Sunday ramblings.....

First off, I have to say this...Atlanta I forgive you.  For the ice storms...the snow...a week with out mail and school [although I personally enjoyed the time I am sure some Mom's will have a different opinion of the school closings]....slipping and falling a few times. 
 BECAUSE you surprised us with 72 degrees yesterday. have reminded us that we need winter to appreciate a gorgeous weekend like this so just regard all the nasty things I said and chalk it up to "snow brain"......
I should be out side pulling dead plants out of planters...cause they don't look like this anymore
Or this
But I know that this won't last and even if I clean them out it won't really matter.  I will have plenty of time to do it in March!  Lord I can always find an excuse to put things off.

Part of the reason for this is to remind you that if you are at all interested in the giveaway...then you should check it out...tomorrow I do the giving...

Next is to remind you to check out Room Remix  She did a series last week on paint colors which features Janell from Isabella and Max, Emily from Emily Clark, Lauren from Pure Style Home, Maria from Color Me Happy , Erica from BluLabel Bungalow and me :)
This was a great series and I hope you will check it out.  Who doesn't want to know great colors that others have tried and know to be great!

About the wallpaper....turned out great but now I feel like I need to style the room a little better.  Yes I know it makes me tired just thinking about it.  I want to be a regular person who designs a room and walks away......not the crazy lunatic that I am who keeps at it like somebody trying to bounce a square ball.  So I need a few days to fluff that room up please :)

And last but not least the hair.  First let me give you a little comparison here....I have been going to this place and don't get me wrong...I like the way she cuts my hair....sometimes. seems like she cuts it different every time.  Cause she starts talking and I am sitting there thinking......"shut up and concentrate here babe...this is MY hair".....And another thing the coffee is not that good and served in a paper cup.
So this new place I went...valet parking [me thinking uh oh....$$$].  Receptionist: Would you like a cup of coffee? Me: Why yes that would be lovely.  Here she comes with the little silver tray and a cute little mug and a COOKIE! [me thinking uh oh that probably cost me $20].
But I liked that she was very focused on the hair and she asked me lots of questions and played with it a bit.  Attention cost money.

Here is a geeky picture taken by photo booth....she curled it with a flat iron....????  So there I was after $115.00 vs $82.00.  I don't know......I'll probably go back...just because of the cookie.

My new camera came so now I have to read directions.  Not my strong point.

Happy Sunday

You can never have enough...or mart part 3

I know...haircut and wallpaper.  Both are great and we will have pictures next week.
I just have to get the rest of these great images out there.  It is Friday and you need some pretty things to inspire you this weekend. they are.  If Mr Goodwill Hunting is reading then this is for him.  He posted that he found a 12 piece place setting of this silverware and I am here to tell you that one place setting is $270.00.  It is by a company called Arte Italia.  That is a lot of jack for silverware. 

Could you die???  I came around the corner to this....Osborne and Little wallpaper.  This picture does not do it is a dark brown background and the green portraits really pop out.  It was the setting for Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown.  Everything in there was "slap me" awesome.  
Do you not love when just a measly little pillow can send shivers?????

Speaking of are some random ones I saw....
These are from Lacefield Designs.  They have some great ones and their price point is awesome.  Also all of her pillows are made in the USA!
Remember this from the Atlanta showhouse???? it "knocked off" and so cheap...nothing is sacred anymore.
Love this!!!  You can take your pillow with you everywhere.  I can see it now...snide friend:  Here comes Sherry with her darn pillow again....Me:  Hi snide friend...have you seen my pillow?  Snide friend:  Um yeah Sherry...give it a rest sweetheart.
Come on....cute.
When people come into your house you don't have to say anything...just point to the pillows.
Spring is coming and I am digging this color scheme.
Love the antique hand mirrors on the wall.....
This is Tara Shaw.  We are BFF's....not.  But can I tell you how NICE she was?????  Honestly she spent 20 minutes telling me about her line.  They are reproductions inspired by Antiques from Sweden, Italy, and France.  She has been featured in Veranda, Western Interiors and other publications.  They did a great spread about her over at  Willow Decor.  Very talented lady.
Ally...this is for you since you are starting a collection!
Please....I can hardly put my 6 pillows on my bed every morning.  Do like the color scheme though...

And..... please...somebody give me these trays.....

And...last but not we not love Arteriors????  They have the best lighting and this one is my new fave right now.....

I need...I want....and if that is all it took...then they would be mine :)
That is it...we are done with the mart.  Won't be back until July when I put myself through this torture all over again.

Have a smashing weekend.


It's about time....

OK...part 3 of  mart is still delayed so that I can bring you this info.
Today I am finally [6 months later] getting this put up.

Oh...don't get me wrong.  I actually ordered the paper and have had it.  But then I couldn't decide if I wanted to do I want to paint the room a lighter color [the backgound of the paper] do I want to put it on the there it sat in a closet for 6 months.  Then right before my little Christmas party on the 23rd [like 2 days before] I called my paper girl and blazingly asked if she could come put it up before the party.  I literally had to hold the phone out the window cause her mean and callous laugh shook me to the core.  What....for real...what is the big deal.  Oh...I see...your are very busy with people who actually booked ahead of time.  Humbly hang up phone and pouted for at least a minute.  Moved on.....I'm simple like that.  No grudge holding for me :)

On to today.  Here are the words I said to propel me can always paint the room after.  If you don't like it change it.   That is what designers say to themselves...not to clients.  Clients:'ll love it.....your friends will be envious.....please pick this one because it is MY favorite and I want to see it up.  And other stuff.  If any of my clients are reading this...not you....older clients from way back.

