In case you weren't aware of this......Williams Sonoma now owns Rejuvenation Lighting and House Parts.  They have some awesome stuff hanging around their store.

I was asked, along with 3 other bloggers

to put together a light fixture from the Baltimore Pendant Collection.    Well I don't know about you but when I have too many options it sends me into a tailspin.

I have a tendency to  go safe which is what I did....not really sure of where I was going to use it when I made the decisions.

But could go crazy with all the options you can use to obtain  the exact custom fixture you've been dreaming about!

Let's take a look at some of the kick ass lights they have....

Pretty cool huh?

This would look great sitting on some books for a nice glow...

I think I could find a place for this one...

And of course this little black and white gem....

This is the style were are working with.....and there was like a gazillion ways to build this sucker....I got so confused I had to call Linda [the genius behind the One Room Challenge and also a participate] to splain to me how it worked.  

I can imagine the look on her face when she hung up thinking geez.....this chick is one sandwich short of a picnic.

Here are more options.....of course I did not even get this part [that you could use a globe] until I had already chosen mine....

Anyway.....I am supposed to show you where I am putting it but it is raining like a horse peeing on a rock and I am not sure I will get to my sisters to take the picture.

The only option is to come back next Monday where I will show you my selection all styled up!!

I will try to make you proud!

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It is do or die time today about the paint colors on the outside of the house......I will let you know on Wednesday what I decided.

In other news.....I found this absolutely stunning picture the other day while researching for a kitchen renovation....I could not love more...

I about died from this gorgeousness....designed by Studio Entourage.  It is an unique design studio partnered  by Jane Hollman [kitchen designer] and Linda MacArther [architect] here in Atlanta.

Check out their work.  You will be so inspired.

I am off to get my dogs staples taken out from his spleen removal surgery

Make it a swell Monday




Y'all I am so happy it is Friday......cause I thought it was Friday all day yesterday so today is an extra day.

We are getting bids to have our house painted.  

Sad to say that it has not been painted in 20 years.  Ya think it's time?

Anyway I was not stressed in the least because I was 100% sure on my colors.  100%.

BM Classic Gray for the body, windows and trim.
BM Brewster Gray for the shutters.

Done right?

Nooooooo......I happened to be online [damn you pinterest] and now there is a crack in my decision as wide as the Pacific.

This a picture of my house from about 4 years ago.  One of the reasons I painted it the darker color  is that it wouldn't show dirt.

But.....I am ready for a change.

This is the combination I had decided on.  It was on the Christmas Show House.  This was it..... hands down....nothing will change my mind. that my resolve might be broken here is another inspiration picture.....
Now I don't have a light metal roof but dang I am in love with the light shutters.

Decision has to be made by Monday.

Alrighty then on to more important things.

Who went to the Show House?

Along with more pictures I wanted to tell you about the ADAC Sample sale starting May 3-5.

MAY 3-5, 2013



August Avery — Brice Ltd. — Designer Carpets — Holland & Company Antiques and Reproductions - Judy Appel Interiors — Kay Douglass Interiors — Logan Gardens — MacRae Designs — Moattar, Ltd. - Southern Design Source — Trowbridge Gallery...and more to come!
You should check it out!  I have definitely bought a few things over the years.....

How about we start with another shot of the incredible kitchen!

This is the talented Jimmy Stanton's room.....Love the wall of framed sea fans.  

Remember I told you that Ikea designed a room.....they did a great job...I think they used one of everything in the store :)

Love this new wing chair they have.....

More dark walls in Fernandez & True Interiors upstairs master bedroom.  It was so warm and rich.  Love how they used feminine bedding with masculine furnishings.

I loved how they treated the windows with these curtains.

This little vignette was per.... rect..... ion!

The kitchen dining area by Boxwoods was one of my favorite rooms.

You have to see the whole room.....this just doesn't show how awesome it with texture.

Beautiful and eclectic keeping room by Tish Mills.
Want to see something pretty......check out the ceiling...and chandelier.

Uh......yes please.

You have until May 12th to see all of this gorgeousness for yourselves.....

My stepdaughter Cari Higgins is in town this weekend for some bike racing...she is a national champion cyclist.  I hope the weather doesn't let us down!

And if you happen to see me....I will be the one carrying around paint chips and muttering.




I hope you guy's enjoyed the preview of the Atlanta Decorators Show House and made plans to go [if you are local].  There is so much inspiration and I have more images coming.

Remember I told you that last weekend was spent traveling back and forth to the vet.....  Well it turns out they had to remove my dogs spleen.  Huh?

Yeah...just another gazillion dollar operation.  The bionic dog....#icantgetahead

No spring shoes.

Oh poor me....blah....blah....blah

How about we move on to Scott's.  I think cruising flea markets when it's a pretty day is intoxicating.  I saw so much good stuff [because that is what we need right?].

How about my fav...
 Yep...that would be pillows.



 Navy cheetah.

Yummy fabrics.

I know that this fabric retails for 100.00@yd.  You could pick it up at Scott's for 25.00@yd.

Notice everyone of these fabrics are my favorite..... neutrals.

I just can quit them.....

Bad for fabric hoarders.....

Most hoarders I chairs.  My theory on this is because you can fit a chair in your car.....not so much a sofa.  Right?

These are screaming for a makeover.

 Oh boy.  Old leather.

These already got a groovy new look.

How many chairs is too many?
Don't ask me.

How about some painted furniture....

Perfect for nightstands....

I died over this table....

The marble on top and the price.....practically free for something this pretty.

Gotta throw in some of my favorite color:)

Looks mighty fine.

Sick with prettiness.

More nightstand goodness.

The chest AND the old bracket.

Sofa cruiser.....

Oh baby.....


What is better than a chippy old garden bench with a concrete planter on it?

Another sofa cruiser....

Nice vanity.

Come home with me.....

Love this bed.

Could be cool in an office or library right?

More good stuff...
Have you ever wondered why we like old stuff so much?  

You could use these to scream at your kids.

I could buy every old sign I see.

Pretty damn awesome rugs.

This one would go with all of those fabrics!

Great for accessorizing.


Me likey.

 I think it is awesome when they set up their booth like a room...

These are swell...

Cheap brass.....cause brass at Goodwill is expensive now!

Get your reclaimed wood on....

Little beauties...

So loving these colors together.

And.....we are done.  Of course I took gobs of  pictures but I tried to edit down to the best.

If you haven't been to Scott's put it on your bucket list.  Of course one day will not do it.  

You need at least three.  For real.

Shaforika is a freaka....

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