The Gynormus reveal......

I know that is not a word....I just made it up.  Blaa....blaa....busy day......bhlaa.....too tired to edit pictures......not very good at it anyway.  I mean really?  Can we be good at everything.  It all gets so complicated anyway....."complicated order"  ha ha.  Bon Qui Qui.

Do you need the reminder of what it looked like before?????

And......ta a small way.  Really it is not that much but very little $$$$ spent.
Shower curtain.  2 packages of bias tape.  $1.25 each.  Iron on.  I had the iron curtain rod in my basement.  Fo real.
A whole bunch of linens, some vintage...some not. Had.
Changed out the mirror.  Yes...I already had it in another room.  One Restoration Hardware mirror to be sold on CL.

Hung the bird pictures.  Had em.  The black box also.  Did buy the towels and 2 soaps from West Elm.  BUT....I had a $25.00 gift certificate.  So technically......nothing.

I actually had this vanity made 5 or 6 years ago when the wallpaper went up.
Vintage locker basket for towels.  Not new.
It literally all started with adding the black likey?
The trim color is a SW color called Dove.
Done...moving on now.  Wallpaper is staying for the time being.

Off to the beach tomorrow.

Don't forget about the giveaway.  It's still on.  Somebody wanted to know who makes that fabric.  It is Echo Design by Kravet and it is called Latika.  Not sure what colorway it is.

Sha Ray is going to pack now.


Update and giveaway....

OK...I know this has happened to some of you.  You think you are moving forward, when in fact your brain is moving faster than your common sense?  Let me see if I can explain.  It was a while back when I showed you my guest bath.

Here it is if you forgot.
I was thinking about changing the has been there for 6 years.  I still like it, but as usual it is all over the place, which makes you get tired of things.   Really, I just never accessorized it.  One thing is I have this fear of nailing something into wallpaper.  It is a real fear my friends, so no snickering.  Not like my fear of spiders....but a fear none the less.

But then I thought...."where does it end people".  Do I just keep changing things and spending money until I am homeless and wallpaper is least of my problems?  Come on.

So I stared at it...real hard and said "what would I tell a client?".  Well by God, I would say "come on, let's just fix it up a little, and then you will love it"!!  

Which leads me to how ADD I can really get.

Pulled into Hancock's to get something to trim for the shower curtain.  Paid and drove home.  Only to realize that I left my clients fabric bag on the countertop.  Back to Hancock's.  Home.  Pull down shower curtain and start this.
I am in my manic stage by now.  Eyes twitching....a slight tick because I am getting inspired.  Start ironing this on and realize that I miscalculated and had to drive BACK to Hancock's to get more.  Get there and realize that I left my wallet at home.  Yep.  I can't remember how much it is so I start hunting down change all over the place.  Purse, floor of step a can outside the door begging.  I DO NOT want to drive home again!!!!!

I manage to scrape together about $2 in change.  Go in....$1.29.  Whew.  Geez...why was my wallet out of my purse you might think.  I couldn't figure that part out.

Get home and finish.  3 trips later.  Yeah I know you want to see...but this is known in blogland as the tease.....later.

On to the giveaway.....You might think I have a lot of these but the truth is I think they are fun.  And...I like putting them together with things I have.  Leftover fabric and such.

So here goes.

There is a little under 2 yards of fabric, A black calligraphy brush, white and black chalk, 3 vintage keys, alphabet flash cards, and 4 old black and white pictures.

You know the drill.....but let's see.  Besides becoming a need to clean out your linen closet.  Seriously is that not the one closet that can get messy faster than I can rip down a shower curtain and start ironing.....:)

Enjoy your Saturday.....Sheriky


A day late....

Yeah...this should have been done yesterday.  I tried, I really did.  It was one of those days that seemed to go a little more backward instead of forward.  Can't really blame it on anything in particular, just me not using my brain very well.  Whoa...that's a the new stations.

I did a guest post not long ago about some fabrics that I put together for a bedroom update.  It is almost finished, so I thought I would share just a few tight shots.....not really ready for a full reveal yet.

Here is are the fabrics for inspiration.   

Here is the bedroom before

The bed is staying.  It is pretty big and bulky.  We did change out the end tables, lamps, rug, bedding and curtains so far.  The bed may eventually be changed but I suggested to wait until the end.

