I have participated in 3 One Room Challenges and I went in kicking and screaming all 3 times.  Yes....I am THAT person.

I commit and then get anxious about doing it....you know 
will I be able to finish
what if I do a crappy job
what if they hate it

blah blah blah.  
#creativity is subjective 
#budget constraints 
#time constraints

Then it's over and I am all excited thinking that wasn't so bad.  

Like the time I rollerbladed 84 miles in one day from Athens to Atlanta.  In the rain.  During....pure HELL.  

It's always the unknown that gets me going.

Today Linda, our fearless leader, is having a "where are they now" party.  You know is the room fat and bald?

I am happy to say that the first room I did has not changed.

Do you remember how I blogged about it even before I asked my client if she would be OK with my plan?

Thankfully she was a real sport:)

Any way the second ORC was my own guest room and I am proud to declare that I have not changed this room at all.  Not even a pillow.


I think it's because I don't have to look at it everyday and tear it down in my mind.

The third ORC was for my sister's family room

How the room looked 25 years ago when she moved in....

To this



And it has not been changed either!

Jump over to Calling It Home and see who has changed their rooms....

Today is paperwork day for me....I think I would rather have a root canal.  No never mind that is a total lie.  But then again drugs are involved.  Still....no.




What I really mean is last week.....the great clean of 2014.  It is amazing how dirty and worn a rental place can get in a year.  

I think because there are 4 bedrooms....it is perfect for 2 families so 10 people every week during the season will tromp all over that place.  

Don't even get me started on what constant sand will do to floors and rugs.

Now listen....some of you are thinking what a complainer.  At least she has a beach house.  Let me clear that up right now.  We bought at the height of the market never thinking there could be a recession.  At least not one like we just had.  So I am not even going to tell you the stinkhole that put us into.

Moving on.

I shampooed rugs and upholstery
Wiped down walls and baseboards [thank you magic eraser]
Washed all slipcovers and bedding and ironed.
Cleaned out every kitchen cabinet, organized it and replenished.  Why are there only 4 mugs left?  Why are there only 4 spoons left?
Painted a nightstand
Threw away skanky sleeping pillows.
Had the AC serviced
Had the bug man there

Went to HomeGoods, Marshalls, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Home Depot and Stienmart.

In 2 1/2 days.  Uh huh.  Thank you.

Started to leave on Friday afternoon and my husband was putting some of the drapery pins back in the holes on a traverse rod and pulled the whole dang thing down and broke part of it.

Oh good Lord.

While he was thinking we need to find the part [for a 10 year old rod...... good luck with that on a Friday afternoon] I rummaged through my tool kit and came up with a zip tie and some cork.  MacGyver baby.

Too late to leave.....open a bottle of wine.

Here are some of the changes.

This is how it looked....not really but for my pictures last year.  I could not get those stools clean.  Grungy.

So I grabbed 2 from Target and will get slipcovers made for the old ones later.  The pillows....again faded and dirty.

I ordered a new seagrass from Overstock.  Deal.  Pillows from mostly HomeGoods.  Stools from target.
I like the added color...... plus I only had 2 days to get er done.

Every year I say I am going to paint the console and every year I say screw it.

Had to stage this one a little.....because of course I did not have time to read a magazine:)

Love this tray from HomeGoods.

Can't have real flowers in a rental but thankful I found these just for some pretty.

This is pitiful....but I did it 5 minutes before we left.  I am so not creative in this department.

And this is the view Friday night after we finished.

So glad to be done for another year.  Oh yeah.....by the way we drove the new car down and had so much fun talking about it.  Goobers.

Is anyone coming in town for the Design Bloggers Conference?  I signed up for it cause it is 1/2 mile from my house.




OK you guys.....this was stressful for me.  I guess I am the type of person who wants everyone to leave the party with a gift.  

But....since I don't have a 100,000  I am going to have to go with just one person.

Will Jacque Lloyd please step up to the podium [email me] and collect her 250.00 gift certificate!

You guys fought the hard fight and I was BLOWN away by all the comments.  Everybody loves them some Homegoods.

Before I left for the beach I was over at ADAC in the Lee Jofa showroom looking at wallpaper.  I grabbed a few samples and thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

Cole and Son
It started with this....I have seen the colored versions but of course  this neutral one is  better for me.

Cole and Son/great vine
This one caught my eye also.

Cole and Son/palace maze
These are great as you could still hang art work on them....

Cole and Son/queens key


I love this one but dang it is like a gazillion dollars.

Cole and Son/cow parsley

Cole and Son/woods
I love this color way of Woods....I have the neutral color way in my home.

Here is a bathroom I did years ago using the Woods paper.

Goundworks/Kelly Wearstler

I am loving this paper...we are all familiar with this fabric right?

Groundworks/Kelly Wearstler

Groundworks/Kelly Wearstller

These are pretty cool also.

