Y'all I had the most relaxing weekend....up at Lake Burton with friends!

Just 48 hours but damn I needed it......Saturday it rained ALL day.  I never got out of my jammies [taking a shower and putting them back on ha ha]

I looked at design magazines, got on was wonderful.

We drank and good for the soul right?

As you can see by 6:30 I only had this many steps!

Monday was tough.

As I mentioned.....I am in the middle of 2 bath renovations.

#1 before  

Scary huh?  

Here is the plan.  Take out the tub and make it a shower.  After it was gutted we managed to find 12" to make the ceilings 9 ft.  That was a miracle!

Painting the vanity one of my

Here is the tile from Renaissance Tile. 

Bathroom #2 [before] is directly across the hall.

We are taking out the wall separating the tub/toilet  with the vanity.

Adding a window for some much needed light!  After I made this board I went out on a limb and proposed that the vanity be painted SW Tidewater.  

Cement Tile from Renaissance Tile

And they went with it!  Whoop.  I'm pretty stoked about that.

I still have to pick out hardware and accessories....

Back to me......the other day I was at my favorite consignment store Swoox and picked up this art by Joe Adams

It was supposed to be for a client but I got greedy and kept it for myself:)

That is the bad part of shopping for other people right?

That prompted me to take a few other shots around mi casa.

When I was at Market a few weeks ago I was looking at the gorgeous fixture from Circa Lighting.  The guy said to send him a picture of my DR and he would show me what it would look like!

Existing fixture is the Darlana Pendant 

But then the thought of explaining to my husband why I purchased a new DR light brought me back to reality.


Because when I mentioned that I was going to renovate the master bath in the near future..... it sent him spiraling.....crikey.

Oh's still gonna happen:)




So much going on this week!

Don't get me wrong..... I am aware that everyone's life is probably crazy also but the amount of things that went awry was epic.  Lost fabrics, fabrics being sent to the wrong place, back orders and so on.


But..... I'm here to say that a few things went right.  I tried to order a coffee table but I couldn't find it on the website any I did what any dogged designer would do and found it at an online store.  

All good right?  Nope.  A few days later there was the dreaded email that it had been discontinued and they were sending me a full refund.

What?  No!  Unacceptable.

I couldn't let it I had convinced myself it was the perfect coffee table and it was this one or nothing.

I happened to remember that this vendor has a local store here in I placed a call to inquire if they had one on the floor.  She said no but a truck had just come in and she would call me back.

Lawd......guess what?  There was one on the truck and since it was discontinued she gave it to me 1/2 price.

Can you believe it?  

It was my client/friend's birthday weekend.  Happy freaking birthday gurrrrrrrl.

But gets better.  Part 2 of the "things went right" story.

This is the dining room table.  We need chairs and seriously I have looked everywhere for something that was #1 reasonably priced and #2 the perfect chair.  Again with the perfection.....

Here were some of the contenders.

I saw these at Dixon Rye and realized I wanted black.

So I found these on Ballard's website which I liked.....
Then I saw these and got all sweaty!  Loved!

But heck.....the price was up there with the national debt.  No Bueno.

Another one that I saw at the Furniture Market. And 764 others.   

You might be thinking that I obsess this hard for every client....well yes I do but this one happens to be my friend so I felt it was my duty to "find the deal".

If you're still with is where the story gets good!  I was on my way to pick up the coffee table and decided to swing by the Ballard Outlet just for grins.

They were having a 40% sale and thought "what if I find 6 chairs" [slim chance].....but came around the corner and saw these..... she loves mid century modern.....these are definitely mid century but more traditional.  I sent her this text....which was actually just a courtesy because I already had the hold tag on them.

So I furiously sent her 10 pictures [from pinterest] of these chairs shown in a dining room situation.  Then.... I discovered that they were 60% off [126.00 ea] and at that point there was nothing she could say to prevent me from getting them.   


Happy Birthday Melissa:)

And that is how a hard week actually turned into a good week.




I have 2 bathrooms and 1.5 kitchens in the works.  The .5 is just new countertops and lights but that still counts right?

The other kitchen is the subject today and it is one I did in 2006!  Actually it was a whole house renovation at the time.  Lisa Mowry remember this one?

I think it's kind of amazing that it is still relevant today.....although they are ready for a new look!

I had to take these from the magazine it was published in!

White with subway tile and wood accents....along with shaker cabinet doors which are so popular now!  Damn how did I know all that....ha ha.

The real problem was the columns which were purely for looks.....not structural.....not really sure why we did that!  It was time for them to go.  

Here are some of the things we are addressing.....

We are cutting the island down to counter height and bring it out 12" so it can be a functional place to dine. 

Time for new countertops and painting out the island white.

This new Silestone is hot off the market!  It is called Calacatta Gold and comes in a pretty "suede finish".

New white backsplash.  

These cabinets were originally painted SW Creamy so they had a yellow feeling to them.  We are going with BM White Dove [duh my fav]

Here are some progress pictures.....

Since we only needed 2 cabinets it was just as cost effective to build new ones rather than building them up.

We had an electrician come to widen the location of the pendants since the columns were gone....and of course we are changing out the lights!

To these from Rejuvenation.

 Shelves are in and cabinets doors being made.

As with any renovation project there are always issues.....the guy who came to template the countertops has some doubts about getting them out in this area.....stay tuned!

Changing out the sink [although not sure the new one will fit so stay tuned....crikey] and faucet.....

To my fav Grohe faucet

Here is the original wet bar area.....

Which of course is also getting a facelift!

Took down the cabinets.....adding shelves and changing the backsplash to this....

Pretty huh!

Taking out the sink and cabinet below to add a Scotsman ice maker that makes pellet ice!

Apparently that type of ice is all the rage....who knew:)

I am kind of excited to see this one finished....and lucky for me my clients are so darn chill.....which is kind of important with this kind of renovation.

Let's see if we are still friends when it's all said and done....yikes.

And there you have it....gotta get everything under control before Thanksgiving.  

Starting to sweat.


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