I bought pretty ready made lined linen curtains,  2 panels and had them sewn together, then added the greek trim.  Got the frames at West Elm and added the egg pictures.

Love these tie backs from Restoration Hardware.

I want these somewhere.

New end table on one side.
 Cream linen skirted table on the other.
New Pillows.....
Trim detail on the shams.
New artwork.

That's it for now....still to go: new chair, lamp and a few accessories.

One to more important things.  I have a friend who has the Bobo Chicken coop basket coffee table.
This is her den and this is the coffee table.  If you live in Atlanta and can come get it, she is selling it for $650.00.  It retails for $900.00.  Bungalow Classic has it for $800.00 I think.  Just let me know.  I am just a regular Craigslist here.

In other news today, I have a giveaway coming up and I am going to the beach next Thursday if anyone else is going to be there.

It's Thursday can make it one more day.....



At long last...the pink chairs

I believe I glossed over the story on how I came to acquire the pink chairs.  I will say this....there was wine involved.
After picking up my chrome chairs from the workroom, I was not happy with my fabric selection, which was a gray wool flannel.  I really wanted a color, but as usual I chickened out in a major way.

In my house, I think they looked like office chairs.  Too short, too tailored.....just too something.  Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to add a slight modern touch to my room.  BUT these bad boys were not making me tingle.

Without getting all wordy, I was talking to my friend Ally [From The Right Bank] and she told me that she had recently broken up with her modern pink chairs.  WHAT?????  I love those chairs!  Too much pink for her. Hmmmmmm.....over she comes to see mine, and we load one in her car to see how it would look in her room.  

Instant LOVE.  Some dancing, the wine comes out, the heavens opened up and a rainbow appeared.  They were pretty darn near perfect.  Which we all know to mean "I love them TODAY".  Let's not get crazy.

Load in both of her pink chairs [which I did find at a flea market and showed to her in the first place!].  Head to the Hart residence and BAM....Pink.  They were taller, more feminine, and brass.  Done.  Trade. An even trade at that.

So here they are in their happy new home.

Honestly when I walk in my door, I get all giddy.  
This is how they look with the stripes in the foyer.

I ordered the Betwixt pillows from this Etsy seller  They are made beautifully.  I really did not have a place to put them [that is no reason not to buy right?????] but looky here.

So...Ally is posting my chairs in her house today.....check it out.....From The Right Bank!

One more thing.  Look at this table that Gretchen O put together in 2 hours for a clients party.

Head here to read the entire post.  Don't you love it!!!!

Let's get this party started....I mean week.

Sherik the freak.


Scotts and some fun....

I am dashing out the door today....doesn't that sound like I am dressed like Jenna from J Crew going someplace important????  Dashing......

I'm not but I have 50 minutes to get this post out, get ready and leave.  On your mark.....

Here is some cool stuff you might like....

2 of these....I don't like that there is no feet....

How cool are these pendants?????  Sold!

Wouldn't this be cool in your the fishing floats.

I know everyone has them....but need some?

I know who would love these...Christine from Bijou & Boheme  She like all things pink, gold, and girly.  Love her style.

Let's see...salvage, industrial and orange...what is not to like!

Again...salvage, industrial and red!

Look good in a bowl, or on a book.....

Kinda of weird but I might want in a funky way....

Ally...this is for you.....

Why do things look better on metal stands.... old textile crate.  He took the wheels off, shined up the metal corners...threw a piece of glass on it, and made me want to sell my soul for it.  Especially with the chairs.

I am loving all things vintage, but modern these days.

Oh heavens...this words. room, mudroom,

Headboard.  Why does paint look good peeling off everything but my outside trim?

Anything in mass.....

This may or may not have come home with me :)

And of course, if there is nothing else that has struck you fancy...there is always this.
A more than life size chicken...which reminds me of this from The Bloggess

OK I have 29 minutes to make myself look like a little more than someone who got dressed in a dark closet.

Oh by the way, I am guest posting on pillows [something near and dear to my heart as you know] over at Classic Casual Home tomorrow.  You will love Mary Ann's blog.....her kitchen has been posted beautiful.  She has great taste.

25 minutes.

Weekends...gotta love em....

Sha BAM!

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