No way!  Week 4.......giddy up.

There is something to be said about deadlines.  I need them.
If I don't have one then I will never make a decision.  No way could I be head of a large company unless I had an assistant that would come in, shut the door and shout "damn girl....get on it".

It could be 5 years from now and I would still be flip flopping around on this stupid guest room.  Thanks you Linda for being our general.

Here is what got done.

My sister helped me attach the headboard to the wall.  It kept falling off the paint cans.
That allowed me to raise it about 10".....which looks so much better with euro shams.

I got the bed made which was a little premature because I will just have to tear it apart when I put the rug down.  I wanted to see how it was looking though.  #inpatientfool

Nothing new here yet except the coverlet.  I feel a little lazy considering that a few of the ORC bloggers are RENOVATING something.  #overachievers 

I got this bad boy painted.  
Now I am trying to decide on the pulls.  I tried a little DIY with rub and buff on the existing but wasn't feeling it so much.  I might try knocking them back a little with shoe polish.

Yet  I am leaning on ordering something like this.

Maybe pulls on the doors and knobs on the drawers.

Got the curtains, hardware and the trim ordered.  Also hung the bamboo shades.

I might have gotten a few quotes on that fabulous ceiling.....but somebody is going to have to come waaaaayyyyy down if that is to be done.  Holy mackerel. 

By the way y'all.... I recently discovered that I will be out of town week 6 and 7.  I mean gone for 8 days.  You know  what that means..... I will have to finish this sucker before I leave, write the last 2 post and figure out how to schedule them.

It's always something right?

There are 20 other bloggers who are ready to show you what they have accomplished.

Go see please.

Sheriky Freaky Deaky



I was doing some research for a project and I stumbled on these pictures of a room that Celerie did and just about had a stroke.  I know you guys are familiar with her book right?

It is by far my favorite....seriously.... in the whole wide world.  Chock full of back, white and neutrals.  


Ta Da......

Looky here.  Betwixt walls.  Yes sir. are the pictures of so much black and white goodness that I must insist you sit down right now.

I don't want anyone to faint.

All photo's by Hulya Kolabas.

That hand painted wallpaper by Fromental.  Whoa nellie.

I'm sweating just looking at it.
Adding some green to black and white just sends me to design heaven and back.

Those modern chairs make me just sick..... I love so much.  
Hubba Hubba.

Betwixt just came out with black and white about a year ago....

I found these on Etsy

You know you can not go wrong with this color scheme.  Just saying.

It was the prettiest day we have had in a long time yesterday [Sunday] and I was under the gun to get my chest painted for the ORC.

Deadlines are deadlines so I did it.

Anyway....sometimes when I stay home I save money right?

Check back on Wednesday for my challenge update.




I am going to confess to you that I'm not very good at "mood boards".  On the other hand when you want to show a little vision to a client it is the only way.

This one is for a small guest bedroom.  She already purchased the Ikea iron bed and has a vintage armoire that is staying.  This is an older home with a slight victorian feel to it.  I say that because there is a fireplace in the room with blue tiles on it.

Sometimes it is nice to already know what color you are working with :).

So feast your eyes on this very elementary Olioboard.....

Since the ceilings are 120" I will have to add fabric to the bottom of ready made curtains.  There is a window on both sides of the bed.  The one problem is that the closet door opens into the right side of the bed which leaves very little room for an end table.

I could have used 2 very small side tables and skinny tall lamps but with 10 ft ceilings I felt there was already too much vertical in the room.  I needed round and fat.  Like my butt.

After I added the color, I decided that some black and white pictures would look good split up and hung on both sides of the armoire.

We will see how this plays out and hopefully I can show you the before and afters.

In other news I finally completed watching all 3 seasons of Downton Abby.  Last week.  It was definitely a marathon.  

I got tired of faking my way through conversations with people saying things like "OF COURSE I'M WATCHING....IT'S SO GOOD RIGHT?"  Then changing the subject with "OH LOOK....THERE'S A PUPPY!"

Today I suggested to my husband [while we were out doing errands] that it would be fun to use an english accent when we spoke.  He gave me a look that I interpreted as "sometimes my wife is weird" and went about his business.  I thought it would be easier than trying to use a spanish accent...... he wanted nothing to do with any of it.

It is supposed to be a 10 on the "wizometer" tomorrow. 
 In Atlanta that is weather man talk for a "stinking fine day".

Looking forward to it.

Chili for dinner.




I have been dreading this day.....because I have to put it on paper.     You know what I mean.  It is like when you say you are going on a diet and you tell the world.  Then you are totally accountable.  


So here goes nothing.....

If you are is a brief description of the ORC.  20 talented designers/bloggers participating to makeover a room in 6 weeks.

Since it was down to the wire....I made the decision to finally finish my guest bedroom.  Let the anxiety begin.

 Now I have to reveal the plan since I already used my "stall" last week.

**I am saying right now that I have the right to make small changes along the way**

Sue me.

