I can not even tell you how excited I am.

I sold something on Craigslist.


Only took 4 months.

But I don't give up easily.

It was my coffee table.  The really heavy sucker that has been stashed in my guest room since I got my acrylic one.  I have stumped my toe on it like a gazillion times.

I have had it for a very long time.  Below is my LR from 20 years ago.

See.  I got it at an ADAC [Atlanta Decorative Arts] sample sale from Pearce Martin. 

Then about 2 years ago I painted it white and got a limestone top.

 Ha Ha...same chairs just recovered.  Same sofa.....recovered. I sold it with the glass on it because I have plans for the limestone.

I did have to reduce the price about 3 times.  We always think our "stuff" is worth more than it is.....and let's face it people. 
 "Craigslist stalkers" are looking for a deal.
If they wanted to pay top dollar....they would buy retail.

I got one email about it only [yep in 4 months].  It just needed the right person.

The cutest girl came to pick it up yesterday.  She loved my house.  That made me happy.......along with the sale!

Her she is in her new home.  I asked her to send me a picture.

Cute huh???  We kind of have the same style.

There is no stopping me now.  I am going to be a selling fool.

It's Monday, but I am excited for the week.  Going down to the basement to see what's next on the chopping block.

Sha Boom!



First of all thanks for all of my porch love.  Y'all are sweet.

I wish I had a screened in porch so badly.......I even have antique wicker furniture that I bought in Florida 15 years ago sitting in my garage.  


  But we had to go and buy property in Florida at it's peak 7 years no porch for me :(

Dang it...when is the market going to go back up?  I guess that is the million dollar question these days.

Oh well...what are ya gonna do.

Thought I would share some pictures of new fabrics that I saw at Lewis and Sheron Fabrics on Wednesday.  I have been shopping there for over 20 years.  I loved it when they had the remnant room.....there was always some deals to be found.

I remember once when I was in the trim room.....and in walked Jane Fonda.  She was decorating her house.  That was back when we put trim on lie.  We would trim up the toilet paper.....

Black and white first.
Why not?
Elephant cuteness....
Giraffe cuteness
yellow yellow bo bellow
Love a large print
Ikat still hot....
Yellow meet brown
Yellow meet green
Green meet green....dang everybody is meetin and greetin.  Good Lord....that is corny.  
I am hearing rumors that there was a lot of green at Highpoint.....
Floral is baaaaaaaack.
Kind of Designers Guildish...... yo face color.
Double POW.
Pinky boo
Blue gray...
Love the large damask.
A little Thom Filicia love
Greek key baby
I will always love a bird print.  Period.
More neutral for people who can not commit.  To color.
Blue and black stripes.  Gotta love it.
Ikat snuck in again.
Loving this one....
Loving the dots.

Now look if you want any of these...don't call L&S!!!  Tell them that Sherika sent you.

I love going in....cutting the samples and going home to play like a kid with legos....

Make a plan....then say nah.....I can not be starting over.  For craps sake...when does it end.

You guys make Saturday last as long as you can.




OK...should we start from the beginning.

I mean you can't just throw down the pictures with out a little build up right?

The WAY before.....

Screened in porch with floors painted SW Iron Ore.

Ceiling painted SW Waterscape 6470

The inspiration.....

The furniture was the Saybrook Collection from Pottery Barn.  The husband of this client is 6'4'' tall and he wanted a sofa that he could really lounge on.  Well short of a twin bed...this was the best I could do with the space that I had.

The requirements....color please.  A dining section....and seating for 6.  Not too cluttered.  Not too many pillows....does she know me? 
 AND...low maintenance.  Everything is indoor/outdoor fabric except the tablecloth.  But it was so dang cute I had to get it.

Alrighty then.....after ordering the furniture we decided the coffee table was too matchy so I took it back.  They did not like the glass on top either.  Husband wanted something he could put his feet up on.

So I started searching for a replacement.  It had to be the same size.  I looked all over the internet.

I even went to Scott's and found nada....

These were cool...a little overdone but too big and masculine for this area.  Nope.

I saw this at Scott's.  I liked it but client did not.  "What are those legs?".....OK...never mind.  Probably a little too weathered for them.

Then I saw this in the Ballard's catalog.

The size was almost perfect.  She liked it!  So I thought a trip to the "Backroom" was in order.  I am always trying to save my clients money so I can do more with the room.

Did not find it there but found these....on sale and 50% off!!!

The Durham bunching tables.  BOOM!  Smaller.  Durable.  In all of their "feet resting" glory.  Sold to the haggard decorator who was getting pretty frustrated.

So here it is before the accessories.....

And after she got all decorated up........

I ordered the rug from Wayfair.  Orange lantern is from Crate and Barrel, along with the navy blue pillows.  The yellow one is from Target, the blue greek key and the turquoise one are from Homegoods.  Yes...when putting a room together you have to go everywhere.

Orange pillows from Crate and Barrel.
Yellow bowl from World Market as are the wine glasses with the chalk paint on them.  White tray is from West Elm and so is the blue throw.  Napkins are from Erika Reade a cute store here in Atlanta.

My painted bucket!  

Blue vase from Michaels...candle holder and white coasters from West Elm.

Tablecloth is from Anthro.  Tray and white pot is from PB.

Stool from PB.

So there you have it.....

The best part was having my niece Caitlin who is graduating from UGA with a degree in design this May come and help me!

We had so much fun....and finished in 1/2 the time.  So of course we had to go to the mall, have lunch and do some retail therapy!

They LOVED it.......

That is all we want...a little love right?

On to the next room......

This is so me......

Sha Boom

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