Last week Rose and I drove down to Madison to do a little Christmas decorating!  I had dinner with my neighbors and might have had a couple too many....while blurting out "hey why don't I go down and do a little decorating at the farm?"

Well they latched on to that like a tick and since I won't do any decorating at my own house.....I decided to make good on my word:)

We did have fun and even though I thought I had way too much stuff.....we discovered I did not have enough!

I took a few pictures that I thought I would share today.

After searching Pinterest I had this great idea to do a Hot Chocolate Station...

Within five minutes I had stuffed my face with one of everything:)

The she texted me and asked if it was a plot to make her fat since apparently she did the same thing.

I told her she needed to use some self control....that it was for her guest:)

I didn't plan on setting the table but these little stockings from Target were so cute......

Her Bennington Pottery had just arrived and it looked cute as we just stuffed a napkin in with a sprig of faux berries!

We picked up the faux fur trees at Joanns but they looked a little plain so we cut red ribbon and pinned it on top.

We quickly snapped all of the I apologize if they aren't perfectly styled....:)

Found the gray stockings at Joanns and the white ones at Homegoods....

If you remember from the last Madison post I had split up a leather sofa and chair.....also here is the red rug in the room opposite of the really colorful one.  All I added here was a plaid pillow.

Pillow and plaid blanket here!

The main house guest bathroom got a Christmas pillow....

I found the rug at Target but I can't find it online anywhere!  

The little wreath from Joanns looks so real!  I actually ordered one for myself!

Not much in the guest rooms....but I did add a small Christmas tree and a bowl of candy:)

And there you have it....probably the only Christmas decorating I will do this year!  

I hope everyone enjoys some time off with their families.....What a year right?  I mean....whew.

Cami and I will be here snuggled up on the couch watching The Crown.  Just finished The Queens Gambit and really enjoyed it!

Happy Thanksgiving




Lord I just skipped over Tuesday like it never came.  Seriously I just couldn't get it organize a post.  I know y'all understand between home schooling....working from home.....maybe you are sick of all things "home"....haha.

Anyway I'm here now and that's the thing.  When you fall off that horse you just get back on right?

Today I have some pictures of the Christmas Holiday Home.  I actually have not seen it yet but I'm going with friends on Dec  3rd so I should have a few more before it's all over.

They sent me these pictures.....and I did grab a few from Instagram:)

Man I love the entrance and especially the Christmas decor!

 Rick Hatch of Harrison Design was the architect.

Let's go inside.....

I am seeing these for the first time....I will like the website which tells you all  the designers and sources!

I still LOVE a white kitchen.....

Now this is a pretty table:)

The doors below....hubba hubba

I love the stone floors below.  Always a classic.

The thing about doing the Christmas Showhouse is that you ALSO have to do Christmas decor.  I totally respect these designers because it is so much work!

Classically beautiful.....

Love the fireplace below....

I am pretty sure that my friends Gordon and Dunning did the bedroom....can never go wrong with blue right!

You guys it is open until Dec 6th.  You can get tickets at the website. Atlanta Holiday Home  
And you can find sources here

I did download the paint colors for you.....ur welcome:)

Hope you forgive me for being sporadic with posting.  Every time I think I am healed....and I get cocky....I realize that it's always on my mind....sometimes like a small cloud.  

But I do realize everyone is going through something and especially now with the pandemic.  I know it's tough not to be with family for the holidays.  I am lucky my 2 sisters live nearby or it would be sad times for sure.

Look ahead to next year....with hope that we will be through these trying times and a new outlook on what it means to be with all of our friends and family right!


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