Groundworks/Kelly Wearstler


I am not a print girl....but I love this fabric and I think the paper could be pretty damn swell in the right room!

Alrighty then....I know the other 364 of you are sad.....but I have a couple of 100.00 gift cards for another giveaway.

Back to cleaning:(




Wowza.....throw a little HomeGoods jack out there and it's downright pandemonium.  Insane.

What's fun is hearing from so many of you that actually read my blog but never comment!  I get that so no worries.  We are all busy EXCEPT when we are talking about free shopping I guess:)

Anyway Friday I will sadly only be able to pick one person but..... I have a few more giveaways so no worries.

Last Wednesday when it was snowing I was cruising Facebook and my friend Lisa Gabrielson posted a picture of her incredible booth at The Queen of Hearts flea market in Alpharetta [which is one damn good shopping mecca].  


Recognize anything?

Yeah....I posted this on Instagram in Waterlogue.

I called Lisa and said SOLD......to the idiot who needs another mirror like I need more gray hair.

What can I say....it spoke to me:)

I had to wait until Friday to pick it up but I had already started thinking of where it was going!

I had collected these pitchers about 15 years ago during the "white pitcher phase".  I'm not sure what I am going to put on either side of them yet.....

I love the way it mimics the arched bookcases.....

I hurriedly took these pics with my iPhone before we left yesterday to drive to Florida in the new car.  She's a beauty....with bluetooth, heated everything [seats and steering wheel] bells and whistles....crikey it's like night and day from my 10 year old Ford Explorer which we usually take [we got rid of the 15 year old one]. 


Well there you have it....if you need me I will be down here cleaning like a dog gnawing on a bone.  

From shouting about a new car.... to crawling around on my hands and knees. 




Yes....a giveaway but first....

The eagle has landed

The fox is in the henhouse

It's hammer time

We bought a car.

And it was as painful as I thought it would be.  

We were forced when my husband called me Friday night to come pick him up after the car would not start.  Well it's over right?  Not going to spend 2500.00 on a car that is worth 1500.00 right?

So we started researching on Saturday morning and decide to go test drive a Kia Optima and Nissan Altima.  That was our price point.

Now I am not going to bore you with all that happened..... except to say that after test driving the Optima [which is a nice car by the way] we felt like we were in something the size of a Smart car.  So we decided to test the Kia Cadenza.  It is kind of the Lexus for  "wannabes".  

Which we are so not..... but we are cheap.

After sitting in the room for about 30 minutes while  "creepy salesman" fumbled around talking about options I finally said "how much buckwheat?"

He asked us if we had an hour and I said "no [after kicking my husband under the table] we have 15 minutes".  So he left and came back with some ridiculous number that made me look at him like he had the biggest baddest booger hanging out of his nose.

Really....that's your best shot.... as I said....."thank you....we are going home to research".  Good luck selling a car today dipwad.

We get in the car and my husband said "how much time are we going to spend researching Sherry?".

My answer: "you might have to rent a car before this is over".

Big sigh.  Rethinking marrying me.

Here is where it gets good and a little crazy.

I decided to look on Carmax [even though 2014 is the first year Kia has made this car] and bing flipping go I found one car in Georgia about 30 minutes away.  A demo I assumed tricked out to the fullest for 8,000.00 less [3,800 miles].

WTF.....I read that to my husband so loud his hair and lips peeled back like he had just had the shock of 15 g's on his face.

Oh yeah he was excited now.  Let's go. 

"My wife is the best".
So we jump in the car....[it's 7:45 pm] and we are halfway there when I say "did you bring the checkbook?"   No....[my head snaps back cause I'm pretty hungry and tired by this stage and in no mood for silliness] we will just put it on a credit card. 

It was my turn to scream again.  Think Nancy Kerrigan "whyyyyyyy meeeeeee".

Fast forward.  Of course they don't take cc's and I saved the day cause I happen to have my SHD's checkbook with me.  

Or you would have been reading "woman beats husband senseless at Carmax"....story at 11. 

That's that.

Back to the Giveaway.  Yup.  In celebration of 4 years of blogging....I know right!?

I have a 250.00 HomeGoods gift card for you.

Hooty Who..... Hooty Who

You know I am a fan.  Here are some reasons.

I saw this beauty the other day.  Century chair with gorgeous Schumacher fabric.

Gorgeous chest.

Pretty swanky light fixture.

Kitchen accessories for some color in your life.

In my own home I am no stranger to HG.  The green pillow shams were purchased there.

These pillows last spring for a fresh color!

I used this sunburst in my charity project

These metal baskets in a design project.

The black and white box and small wooden bowl to accessorize a coffee table.

I think you get the point.

So.....make sure you are following Design Indulgence....and leave a comment [include contact info if you are "anonymous"]. 

Giveaway closes on Friday.  


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