I hope y'all had a great weekend....mine was low key.  Doing a little work and hanging with my bestie.....Cami:)

I have spent so much time with her lately that she is indigent when I leave the house....haha.

Monday came at me like a tsunami....and I am not gonna lie....I had a few "how much more can I take" moments. I'm tired of "life lessons" my age can we just do away that part?

So I promised I would give you a glimpse of my design thoughts for this renovation that I posted about on Friday.....

First of all with 3 boys....everything has to be performance fabric.....

The Lee Industries iron chairs with be in the light color below....with pillows from the Schumacher
texture.  I am in love with this fabric right now....

The sofa and chair fabric will be very durable....and also 2 leather stools.  I want her to be able to get through their younger years without having to worry too much.  That being said....performance does not mean it won't have to be maintained.  Always get any stains out as soon as possible!

All of the walls in the house are painted BM China White....lately my fav white!

I am loving that it is still safe to use neutrals in a family room....which normally I would have done darker colors and save the lighter ones for a living room.....

The kitchen fabrics are below....leather barstools [it's actually more gray] with the Mark Alexander plaid on the back of them.  The kitchen cabinets are painted SW Mindful Gray.

I am still researching a few if you don't think we put thought into these plans....think again.  I can overthink like it's my job.....oh wait is!

Today I am helping my friend Rose with an install....stay tune for some instastories....

I almost forgot....I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix this weekend and spent a little time with a kleenex wiping my eyes.....some of the stories are so touching.  There is no doubt that it is life changing for these people.  And the "fab 5" are very entertaining!

Thanks for reading.....listening and hanging with me.  I never want this blog to be a big complain festival but I do want to be vulnerable and share that occasionally my life is a s#*t show.




Well here it is Friday....see how I pat myself on the back just for getting a little old blog post up.  It was a busy week since I am a little behind after all the mayhem in my life.

I had last weekend to get a design plan together for some clients...that was a little tricky as it can usually take 2 weeks or longer.

This is a total renovation [Ladisic Fine Homes....builder] [Pritchett Dixon the architects] I have been working on for about 6-7 months.

I am going to show you the floor plans I did for the family room....

Its a pretty big room.....
They are a family of 5 with 3 even though there are playrooms and a full basement we all know that the room right off the kitchen is where they will all gather!

Above with 2 sofas and below I played around with a sectional.....

Below is OK using 2 smaller occasional chairs...but this one is really not that great.

This was the clear winner with the sofa and 2 swivel chairs.  It has the best pathways into the room.

Below you can see the kitchen right off the family room.....

This is the FR with a killer porch right off this space.....

I am sure they will be using this space a lot!!!

The smaller room [right off the kitchen] is a cooking porch which will have a grill area and a small table!

Before above and after....painted the new colors.  I know you are going to ask me but I can't remember right this second.....

The bathroom tile has been installed....she wanted to keep it very neutral....

Love this subway with the trim on it!

I pushed her to use this tile and now she said it is her favorite:)

We did all ceramic in the secondary bathrooms but did a pretty marble in the master....

Below is the inspiration board I did.....

I know y'all want to see the decorating part....and we will cover that next week.  I am busy getting the estimates and firming it up!

Now for the good news....went back to the doc yesterday and it was confirmed....Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever....which I should fully recover from!  

Also I have not updated you on my BIL....he had his surgery.  They did find cancer in 5 lymph nodes but at this time [after conferring with the Mayo Clinic] no more chemo.  They removed his port and feeding tube.  He will be scanned every 3 months.  That is good news as there were some really rough times before and after the surgery.

OK.....I just want to warn y'all I am thinking of moving my blog from Blogger to my website!  Really scared about this as I have over a 1000 blog post and people have said that I might lose some and then of course I have to learn a whole other goodness...this could be a disaster!

There are reasons which I will share with you later.....

I hope y'all have a great weekend.....I will probably be working but hey....the good thing is I am alive:)





Thank you for all of your comments about the tick bite.....I'm still trying to get back to normal and I would say I am around 85-90%.  I have not googled any info because I don't want my brain to lock in on a particular know how that goes:)

Right before I got sick I had the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles webinar about the Ladisic Fine Homes spec house.  You know how nervous I was about that.  Looks like I was right to be a little scared.  I was totally un-prepared by the way of not even having Zoom downloaded on my phone....actually I should have brought my computer...duh.  Anyway right before they got to me....I lost the connection.

So by the time someone ran over to help I was totally flustered and could hardly form a sentence.
Yeah....I think TV hosting is definitely not in my future....HA!

Anyway in case you aren't on Instagram I posted the 3 dresses that I was considering.

Hands down the turquoise was the winner with the black one #2.  

Which I wore.....

Matthew Quinn and I after it was over!  Can you see the relief on my face:)

Here are some pictures of the finished house after landscaping.  It is really amazing how the green shows it off!

Those Boxwoods are 40" wide!

Below you can see how the doors in the garage can be opened to allow for extra party space is you move the cars out!

I am kind of sad this one is over....heck it has given me so much content:)

If you missed the inside pictures you can see them here

Look at me being all responsible with getting my post out on time.  Who am I?

My friend Maria [the one who actually came over to take me to the ER....she don't play] brought me some brownies yesterday.  I could see there was going to be a problem when I ate 5 of them.  Thankfully I gave the rest to my neighbor before I finished them off.....#nocontrol

See y'all on Friday!


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