The chest is being painted black and I am searching for some cool brass knobs.  I would love this chair.....find me one please :)

  This is the light fixture I had to buy for the Show House.  99% sure that it is going to find it's way to the ceiling.

This table [from my LR] as the bedside table.  Need some wood to warm up the space.

I will be thrifting for a brass lamp.....

White vintage french linen shams [from my stash]
Fabric....already had made into pillows for my LR now moving into the bedroom.
Botanicals that were moved out of the LR [during the great furniture swap last weekend] will find a home also.

Seagrass on the floor.
And...I can't lie.  I did purchase this coverlet from PB last weekend reduced to a wicked low price.


I have plantation shutters in this room but I am tossing them in favor of bamboo shades and some cream linen curtains with trim.  The shutters are 20 years old so bye bye suckers.

If I win the lottery between now and the end of this challenge....I will do this to my plaster ceilings.

Could you die??

Pray for me....

It does feel good to have a plan.  The trick is to stay off Pinterest and not let any thing distract me from my goal.

Please stop by all of these talented designers below and see what everyone is up to.....on week 3.

Make it a positive day :)


**A couple of people wanted to know where I got that is from Wisteria and the wallpaper is Schumacher from the Modern Nature book**



I was sitting on my sofa...OK truthfully I was actually laying there....on Friday night [maybe there was some wine involved] and I jumped up with the excitement of someone who just heard they  won the lottery. 

 It involved moving a piece of furniture, which meant moving 5 others to various locations.  AND unplugging the TV which made me come to my senses and sit back down.  No reason to mess that situation up with a full night of TV watching ahead.

So I poured another glass of wine and that was that.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed because it is hard to see where it will end and that involves emptying out cabinets, rehanging pictures and then cleaning behind moved furniture.

Did I want to open up that can of worms???? appears I did.

After my workout on Saturday my sister came over [God love her] and we rehung 24 pictures and moved 5  pieces of furniture.  It lasted through Sunday afternoon.

I don't have all the after shots.....but I posted a few on Instagram.

Here is a piece of artwork that found a new home.

This gallery wall happened....of course a few things changed after this was taken :)

Among other things that took place last week some wallpaper for clients foyer.
The before [iphone pic]

And... the picture she emailed me after she got home from work....I can't wait to see it in person and get the new light fixture hung, paint the door black and accessorize!

Then I went to another clients to hang a mirror that took me a year to find.  I know....most people would have fired me but it had to be perfect and the one we both liked was backordered forever!

So pretty huh?

Lori and I broke down the Inspiration Showhouse room......

I wanted to show you how we mounted the doors that were behind the sofa.  Of course we could not alter them in any way.  Lori looked at me when I said..."maybe we just put some cinder blocks behind the sofa?".  She cocked her head and said "what about some shelves with a small lip on them".  And I said...."well.....I guess we could do it YOUR way also".  

Dang....I hate when someone outthinks me.

And last....I really love this mural that was done at the show house....Hand painted.  The detail was incredible and  I'm praying they don't paint over it.....

I also made some headway on my come back on Wednesday to see what decisions were made.  Yes....shocking.  I actually made a few....

It's Monday....get this week going:)

Sheriky Freaky



Yeah....Yeah.....I know.  

I should have done this last night but typical Sherry fashion I kept getting distracted and soon it was 6:30 and my mind was mush.  Time for wine....and then all bets are off.

Let me proclaim that I am a morning person.  That being said....... distraction knows no time or boundaries for me. is Wednesday and before noon I might add so in my world I am ahead of the game.

Where were we....oh yeah.  The ORC.

We left off with my room when I first decorated it 20 years ago.  Now a few people got confused and thought that it still looked like that.


I don't want to bore you with how many times I have changed it, plus my nephew lived in it for 3 years while attending college.

The main reason I decided to try and decorate my own room for this challenge is so I would commit to something and finish it once and for all.

Who am I kidding :)

I renovated the bathroom about 3 years ago when Taylor graduated and moved out. 

At the same time I painted the room white.

I pulled this together with items I already had.

 And.....couldn't commit to move forward.

I changed it again.  

I was semi happy and then we had the leak in the kitchen.

Everything got moved out and I had the opportunity to have all of my floors painted white.

Oh Hell Yes.

I know what you thinking so please keep it to yourself.  Why wasn't this b#@*h satisfied.

If I could answer that.... then I would be on the cover of TIME magazine with the heading " Girl Knows Answer To True Happiness". of the things that drives me crazy is that black plug you see on the bottom left hand corner.  That little bugger is the key to my happiness.  For some reason if it is not plugged in we have no cable TV.

Apparently I was not home when the cable guy made that decision.  A few times the cleaning people unplugged it and I am running all over the house like a lunatic screaming that the "freaking cable is out again"....only to discover what had happened.

Electrician is priority here.

That brings us to here.  My sister begged me for the previous I happily turned it over. comments  about this please.  #I'macutyou.

If you think this post is a might be correct.  Just saying.

Promise to have the plan by the next installment of the ORC.

Being the worst client ever  I might have to sit myself down and threatened to "fire me" if I don't get on board.


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