Another thing I am excited did this post become about: me  me  me  me!
I ordered a new camera: The Canon G12.

I really thought about this.  Ok obsessed.  Ok stalked.  But I wanted something that was still easy to carry and the thought of trying to figure out how to use one of those honking big cameras with lens and lots of buttons will throw me into a tailspin.  Directions, lessons...and just another dang obsession.  Not now please.

If you remember today is new haircut day.  Hope I don't end up like this.....

It is a rainy Tuesday here in the ATL.


We interrupt this program....

I do have one more post from the mart but I wanted to get this little giveaway in before February.  Why you ask...well February will be my one year "blogging anniversary " so I have to knock it out of the park on that giveaway!!!  I am thinking up lots of great ideas.  I'd like to giveaway my ass because I have extra and why not share :)

Hopefully somebody out there has this color scheme....cause these are great fabrics.

Sorry for the wrinkled look....they have been folded up and I am lazy.  The floral [1 yard] is a Lee Jofa linen, and the plaid [1/2 yd] is Brunschwig and Fils.  The script fabric [1 1/2 yd] came from Lewis Textiles. where you could purchase more if you needed.  The calendar is from West Elm which you could frame individually and has the colors of the fabrics in them.

Here are some closer views

So there you have it.  I know they would have looked better all ironed but if I am going to iron anything... then I am going to go pick something out of my pile to benefit me.  Once again...a purely selfish thought.  Now if you want to be in the drawing you can (a).  shave your head and send me a picture [lets start a movement] or (b). just become a follower.  Your choice.  Picking a winner on January 31st.

Seriously though somebody could make some great pillows for spring...on a porch maybe....

And a shout out to some giveaways I have won recently.  A gift certificate to from ajphotostylist which belongs to Annette Joseph a fabulous stylist whom I have personally worked with.  She makes rooms sing!!!
And Rene from Cottage and Vine emailed me that I had won a gift certificate  from so I am hooked up!!!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.  My husband will be watching Football and seriously he will be emerged to the point that I could start knocking down a wall and he would not notice, or lets just say I walked in with George Clooney and said we were going to discuss a few things in the bedroom...he would probably just grunt! 

Things to look forward to for you....more of the house with the turquoise doors...remember?...well it is awesome, and a few small projects around the house.   Things for me to look forward to is getting my hair cut by someone new on Tuesday.  Could go either way on that one....


More Mart

It is 7:00 pm and I probably will not get around to posting this until early tomorrow morning cause I am dead dog tired.  I was dealing with some cranky ass clients this week......and it made me want to go get a retail job in Pottery Barn so I could just walk away when someone starts picking on me.

The good thing is that here it is Friday already and I have no commitments for the weekend so it is ALL MINE.
But enough about me...I know why you are here...yep for pretty pictures and that is right up my alley also.

More coffee bean bag pillows.  I liked these as they had some color to them.  These pillows were created and designed by Kellie Guthrie of  G.E.A.R.  They are all re-cycled, re-invented and one of a kind.

After seeing them I realized I had purchased one from World of Rugs here in Atlanta over Christmas for my sofa.  This particular one had the most beautiful silk fabric on the back.  They are very well made and come with the insert.
This was a lamp shade made from news paper...from a company called Stray Dog  They have really cool lamps but these shades caught my eye.

Another one made the same way out of a map.  Maps are hot now.

Can you tell I liked them :)  I know some bloggers out there could whip this up before breakfast!  Get going.....
I think there was some discussion a while back on beds.  Do you like them all fluffy and pillowy or tailored.  When I saw this bed I was definitely leaning towards the all fluffy......  It was the bed, the table, the bedding...everything.  So incredibly soft and feminine.

The bedding is from a company called Pom Pom Interiors  It is all organic linen.  Kind of reminded me of Matteo

The whole setting was just magical....

More creams and linen...and I specifically took a picture of the rug because I had an ah ha moment in this booth.  That is just painted seagrass...I know..... I know so yesterday but dang it just hit me.  I have one I got at Ikea in my bedroom and I am going to paint it.  maybe this weekend.  It's not even perfect and mine won't be either.  I love that!  OK..Ok...on to the pillows.  They are from Shades of Grey
Their pillows are to die....All made of vintage linen and one of a kind.

You need to check out their website to see so many more.

Each one is unique and different.  Hey...they would look good on the pretty bed above!

Ok...lets just do some random shots now....This was a picture that I loved.  It is by Bobby Sikes who is located in Georgia.
I love how it is just pictures of white kitchenware.  With the black frames it is classic.  I can see me getting some of this.
Do you love it like I do????

What about this...cute idea huh?

You know what?????  There is some incredibly beautiful stuff at the I have shown you, but then you can come around the corner to this and you go WTF...are you serious????  Who is going to buy this?  I wanted to just go in and ask the vendor how many orders of that really "cool" picture of the guitars have you sold?  Puzzling isn't it???

So I am going to leave you with this image in your will help you when you are out shopping this weekend for pretty know what NOT to buy....hee haw!

There is still more....and then I am going to have to start thinking of some real post.  You people who post every day...I bow down to you.  Seriously.....I am good for about 3 times a week.  Works for me.

Make the weekend fun!

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