for me as I was there when my husband left me and when I got the news that my sister was going into hospice.

We made a trip to Vail for 2 nights!

So much fun!

I was happy to see this little bugger when I got home!

Before I left I had a small porch install for a friend who was having a party.

I added a bigger wall sconce and some texture with the large planters!

Below is the old one.....

Below is another before....

And the rug and pillows plus a different table in between the chairs.

All the plants were refreshed which made a big difference!

Another before below....the new pillows which I found on Etsy also helped to give it a more cohesive look....

I also like the larger outdoor light from Currey and Co.

And there you have it....this was in late November:)

I am not even going to say that I will be better....cause it never fails that I don't.  So let's keep the expectations low...and maybe we will be surprised:)

As always thanks for reading and just so you know....Blogger will not send out blogs anymore so that's that.  

It's always something....right!


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